Written by Helen

24 May 2008

Hi. My name is Helen and I am a happily married 54 year old housewife. I have been looking at the stories on here for a few years now and was browsing this site one evening recently, staring to get horny, when I came across one about a glory hole. As I was reading through, hearing about how this mans wife was sucking cocks through a hole in the wall, it reminded me of an episode that happened to me when I was a girl experiencing her first steps into sexual behaviour. Of course, I knew nothing of glory holes then and probably would have been totally disgusted if anyone had told me what they were and what a girl is supposed to do at them. I suppose I was maybe fifteen of sixteen at the time, and was at an activity centre in the lake district. There were six of us girls in a tent which was our home for the two weeks we were there. The tent was an old army type shape with a doors at one end which laced together. I was elected to sleep at one end of the tent by the door and the others were side by side down the length of the tent. We all got on well together considering we were total strangers when we arrived, and by the third or fourth day there, we had already taken part in outdoors activities which left us all exhausted. My initial thoughts before arriving, of sneaking off in the evening for a midnight feast were cast aside in favour of a good nights sleep.

It was about halfway through the holiday when one of the girls, Cathy, didn’t show up at bedtime and we all started wondering what she was doing. About three in the morning I was woken by her stepping over me to get to her sleeping bag. When I asked her where she had been, she simply said ‘enjoying myself’ and snuggled down to sleep. The following day we were all pressing her to tell us where she had been and finally she confessed to visiting a boys tent nearby where she had spent the evening and part of the night. We all wanted to know what went on but all she would say was wait until tonight, I’ll show you. Later on, when we were alone, Cathy asked me if I would change places with her so she could be by the door. I agreed but was a little puzzled as to why.

That evening when we all got ready for bed, Cathy stood up, turned on her torch and asked for our attention. She asked us if anyone was not willing to have some ‘fun’ with the boys. She said it would involve seeing and playing with there ‘willies’ as she called them. Two of the girls ducked out and Cathy suggested they move down to the far end of the tent. I was not too sure but didn’t want to appear a chicken so I stayed. Cathy then disappeared out of the tent saying, be back soon.

She returned after about ten minutes and said, OK its all fixed and I get first go. We sat there in silence, not knowing what we were waiting for, but all eyes were fixed on the beam of light Cathy was playing on the tent door. Suddenly we all heard shuffling outside and whispers followed by giggling. Then the tent door was parted over about six inches between the lacing and through it came what was to be my fist ever sight of a semi erect cock. All of us except Cathy gasped as we couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing. Cathy handed me the torch and said, keep it steady, then reached out and took hold of the cock. A gasp came from outside, followed by someone whispering ‘yeah’ and then to our amazement Cathy started slowly moving her hand up and down its length. We all watched as the cock began growing until it was stiff and standing up erect. My god all I could remember was thinking, that looks beautiful. Cathy continued wanking it for a few moments more then turned to us and said, watch this. She bent down and opened her mouth, and fed the cock into it. Some of the girls made noises of disgust and whispered yuck and other phrases, but I just sat and watched in amazement as she sucked on it while moving her head up and down Within seconds the voice outside groaned and I saw Cathy starting to swallow repeatedly as if she were drinking a glass of milk. Moments later she removed the cock from her mouth and wiped her lips. The cock withdrew and we were left looking at a plain tent door again. Not for long though. Seconds later another cock was fed through the gap and hung there waiting for some attention. Cathy said ‘who’s next. I was just about to volunteer when Mel, one of the others shuffled over and took hold of the cock. She started moving her hand and immediately a voice said, gently, that hurt. Cathy moved over and had to show her how it was done, and before long Mel had got the hang of it and the cock started growing like the last one. Then it was decision time. Would Mel follow Cathy’s example and put it in her mouth. She bent down, hesitated for a few seconds and then let go and moved away saying no I cant. Cathy looked up and said anyone else? It was my chance. I moved over, handed the torch to another girl and took hold of the cock. It was really warm, almost hot and throbbing. I wanked it a couple of times and then, taking a deep breath, opened my mouth and closed my lips over the end of it. It felt nice and I was encouraged by a voice saying ‘Oh my god that feels great’. I moved my lips over the head sucking gently like I had seen Cathy doing and felt the cock expanding. I hadn’t given a thought as to why Cathy had been swallowing and assumed it was because she was having trouble breathing with a cock in her mouth. I was soon to find out that was not the case. The boy on the other side started to moan and then said I’m coming. I didn’t understand what he meant but soon realised something wet and warm was filling my mouth. My first thought was he was peeing but when I tasted it I realised it was actually very pleasant and was enjoying the flavour. I soon had a full mouth and the cock withdrew and disappeared through the tent door. I swallowed and felt the liquid slipping down my throat. Well said Cathy. Great I said, the rest of you should try it.

Ann, another girl took the next one to appear, and sucked on it swallowing the cum, but said after that she didn’t want to do it again. Several of the girls wanted to wank the cocks but it was left to Cathy and I to suck the remaining three cocks to a climax. The next night was the same with about eight or nine cocks this time. Cathy and I shared them between us and enjoyed feeling the cum in our bellies. Once or twice a hand came through and we let them feel us up, sometimes opening our shirts so they could play with our tits and sometimes guiding them between our legs. But it was the sucking they mostly came for. And it was all anonymous. Word was obviously spreading and I was afraid we would get a bad reputation so we decided to let the boys know that six a night was the limit.

By the end of the week the novelty had worn off and it had become more of a chore than enjoyment. We never spoke to any of the boys about it and I kept wondering which of them I had sucked off or which of them had had their fingers in my pussy. I went home with a new experience to share with my friends but I never again sucked a cock without knowing who the owner was. Maybe its time to taste the experience again.