22 Nov 2016

Sorry for the auto corrects in my previous posting. I'm well aware that my experiences are very tame when compared to many on here but they are true.

To recap, after 25 years of fantasising about it, finally a guy entered me while husband watched and wanked. Had the internet been around when we first got married. I'm sure by now I would have fucked dozens of guys.

Anyway the days that followed the first meet were a bit of a blur. I started checking out literally every guy I saw. In my head I was thinking, too old, too fat, too thin, too young etc. The ones I did like, I'd be thinking if they'd be a good lover or clueless. At home I was demanding sex from hubby who couldn't believe his luck. I loaded my phone with porn and spent breaks at work masturbating over it in the toilets. I'm straight but I wanted to eat pussy. I wanted to eat spunky well fucked pussy. I wanted to be spanked, I wanted to go to an orgy. I wanted it all. My hubby reckoned I was just thinking like a man.

It was my wonderful husband who had been messaging grant to set up the first meet. I was keen for more but hubby just kept saying he has a plan. Days flew by and I just craved srx. It was a Thursday morning when my husband messaged saying "surprise waiting at home for you". Despite my questions he wouldn't say what it was. On Thursdays I finish early and rushed home. As soon as I opened the door the penny dropped. Dust sheets everywhere and grant up a ladder painting the hallway ceiling.

The small talk, and laughing felt like a show. We both knew what was on the agenda and soon I found myself kissing him whilst he fingered me. The fact he was in a painters dirty white overall made it even hornier. He stood back and simply said strip. I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough and loved being naked while he was fully clothed. It just made me feel dirty, which I loved. My head wanted a room full of guys, all clothed, passing me around like meat.

Grant was soon down on me, making me orgasm on his face and tongue. I couldn't work out exactly what he was doing as it all rolled into one. I wanted another guy there to give me his cock to suck, and a third guy to suck my breasts. Really I was on heat at that moment, unable to think straight.

Again I lost track of time, finally he moved up, kissed me, and entered me. I felt it slide in slowly. Although many stories on here mention size... I've no idea how big it was. I've never measured my husbands cock and we've been married for 25 yrs. But it felt huge. It filled me. Putting my legs over my shoulders, he started fucking me. "Don't come" he said smiling. Repeating it every minute or so. I'd never tried to surpress an orgasm before but somehow I kept it at bay as he fucked me. His weight pushing his cock so deep inside me. Finally he said "OK now."

I didnt squirt but a huge wave of orgasm hit me. I was shaking and don't remember exactly when he stopped fucking me, but once I regained a degree of composure he was gently licking my clit, occasionally stopping to tongue my now wide open gash.

We lay there kissing, touching, and I fell asleep, shattered. When I did wake up it was almost 5. Grant was tidying away his ladders and paint stuff, I was still naked on the settee but covered with two coats.

That night my husband made love to me. It probably sounds soppy but I felt his love with each stroke and even had a little cry. My legs were still a bit wobbly the next day but I couldn't stop smiling. I missed grant on the Friday as I was out all day.....but Saturday morning he came to finish off the decorating, and didn't leave until Sunday morning. I'll post that encounter on here asap.