Written by Ella

29 Aug 2016

Earlier this year Pete, my husband, booked a weeks holiday at Maspalomas to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I like to sunbathe naked on holiday if we have a private balcony. The warm sun on my nude body makes me horny and we usually have great sex. Sometimes we've fucked outside on the balcony. Occasionally I've laid on a lounger, or on a towel on the floor, legs spread wide, while he watched me masturbating, tossing himself off. Much as I like being naked in the sun I'd never been to a nude beach. Pete told me there was one near where we were staying, suggesting we could try it.

Thirty two years old, I've got quite a nice body, though I wish my 32b tits were a bit bigger. I usually go topless on the beach, but though the idea of being naked in public appealed to me, I was nervous about actually doing it. We walked to the nude beach the day after we arrived. Pete took his shorts off as soon as we arrived. It took me an hour or so, looking at all the different naked people, old and young, fat and thin, cocks of all sizes, one or two particularly large, before I felt comfortable enough to slip my string off. At first I lay on my front before turning over revealing my tits and hairless pussy to anyone who looked. No one overtly stared, but a few guys and a even some women glanced as they passed.

After a couple of days I'd relaxed enough to be quite blasé about being naked in public, laying on my back with my legs apart, tanning my pussy, leaving them open even when I noticed people looking. I'd never had any exhibitionist tendencies before and didn't even realise I was doing it until Pete pointed it out, but almost every time a nice looking man passed or one with a big cock, I opened my legs wider. A combination of being naked and cock watching had a marked effect on my libido. I felt horny on the beach and told Pete I was going to fuck his brains out as soon as we got back to the apartment. “We could go to the dunes and fuck if you're that desperate. Lots of people do” he suggested, quickly adding that he'd read it somewhere when I asked how he knew. Sex in the open air had its attractions but I said I could wait. We fucked every night before we went out, again when we returned and in the morning before breakfast

It was the fifth day when I noticed a guy strolling along the beach towards us, carrying a towel and sun umbrella. Several things about him caught my attention. The first was his large cock, 8 or 9 inches, dangling between his legs, swinging as he walked, the fact that he was shaved, which wasn't particularly unusual and finally the sun reflecting off the narrow steel band encircling his cock and balls. Intrigued I couldn't help staring, thinking how sexy the cock ring was.

He caught me looking and smiled at me. A bit embarrassed at being caught staring so obviously I smiled back. He seemed to take that as an invitation. Even though I was with Pete, plenty of space, no one else within about 50 metres he lay his towel about 4 or 5 metres away, put up his umbrella, and sat looking directly between my open legs at my pussy. I started to close them until Pete put his hand on my thigh and quietly said I should leave them open and give the guy a thrill by sun-oiling my body the way I do when we're alone. Pete was well aware of the effect doing that has on me, but a glance was enough to confirm that he meant it and was excited at the prospect of me exposing my sex and touching myself in front of the guy.

I let my legs fall back open, while I thought about Pete's naughty suggestion, parting them a bit wider when the guy cocked his head and gave me an encouraging smile. The guy, probably in his forties, was attractive, had a nice smile, fit tanned body, not to mention his impressive cock. Blatantly exposing myself to him was turning me on. No one was paying any attention to us. I picked up the bottle. He was watching intently. I poured sun lotion on my body and sensuously rubbed it onto my tits. My nipples stiffened. I continued stroking them, beginning to get aroused. Feeling bolder I moved my hands, rubbing lotion on to my tummy until my fingertips were brushing my shaven mound. I could see his eyes, almost willing me to continue and asked Pete what I should do. “Open your legs wider, rub lotion on your pussy” he instantly suggested. I told him he was a perve, but did it anyway. Picking up the bottle, pouring lotion on my mound, opening my legs wider, letting it dribble into my crack, excited me more.

I began smoothing the oil onto my mound in little circular movements, my fingers slowly moving nearer and nearer to my pussy. My fingertips brushed my clitoris. I gasped. I left them resting there, feeling the hard little button. Keeping my hand still, I clamped my legs together, concealing my fingers teasing my clit. The guy sat up moved his umbrella. Hiding what he was doing from the people along the beach he picked up his lotion and poured some onto his large cock, and began to rub it with the flat of his hand. His cock began to stiffen and he wrapped his fingers around his shaft stroking himself.

