27 Jul 2017

Ok here goes my first attempt at writing one of these stories, it is a true story from about 5 years ago when we were just starting out and meeting our first couple.

We had talked about what we wanted and were very keen to get started and give it a go that meant we had no hang-ups and would go with what the other couple wanted.

So just to set the scene Lou is a slim (sz10-12) with 36DD assets that she loves to flaunt in low cut tops, Tony is a normal bloke of average size. Both of us have always shaven and Lou sometimes waxes so her pussy is very smooth and a pleasure to lick.

We had found ourselves chatting to a nice couple Raj and Anita and had got to the point where we decided to meet for a drink and take it from there. They lived a fair way away so we booked a hotel in Birmingham so we could have a drink to settle our first timer nerves.

Off we went to the pub Lou in a short skirt and small top, so tight I could definitely make out her nipples. We easily found them sat in a quiet corner of the bar and when we got there I went for drinks whilst Lou sat down, they weren’t drinking but we had a strong couple of shirts to start with. When I came back from the bar Raj was sat next to Lou so I had to sit across the table closer to Anita. They were a nice looking couple Raj was well built and Anita was very slim with small 32B tits.

The chat flowed easily and before long we had discussed our expectations and agreed that we should all go back to the room when the pub closed to carry on, I dropped something on the floor and as I bent down to get it I looked under the table, Raj had moved Lou’s leg onto his and was running his fingers along her pussy lips, just before I got up he pushed his middle finger inside Lou. I got back up and he looked like nothing was going on, Lou was biting her lip and her nipples were rock hard a sure sign she was excited. I thought we should go back to the hotel as things were getting hot and I wanted to see what Anita had on under her summer dress.

Once in the room I opened a bottle of wine but only Lou and I drank any, by this time Lou was getting drunk and I was merry. Raj, Anita and Lou sat on the bed and I used a chair, as there wasn’t much room. Without many words being said Raj turned to Lou and kissed her his tongue forcing her mouth open as they kissed deeply. I needed the toilet so went, I was only gone for 5 minutes but when I get back everyone was naked and Raj and Anita were busy sucking a nipple each, Anita had her fingers rubbing Lou’s clit and although Lou had not told me she had any bi tendencies her legs were spread wide allowing Anita free reign of her pussy. Lou was just lying there moaning as they pleasured her.

After a while Anita moved down Lou’s body trailing her tongue until it reach her pussy where she set to work licking the juices that were coming out. Anita said she is very wet and ready for you Raj. Raj moved up and I saw his cock for the first time, it was big about 7” and thick, he moved to Lou’s mouth and tried to get the helmet in her mouth. Lou had to open quite wide and he only got an inch or so in, he seemed to like that and slide it in and out getting coated in her spit.

Now it was time for the main event and I wasn’t sure if Lou had noticed how big he was and would take it. We hadn’t discussed any condoms and assumed that they would be brought out and used. Anita came and stood in front of me as I saw Raj move between Lou’s wide-open legs, she blocked my view for a minute before she sat down and started to suck my smaller cock easily fitting it in her mouth. She had a great technique of sucking and biting and I was rock hard. I then brought my eyes back to Lou and Raj, by this time he had got the end of his cock inside Lou and was trying to get more in, saying she is a tight fuck, over the next 5 minutes he slowly fed it all in until he was fully in, Lou’s pussy looked red and very stretched against his darker skin, she was moaning out and saying its too big but by this time he was in. As he pulled back I looked hard but saw no condom in so the very first time we played another man was going to enjoy her bare. I should have stopped him and said something but Anita was playing havoc with my cock and I was struggling to hold off from coming.

I tried to concentrate on what was happening on the bed and saw Ray slide out almost fully before slamming it back in, Lou was gripping the sheets and had locked her heels around his back. After a few more thrusts Lou let out an loud gasp and started moaning as she came, I knew she was getting wetter as she came which allowed Raj time to speed up his assault. His cock was like a battering ram as he stroked it in and out claiming my wife’s pussy as his own. I was getting to the point of no return as Anita mouth worked its magic and was trying to tell her, she swallowed the first spurt and then took the rest of my load over her small tits. She came up and kissed me and sat on my lap to watch her husband, I watched over her shoulder and rubbed my cum into her tits.

Raj went on for another 5 minutes or so before he started gasping he was cumming, I still thought he would pull out and cover Lou but with one final thrust he held it as deep as he could in Lou’s pussy as he emptyied his balls. As he slid out and back onto his side I could see Lou’s pussy gaping wide with a river of cum running out, she was totally spent and just lay there panting.

I would like to say that we all recovered and had sex all night but Lou was finished and worn out from the battering she had taken so Raj and Anita got dressed and left us in the room. I cuddled up to Lou and ran my fingers over her pussy enjoying the slippery feel of cum as it leaked out, unfortunately Lou was too tired for me so enjoy her pussy so I had to wait until morning for a ride. She was still loose but very wet and it felt great as I added another load to her.