Written by Cutencurly

10 Jun 2012

Hi All,

I’m Claire. I’ve been on the site a while now and have enjoyed many of the stories and tales of naughtiness. So I thought it was about time to repay the favour and tell you all about some of the things I’ve gotten up to.

I’d been with my boyfriend Paul for about a year when we decided to move in together. We got a small 1 bed house in Swindon which I loved and living together made for great love making!

Paul used to like to talk dirty to me during sex; one of his reoccurring fantasies was to talk about different ways I could flash my boobs to his friends, things like me waking past them to the kitchen fresh from a shower and my towel “accidentally” slipping. He was obsessed with my boobs, couldn’t cuddle me without groping them, I should explain that I’m 5ft 3”, dress size 8 with 32 D boobs.

Anyway, the fantasies kept coming, always revolving round me flashing my boobs to his mates to see their reaction. This was no longer pillow talk, it’d be whilst watching a film or having dinner, he wouldn’t let it go and got more excited every time we’d (he’d) talk about it. His excitement did turn me on and eventually I conceded; I thought after all, its only boobs.

Paul exploded with excitement when I agreed and set to work thinking how we would do it. He arranged for two of his friends to come over and that we were all going to go into town, meeting at ours first. His plan was that when they arrive I would answer the door in my skinny jeans, heels and bra thinking it was Paul coming back from the cash point.

With our house the front door opened straight into the lounge as did the back patio doors, so Paul could watch it all from the back garden and the nip round the front when desired. The scene was set……

Saturday night arrives and the butterflies where seriously building! I’d had 3 vodka and redbull’s to help combat the nerves and to relax me a bit. Paul was telling me how gorgeous I looked and how much he loved me when the doorbell went. Paul gave me a quick kiss and an “I Love you” and ran out the back, leaving the curtains on the patio doors slightly open.

The doorbell went again I opened the door to see Andy and Sam stood there. Acting surprised I quickly hid behind the door saying that I wasn't quite ready (obviously), but they’d better come in. They came in staring at me all the way and sat on the sofa opposite to where I'd set up the ironing board as I was supposed to be ironing a top for the evening.

I don’t know how, but I managed to calmly chat to them both as if nothing was amiss, stood there in my black bra. They to seemed to be able to chat quite calmly which relaxed me and boosted my confidence no end, allowing me to take my time with the ironing and laugh and joke along with them. Paul, watching through the patio doors was intently listening to our conversations and txt me to say that he was absolutely loving it and to keep it going.

So I explained to Andy and Sam that Paul had txt to say the cash point was down and he was moving on to the next one, and should they arrive to get them a beer and to keep them entertained. Andy immediately responded that I certainly WAS keeping them entertained and laughed.

Definitely more relaxed now and enjoying the attention from the guys I strutted passed them to the kitchen and got them a drink each. Whilst in there I also knocked back a couple of aftershock shots to further boost my confidence levels. I handed them their drinks ensuring that I lent over enough to give the maximum cleavage view and returned to my ironing.

I finished the top and held it up to me and asked them what they thought. Andy quickly said “very nice but would be a lot better if you wore it without a bra” and laughed. I just laughed, but from nowhere heard myself saying “nooo my boobs aren't good enough for that! The reply was rapidly returned with Andy saying “let us be the judges of that!”

Laughing, I went over to them and they both jumped up from the sofa. Without hesitation Andy put his hands straight on my boobs and started squeezing them. “God your hands are cold!” I said, “Well I’ve been holding that beer” he replied.

Still massaging me, he gently pulled my boobs turning me towards Sam and asked him for his opinion. Sam took over the massaging, staring at them constantly. Meantime Andy had moved behind me and pushed the bra straps off of my shoulders. He paused briefly as if to see if id object but at this point I wouldn’t know how to get out of the situation if id wanted to. As I gave no protest he moved down to the back strap and undid my bra!

Sam was still massaging me and with my bra now undone it slipped of my boobs, Sam now letting it fall to the floor. So I’m now stood there topless in front of them with my hands on my hips. I asked them “should I try the top on?” Sam said “nah you'll do like this for now and laughed and started to lick my nipple”. Andy said “too right!” and started to suck on the other.

This has taken me ages to get down on paper so to speak so let me know if you'd like me to continue x