“He's wanking” I whispered to Pete. “I think he wants you to play with your pussy” he replied, voice croaking with excitement. “Do you think I should?” I whispered equally excited. “Yes” he instantly responded. A quick look around, nobody watching, most with their backs to us closer to the sea. I opened my legs, moved my hand, began rubbing between my legs, drawing the my clitoral hood back, until my clitoris popped out. I stroked it, sighed with pleasure, then slid two fingers into my slippery fuck hole. I was to turned on to be self-conscious, began sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt, rubbing my clitoris, flushing, nipples erect as I masturbated..

Playing with myself, I sat mesmerised as his cock grew harder and bigger until he was fully erect. He released his cock. I could see the ring tight around the base, his balls swollen, the veins in his shaft distended, foreskin drawn back revealing a bulbous knob. It looked huge as he sat up twitching it, looking me in the eye, then behind me towards the dunes. I whispered to Pete asking what to do. “I think he wants us to go to the dunes and continue what you've started. I think we should” he replied eagerly. I recalled that he had told me about sex in the dunes but I hadn't asked him to be more explicit.

Well I suppose I had started it and I was certainly feeling very naughty. I was still fingering myself, aroused, very wet, feeling the first tingles in my pussy. I would have brought myself to climax except people were approaching. Going somewhere hidden, where no one would see seemed a good idea. Reluctantly I stopped masturbating, noticed he'd covered his erection. Without really thinking things through, other than I was enjoying being watched and watching him wanking, I told Pete I was going to ask the guy to come with us and continue what had been interrupted. He looked surprised, quickly telling me to go ahead, then as I got up, hurriedly warning me that the guy might want to fuck me, but it was cool with him if I wanted too.

It hadn't really occurred to me that things might go that far or that Pete would be willing to let another man fuck me while he watched. The idea threw me momentarily. However, the thought of his lovely big cock sliding into my tight cunt was certainly tempting. I waited until the people strolled passed then went over to the guy, stood in front of him, legs open, gaping wet pussy at eye level. My voice shaking with excitement I asked if he wanted to go into the dunes with us. He spoke enough English for us to understand that he knew the best places and he would show us.

We all picked up our things, by which time his erection was somewhat less obvious, and with Tomas, my new friend one side and Pete the other we headed into the dunes. We had only gone a couple of hundred metres before Tomas moved closer, his hip touching mine, and put his arm around my waist. Pete didn't say anything, perhaps moving away a little. We passed a few people some guys watching us, and with hindsight, following. Tomas' hand slowly crept higher, between my body and arm. I glanced at Pete when Tomas moved his hand to my tit and cupped it, gently squeezing it, teasing the erect nipple as we reached areas of scrub, grass and stunted trees. Pete seemed unconcerned, in fact appeared to be enjoying the sight of Tomas playing with my tit. My nips are quite sensitive and frankly I was enjoying it too.

We continued walking for another few minutes, rounded a dune and saw a couple fucking in full view of any one passing. Surprise that they were doing it so openly sums up my initial feelings as I slowed, then fascination as the woman raised her legs, wrapped them around the man and I could see his hard cock sliding in to her cunt. We only stopped for a minute, during which Tomas removed his hand from my tit and placed it on my bum, caressing my buttock, sliding his fingers into my bum crack. Engrossed watching the couple fucking I didn't really notice what he was doing, or that I'd moved my feet apart until I felt his fingers touch my anus and then my pussy.

I gasped, but didn't close my legs. Glanced at Pete, he was watching the couple, his cock semi erect. I turned to look at Tomas, he was watching me. I looked down at his cock, wanting to touch it. Somehow he knew, moved his hand from between my legs, took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. I gave it a squeeze, moved my hand stroking it, feeling it stiffening. Behind him I could see at least four guys watching us. “Lets go over there” I said to him looking at a thick clump of shrubs about 75 metres away. “Si. Then I fuck you” he replied. His cock felt lovely in my hand, getting harder and throbbing. All I wanted was to feel it inside me. “Yes. Si” I replied almost impatiently, letting go of his cock as he led me away from Pete.

