Written by david tennant

29 May 2010

I've read a number of stories on here and quite frankly thought yes in your dreams well my dream came true. She stepped out of car exactly as described on profile but much prettier, after chatting over coffee in the hotel lounge discussing what we intended to do to each other sexually, without being overheard we then agreed to meet again and I left to get into my car.

What happened next really blew my mind and nearly my cock she sat next to me in the passenger seat and said drive, who was I to say no the street crowded with shoppers lifting her skirt to show hold up stockings, do you like she said? bloody silly question her hand stroking my cock, now just try driving in busy traffic with this going on.

She took my left hand off the gear shift opened her skirt revealing a see through G string, pulling it to one side showing her shaved cunt my fingers found her clit and two entered her warm wet womanhood, still trying to drive the bloody car.

I pulled over in the street where there was little traffic pushed my fingers into the hilt she was asking, is your cock getting hard do you want to fuck me, I had only met her half an hour before all this.

So I had to do something and fast further down the road was a car park so pulled in she

slid the seat right back opened her legs wide, and ordered me to finger fuck her and lick her cunt at the same time, duly obliging her screaming Yes Yes Fuck Fuck me I love my cunt sucked, remember this was in front of anyone who happened to walk by.

My cock was straining to put it up her there and then but fucking someone in the front seat is nigh on impossible, in a public car park, still I made her cum with my fingers we then went back to where we met up, she flashing her stockings and me fingering all the way back.

If you where driving behind me I can only apologise, we are going to meet up again nothing left to the imagination, she wants everything you read on here and some things that are not, I'm all for it it was mind blowing. I can only wait and tell you the rest when it does happen.

There you have it no lies or make believe. watch this space for our next meeting up it should be quite an evening.