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First Love with a Muslim

"Part 2"

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As time went on we would continue to meet up in the park away from anyone. She was from a bangladeshi background. She wasnt that fit but what i loved about her was her innocence. Her airy clothes that wouldnt show her figure and the respect she had for her hijab.

Those are the things that i fell in love with.

She was still battling about her love for me and her religion. She was torn between the 2 but i was her first love so it was difficult to let me go aswell.

She needed that attention that i gave her, it was a new expereince that she wanted but never would show that she wanted.

We continue to meet up in the park and we would kiss passionatley, I would put my hands under hear clothes and rub her tits, push them out and slowly suck on her nipple.

I was dying to taste her pussy, her pussy for some reason was always shaved clean, not even a strand of her on it. The 7/8 years that i was with her I had never felt any hair on her pussy which made me want it even more.

The only way i could taste her pussy was at the end of me rubbing her.

P.s I didnt finger her for a few reasons,

1. I was scared that i would hurt her

2. I didnt know if she wanted it

3. I was inexpereinced

So all i would do is rub her clit nice and hard and i would listen to her moan in my mouth whilst we were kissing. I would brush my middle finger in between her shaven pussy and play with it until i came. Her pussy was beautifully wet.

After i came, we would talk for a little while until we had to go college. I would let her leave first and then after she went i would lick my fingers to taste her sweet pussy.

It tasted amazing! unbelieveable and would make me go crazy!

The next time we linked I took the plunge and extracted her pussy juices and rubbed it her nipple and then sucked her nipple with her pussy juices all over it. It was amazing!

The relationship itself was pretty hard to manage! She kept breaking up and then making up with me. Her main issue was the intimacy. It was too much for her but my angle was if there is no intimacy how do i show u how much i love you... and I loved her a lot! hence why i was hesitant to finger her pussy etc.

Her attitude changed, her innocent looks changed to looking slutty. It was bothering me not because i was over protective, it was because i loved her.

She started to wear really tight clothes that would show her figure. That wasnt something that i fell in love with. I would explain to her that it was a contradiction to her values. That wearing the Hijab was supposed to conceal and look modest and wearing tight clothes didnt make any sense, it was going against the islamic values.

It was a constant fight and because our relationship was a secret it was even harder because I would over hear other people in college saying how fit she looked and how they would bang her and i couldnt do nothing about it because our relationship was a secret.

Although we had loads of fights we got through it, I kept fighting for her and she kept breaking up and making up. I was around 22 when we decided to start booking hotel rooms. Again, because we were both muslims, we had to say that we were going on work training and take a taxi at 5am to get to the hotel and we would leave around 5pm.

What happened in the hotel room will be told in Part 3.

Me telling you my story is helping me unravel everything. Its nice to be able to share this without any judgement!

Written by Rahelzak

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