We must have been almost the shrubs before he noticed and came hurrying after us. Behind him a number of men strolled in our general direction. The clump was a U shape open at one end. Tomas dropped his stuff on the sand. I reached for his cock, wanking him, he pulled me closer, lowered his head, began sucking my nipples. By the time Pete joined us, Tomas had two or three fingers in my cunt. “Lay out the towels. Tomas is going to fuck me” I told Pete. He said “Great” unrolled them, and helped by two of the four men who'd followed him laid them on the sand.

I was well passed caring that I was going to have an audience watching him fuck me. In fact it added to the excitement of what I was doing, inflaming me, awakening an exhibitionist desire I must have been suppressing.

Tomas' fingers were doing wonderful things to my pussy, but I wanted to cum on his cock not his fingers. I began to slide down his body, his fingers slipped from my cunt, my nipple from between his lips. I stuck my tongue out, licking my way down to his cock. I felt his hands on my shoulders as I sank and was pushed to my knees. From the corner of my eye I could see Pete, videoing me with his camcorder, his other hand wrapped around his cock wanking. How small his prick looked, I thought as I admired Tomas' monster throbbing in my hand. It looked at least 10 inches long, felt incredibly hard, pulsing as I stroked it. I rubbed it against my face, smearing pre cum on my skin. I gave the tip a kiss then a lick tasting the saltiness. I opened my mouth, took it between my lips and in front of Pete and by then six guys, began to suck his knob end.

He was large, my lips clamped tightly around his girth. I sucked more in, lowering my head until I felt the tip nudging my throat. With less than half his length between my lips my mouth felt full. He tried to push more in. I move my head back and wrapped my hand around the base, in time to stop myself gagging. I'd never tried to master the art of deep-throating, but now wished I had. Instead I began to suck him, bobbing my head up and down, whilst wanking him into my mouth.

A minute or two of that and Pete always cums. Not Tomas. After two or three minutes most of the guys had moved closer, wanking only a few feet from me. He waved two closer and in a mixture of English and German invited them to finger my cunt and touch my tits. I was so sexually charged I didn't object or refuse. They knelt beside me, one put his hands between my legs and pushed three fingers into my cunt. He finger fucked me, twisting his wrist, pushing a fourth finger in. I felt his thumb inside me for a moment, then being wiggled, pressing firmly against my anus. Sucking greedily again on Tomas' cock the guys thumb slid into my arse and was in my bum almost before I realised what he was doing. He began moving fingers and thumb in unison which felt quite pleasant, adding to the thrill of having another pair of hands groping my tits.

It wasn't anything in particular that they were doing that aroused and excited me, it was more the sheer debauchery, and filthiness of being watched behaving like a total slut that turned me on most. I seemed to have lost most of my inhibitions. It wasn't really a conscious decision to go as far as I did it just happened. I must have sucked his cock and massaged his balls for close to 5 minutes before he pulled it from my mouth and told me to kneel on the towels so he could fuck me doggy. My cunt, stretched and gaping, must have looked like a cavern after taking the guys fingers, when Tomas spread my buttocks, rubbed his cock along my hole before sliding his knob into me.

My cunt, well lubricated with sex juices mixed with sun oil stretched and took his thick cock. He slid it in and began to fuck me. Despite being fingered I was still tight and his cock felt good as he penetrated me deeply, his cock ring and hard balls against my clitty each time he drove his cock into me. Two guys moved to my head offering their cocks to my mouth. “Go on suck them” Pete urged, not that I needed any encouragement. I took one in my mouth sucking it, before moving to the other. They wanked as I alternated between them. I was sucking one when I felt something warm splash on my back, and realised someone was wanking and ejaculating on me.

