Written by Blonde Babe

31 May 2015

We have a fishing lake in France that we allow people to fish. One day these two guys turned up, one was really nice it was really hot and I was only wearing skimpy shorts and a tight tee shirt no bra, I'm blonde blue eyes 36dd they were really attentive lol. Anyway they set up on the lake and I went to the house, where I jumped in the pool, and was sun bathing naked, I sensed someone was there and when I opened my eyes the two guys were stood there staring at me, we all felt a bit awkward, but said they wanted some info,I tried to look calm and told them what they wanted I could see one of them was getting a bit aroused. And off they went. I have only ever had a couple of guys as a three some, but was keen to play again. My man and I had talked about when we meet the next one, I would have my first bare back and let him fill me with cum. I told my man about what happened and he just laughed and said go for it if you want. So that night I dressed a bit sexy, and went down to there tents with a beer, but the tents were done up and they were in there asleep, I didn't know if I should call out or just go back to the house, but I thought sod it. So I unzipped one of the tents and crawled in, not sure which one it was, hoping it was the hot one, I slid up to the sleeping bed, it was pitch black, and slid my hand into his pants, he awoke in a panic, and I just went shhh, he must of guessed it was me and just led back, my god he was massive, i pulled his boxers off and slid my mouth over the biggest cock I ever touched, and his balls were shaven so I was just eating everything, all I could hear was his groans, but I needed this massive cock in me, my first bare back and what a cock to do it with. So I straddled him and let it slide in, as I looked down I could see it was not the hot guy but his mate, but that cock wow, so I started to fuck him hard, then I felt a hand from behind pulling my long blonde hair back and someone kissing my neck, it was the other one. As there was not much room in the tent, I said lets go to the house, but they were worried about my man. I assured them it would be fine, so I went on up and told them to follow. I went into the house and told my man what had happened, and he told me to bend over the pool table, with that the two guys came in, and my wet pussy was just staring at them, my man said who do you want first and I said matt with the big cock, with that, I felt it slide in and start pumping away, he said do you want me to cum or take it out, before I could answer I felt him emptying in me, loads of warm spunk, no sooner he pulled away Chris slide his in, not so big but really thick, he pumped me hard and for ages and then he cum in me awell, then my man finished off. From only ever having a couple of guys, I've had 3 together bare back andfilled with cum.and I loved it. After that it was hours of dirty fun and I don't think there was nothing we didn't try mmmm. Needless to say they have booked to come again. Perhaps I have found away to get more customers. Mmmmmm