Written by NigelE2009

7 May 2014

Thanks to Sue(not real name) for trusting me and meeting after just a few e-mails and a photo. I only joined Swinging Heaven a little while ago and had my first meeting at the weekend. I have to tell your what happened or I will bust. Sue and I met at a local hotel and I'm glad to say we got on very well. Sue is a very sexy 45 year old with large breasts and slim fantastic figure. After about an hour of talking Sue explained to me that she was married but loved the excitement of meeting a stranger for sex. She seemed a little anxious so we went to my room to get away from prying eyes. I had hardly closed the door Sue asked me why my wife does't like sex (see my profile)I told her that I couldn't answer that. She told me not to feel guilty this is just fun. Sue stood and took off her clothes to reveal the sexiest breasts I had ever seen. She unbuttoned my trousers and pulled out my cock. After a few gentle strokes she got on her knees put her lips around it and gave me the best head I had ever had. After a few minutes Sue simply stood up and said, ' now take your clothes off and fuck me but be rough. I didn't need telling twice. For the next hour or so I took so in whatever position I could, I bent her over the chair and fucked her doggy style, the sight of her swinging breasts nearly sent me over the edge. After fucking against the wall, on the chair chair and her riding my cock on the floor we actually got into bed. Now be gentle she said. She told me how sensitive her breasts where and I have to say that sucking her gorgeous nipples whilst ginger fucking her caused her to cum. For the first time in years I went down on a women and sucked and licked her pussy until she was almost begging me to cum inside her. I went from her pussy to her stomach to her breast and slid into her. We fucked gently until I pumped my cum into her. We just lay there for ages when she apologised and said she had to go. We got into the shower where She took hold of my cock and stroked me until I told her I was going to cum, with that she put me in her mouth and I came again, this time filling her mouth. She swallowed and actually thanked me. I hope we will meet up again one day. I have another meeting arranged for a few weeks time with another married woman so who knows what that will bring. Like I say its just plain old discrete fun.