There wasn't much I could do about it and continued cocksucking. The one who'd been wanking came at that moment shooting his spunk on my face and hair. With cum running down my face I sucked furiously until he came in my mouth. I gulped some of it down, spitting the rest out with his cock. The first tingles of an approaching orgasm had fluttered through my pussy seconds before. Another guy wanted me to suck his cock, I shook my head, waved him away, concentrating on my own pleasure. Tomas fucked me harder, faster, deeper, as I began to moan, my cunt muscles rippling along his cock. I cried out as I orgasmed, the wonderful warmth spreading out from my cunt. I demanded his spunk. He obliged, several hard deep thrusts, each time his cock pumping more spunk into my receptive cunt.

He kept his cock inside me after we'd both cum, while it softened. I looked around at the guys, and one woman who'd just watched me being fucked. It was incredibly erotic the horniest thing I'd ever done. I felt no embarrassment, guilt or shame as I counted eleven men, most stroking their cocks, several fully erect, and obviously hoping to fuck me too. Half of them I didn't fancy, to fat, old, cocks to small or showing little sign of getting hard. Tomas' cock slipped out of my pussy, followed by a stream of his creamy spunk.

I turned over, sat with my legs open. My inner thighs wet with cum and my juices, spunk running from my gaping hole. I reached down and caught some on my fingers, raised my hand and licked it off. Putting my hand back between my legs, I used my fingers to draw more spunk from my hole letting it pool on the towel. I looked towards Pete. “I enjoyed that” I grinned. He came over and knelt beside me but seemed to be under the impression I'd finished and asked if I was ready to leave. “No way. I've only just started and have no intention of stopping now” I replied. I sat, my fingers idly playing with my pussy, reminding him that it had been his idea to go with Thomas and that he'd tricked me by being less than honest about what happened in the dunes. Actually I'd misunderstood him, he was eager to watch more guys fuck me and was giving me a way out if I'd had enough.

With his enthusiastic encouragement to continue I kissed him passionately then like a bitch in heat, lay on my back, spreading my legs again. I looked at the guys, watching me expectantly. Of the dozen or so, there were about five who I liked the look of. My eyes settled on two fit looking lads, late teen, early twenties. I definitely wanted them but decided to save them to last. I called one of the others over. His cock was already hard but I gave it a quick wank, to make sure, before telling him to get between my legs and fuck me.

A couple of the older guys knelt beside me, hoping for a blow job. They didn't appeal to me but I took pity on them and tossed them off as the guy fucked me. They all came quite close together, the old man on my left first, who turned away and shot his load on the sand. The one on my right started to cum attempting to spray my face with his cum. Cheeky sod. Anyway I pushed him away and glared at him just as a dollop of spunk landed in my hair. The guy fucking me was grunting, jerking into me faster. I was close but not quite there when I felt his cock twitching inside me as he came. He pulled out. I turned over onto all fours pointed at one guy to fuck me, another to stick his cock in my mouth for me to suck.

The guy I'd chosen to fuck me had a fairly short cock but it was amazingly thick. Despite the cock I'd already taken this one still stretched me more open as he rammed it in. Rocking back onto the guy fucking me, then forward onto the guy I was sucking was a new experience for me but I got into a rhythm of sorts, the guy I was giving head came in my mouth, unexpectedly quickly and I gulped it down barely tasting his spunk. I waved away another offered cock, deciding the guy fucking me wasn't arousing me enough to make me cum. I put a hand between my legs and began to frig my clitoris, bringing myself to climax soon after he'd ejaculated, adding his semen to the man juice cocktail flooding my cunt.

An idea was in my mind for Pete to get some really pornographic video of the two I'd saved for last fucking me. I beckoned to them. They walked over, stroking their erections. I took one in each hand, impressed how hard their viral young cocks were. I wanked them both for a minute, then alternated between them giving them a slow slurpy suck before indicating that I wanted one to lie on the towel. He lay down, his prick standing rock hard. Straddling him, I crouched above his cock, and took hold of it. Back to the guy, facing Pete I lowered myself, guiding his cock head between my pussy lips.

