9 Dec 2016

My wife Sue and I had joked about dogging after an experience one night when we were having a kiss and a cuddle at an old airport in the midland,when a guy came to the car window with his cock out.on this occasion we made a quick exit and giggled all the way back to her parents house,where we were staying whilst our house was being renovated.

I noticed that when we talked about this when we were playing she got quite turned on. So one night , not long ago we were passing the entrance to the place a i said,half jokingly, fancy seeing if flashman is still about and was most suprised when sh said every time we pass here i hoped you,d say that,go for it. Sue is now in her 50s but having had no kids still thanks to the gym has a very tight size 10 body to die for,me im just an average bloke.

We parked up,put cd on low and sat back. A couple of cars came and went and at this time the wine Sue had earlier began to kick in and started to rub me and kiss me hard. I put my hand up her summer skirt and she was soaking. After a time a couple more cars came past and parked a short distance away on both sides. This turned her on even more and she started asking me how far she should go if anyone came to the car. As i was telling her it was up to her,it happened,a guy aproached slowly from the rear of the car playing with his already hard cock whilst watching me fingering Sue under the cover of her summer dress. I told her what was happening and she amazed me by putting her feet on the dash making her dress ride up giving him a view of me playing with her gorgeous tight shaven pussy with her pulling her tiny panties to one side. With this the guy got bolder and came to Sues side window giving her a perfect view of him slowly wanking. Isaid to her do you want to touch him if i put the window down and i was gobsmacked when she said she wanted to get out and have us both finger her against the car. On getting out the guy wasted no time and gently started to kiss her and after discarding her panties slowly played with her clit and pussy whilst from behind whilst she ever so slowly wnked us both andi carressed herbreasts and her bum. It was all like a dream,this normally quiet shy woman behaving like a sex mad nympho. After a few minutes of bliss i noticed Sue had moved even closer to him and was rubbing his cock against her soaking pussy.it was at this point that inoticed two more guys peeping from behind the bushes,presumably from the second car. Iwhispered to Sue but what i had seen but she was to far into the moment to care,letting out little pre orgasm purring noises. Now Sue is not into full anal sex but does enjoy her bum being gently played with and fingered so i started to do this which must have been the tipping point as i heard her moan to the guy get inside me and fuck me. He wasted no time and as i had my figer in her bum i felt him enter her. It was amazing she just turned into a slut from that point on. As it was awkward to fuck standing she stepped back from him lifted her dress over her head and lay on it with her legs open.he wasted no time picking up where he had left off fucking her slowly then faster and faster. I could not believe it and found myself wanking whilst watching her being used by this stranger. By this time the other two guys had got braver an the three of us stood wanking watching this gogeous size ten woman being expertly fucked. After what seemed an age i saw the look on her face and knew was near and then it happened she pulled her legs over her head and demanded he cum inside her.As he finished the final few hard strokes he whispered to her im cumming and as they both came together she grippeped his bum and pulled him into her grinding to get every mm inside her.

As it was summer everyone was now very hot and sticky and i thought that would be it but when Sue properly saw the other two guys she said i can,t manage that again but do you want to come closer and play but be very gentle. We did not need anymore encouragement and all knelt beside her playing with her and her with us. Suffice to say after a time Sue got her second wind and although it was not as intense both guys left after fucking my little slut.

We still pass the place and may pop in again sometime if our mood takes us. As for the aftermath we never really talk about it unless we are playing in bed but when we do it is certainly wet pussy and hard on time.