Written by john

30 Nov 2017

I had been with a few guys but none had involved using me well age wise I had given up on ever having anal as always the younger guys other guys went for and so to satisfy myself I would go into a gay sauna just so I could walk around naked as I used to go to London regularly on business, and so I would make time to visit a gay sauna and spend time in the Jacuzzi and had plenty of playing with cocks. I would also tour the private rooms in the hope of losing my virginity.

Having given up on ever losing my virginity it happened out of the blue I had been standing near the private rooms when I was approached by a guy I had seen earlier having passed him a couple of times so we went into a private room and I took his cock in my mouth and started giving him a BJ. Then suddenly he pulled out and turned me on my front and whilst he held me there I felt the cold lube in my arse I was aware of him putting on a condom and then he virtually raped me as I had never had any experience and still being a virgin it at first hurt but as he pounded his cock in my arse it became easier and dare I say I enjoyed the experience.

He pulled out and said I needed it and he just left me there, this was my first and last time.