The glans slipped inside, I released his cock, moving my hands out of the way as I lowered myself taking his cock, letting it slide slowly into my cunt in full view of everybody and more importantly Pete's camera. Fully penetrated I rocked on him, getting it comfortably inside me. I reached for the other guy, grabbed his cock, pulling him close to my mouth. I began to ride the cock in my pussy, switching between stroking and sucking the other guy at the same time. Not as easy as it sounds, trying to balance, fuck and suck simultaneously. I leant back a little, keeping still, stroking my clitty, while the guy thrust into me. Pete was at the guys feet, getting close ups of my cock filled cunt. He moved back a bit. I cupped both my tits, caressing them, playing with my erect nipples. The young guy moved, standing with his feet either side of me. I stopped playing with my tits, grabbed his bum for support, took his cock in my mouth and continued to gobble and fuck at the same time.

Pete moved closer again, close ups of me with a cock in my mouth. Pete hadn't said much till then. Still videoing he said he thought he'd got plenty of me fucking, sucking and wanking guys and asked if I'd like to attempt a Double Penetration. The previous guy had, had a very thick cock which I'd taken without difficulty and I was in a sex position where it should be possible. I'd never felt so horny. The sheer debauchery of taking two guys cocks in my cunt, thrilled, excited, and stimulated me more. I told Pete I willing to try, telling him to make sure he got it on video for me to watch later.

With hand signs, pointing and Tomas' help I explained to the guys that I wanted to be DP'd. They were up for it and I adjusted my position. Supporting myself on one hand, leaning back, spreading my legs wider, I got ready to be DP'd. I put my other hand on my mound, slid two fingers into my hole next to the first guys cock, prising my cunt wider open, offering my sex to the second guy. He squatted between my legs, laid his cock on top of the other guys until it was touching my fingers. He began to push, the tip entered me. I moved my fingers and he pushed more in, about an inch. The guy already half inside gave a little thrust, more of the second cock slipped in. He pushed and I felt his cock properly inside me as I withdrew my fingers.

A bit of adjusting position and the guy underneath pushed his cock in deeper. The guy on top did the same. They probably had half, maybe two thirds their lengths inside me which is probably as much as is physically possible. I felted elated that I'd taken both in my cunt and begged them both to fuck me. I hadn't done it before, and I suspect it was their first time. The tried fucking me together, but one or other slipped out, fortunately my hole was so stretched and wet by then they were easily able to enter me again. In the end they took turns, one keeping still while the other fucked me, swapping every minute or so. That worked for me too and I could stimulate my clitoris at the same time. I came twice before I felt the guy underneath thrusting more urgently and cumming. While he kept still, the other guy took over, fucking me for another 2 or 3 minutes before he deposited his spunk inside me. It felt as if he ejaculated 4 or 5 times before he finally stopped and climbed off. I rolled off the other guy and lay with my legs spread as wide as I could, held my gaping cunt open, letting Pete video, the spunk pouring from my well used pussy until it was just a trickle.

I'm not embarrassed to say I'd have let more guys fuck me but I just didn't find any of the ones left attractive. They looked disappointed when I said I'd finished, wandering off while I cleaned myself up as best I could.

Back at the apartment we talked at length about what had happened. Pete admitted that he'd wanted to see me being fucked by another man, but hadn't dared ask. I confessed that my secret fantasy was to be gang-banged. I'm not sure if this qualifies but I enjoyed it immensely. Our intention had been to return the next day, but it was just to windy and we returned home the day after.

Since we came home we've introduced Anal Sex into our repertoire. I've riden a dildo while Pete fucks my arse and Pete has used a vibrator in my bum while he's been fucking me, simulating DP'ing me. It felt wonderful and I can't wait to try it with two real cocks. We've discussed arranging to meet guys for sex or trying dogging. I find the idea of meeting groups of strangers for casual sex attractive, but we are still unsure if that's for us.

Instead we've decided to go back to Maspalomas before Christmas, and intend heading to the dunes from day one. I'm sure I'll get plenty of cock. This time, though I much prefer bareback, we'll be taking a plentiful supply of condoms, just to be safe, particularly as I intend to indulge in Anal.

I'll post again and let you know how it goes if you're interested in more of my adventures.

Sorry this is so long and probably to detailed.

Ella xxx