Written by hugoboss97

25 May 2010

a few years back i met this woman at a club, she was about 38 and at the time i must have been about 25... so anyways, i met her in liverpool and she lives in wales, so we spoke on the phone for a bit and decided to meet up. I didn't fancy going to wales on my own so i asked one of my mates to come with me and he could then meet one of her mates.

So we get down there and meet the 2 women and go back to their place for drinks. It seems apparant that the other girl didn't like my friend and i was natrually flirty with her anyway.

towards the end of the night my mate stayed on the couch, while i went to bed with the girl i met, while her friend went to bed i her own room. As time went by and we were having sex, i casually stated i wanted to get her friend in to fuck her too, and she turns to me and agrees; i was quite shocked but decided to go to the friends room and see if i could pull this off.

so i went into the room in nothing but underwear and peeked my head around the door to say hi, she said hi back. I ran over to the bed and pretended i was cold and got into bed with her and we started having sex, and i asked her to come into the other room for a 3some so she did. A few moments later I was shagging both of them, and i think it was their first time together as well.

I went home happy lol