9 Apr 2016

The events I describe occurred well over thirty years ago but they still get my sixty-nine year old cock hard whenever I recall them.

Carol had long dark curly hair, a figure to die for, slim waist, and 34D tits. We met through a magazine contact advert and arrangements were made for me to visit her on a night when her partner, Paul, was away from home. That night we had diner together at a restaurant then returned to her home where we fucked several times in her bed and I was between her legs when the door opened and Paul brought in a breakfast tray. I’d had my suspicions that he had concealed himself in the large house and he admitted as much when we were all chatting later on.

Subsequently I met with them for a threesome but she wasn’t as enthusiastic as the time we’d been on our own.

We kept in touch and I was thrilled when Carol asked if she could come and stay with me for a week while building works were being carried out to their house. We spent a wonderful week together and she revealed that her relationship was on the rocks. To cut a long story short within two weeks we were living together, getting along well, and fucking every day.

There was never a chance of our relationship being exclusive of others and what happened on our first holiday together proved it.

At the Spanish resort we watched two young men trying to get up close and personal with two young mums who were there with their kids. Carol and I speculated whether the girls had come across in exchange for the lads help with entertaining their boisterous youngsters.

I asked Carol which of the lads she’d go for.

“Both, at the same time.” I should have known.

One afternoon we were on the beach sunbathing, Carol naked apart from a little pair of white lacy knickers that served as bikini bottoms. Along came the two lads, Mark and Tony, and I waved a bottle of beer at them and invited them to join us. We shared our lunch with them and they told us it was the last day of their stay. They were entranced by Carol who was completely uninhibited by their presence. Her nipples were erect and for a moment a pussy lip escaped from her pants and she casually tucked it back in. She boldly asked them if the two mums were providing any sexual services in exchange for child minding. Mark laughed and said they’d only had a couple of hand jobs as the girls were married and regarded anything more as cheating on their husbands.

Lunch completed, Carol passed a bottle of sun cream to Tony and lay on her front so he could rub some into her back. He looked at me for approval and when I didn’t object he began working cream into her back and shoulders. He quickly moved to her legs and she pulled her pants tight into her bum crack so he could apply lotion. Mark didn’t even glance my way before he too coated his hands and began to work on her body. The exposed sides of her tits and the insides of her thighs seemed to get a lot of attention and it wasn't long before Carol moaned with pleasure when Tony eased her pants aside and slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy. Quickly Mark’s fingers joined in and they both finger fucked her to a shuddering orgasm.

By now both guys were sporting huge bulges in their shorts and obviously needed relief. Carol sat up and reached for them but a family group chose that moment to come and sit down only a few yards from us. The guys looked gutted. Who wouldn’t? The smiles quickly returned to their faces when Carol invited them to join us in the hotel bar that night .

That evening Mark and Tony joined us at our table and when I returned with a round of drinks Carol told me to go and sit elsewhere as she wanted to be alone with the two young men. The guys looked amazed when I meekly took my drink to a space across the room. I could see her flirting and making sure her ample cleavage was always visible. She took the guys to the dance floor and everyone could see her tits wobble as she moved in time with the beat. After a while I lost track of them amongst the other dancers only for Mark to appear at my side alone. He said, “Carol asked me to give you these and to say she’ll see you in the morning.” He held out his hand and I took Carol’s tiny thong and a key to the room he shared with Tony. Mark hurried off leaving me holding a very wet thong to my face, feeling aroused and humiliated at the same time.

I spent the night alone in the lads’ room and was woken up at first light by the two of them rushing in to pack for their departure. They both reeked of sweat and pussy. I left them to their showering and returned to my room where Carol was sprawled on the bed, dried cum in her hair and over her body, fresh cum oozing between her legs. I wanted her badly and I undressed and tried to mount her but she turned away from me and refused to co-operate moaning she was exhausted. I lay beside her until thirty minutes later there was a tap on the door and I let the two lads in to say their goodbyes. As soon as she heard their voices Carol rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I watched as both guys fucked her quickly and kissed her goodbye. So much for being exhausted I thought. She still resisted my attempts to do her and I had to content myself with wanking off over her bum while she slept.

That was the first episode of many. I’ll share more if there’s any interest.