Written by Sarah & Jack

4 Oct 2013

Hi. I'm Sarah and as Jack said at the end of the first part I wanted to write this part. As you know I'm 48 years old, slim with 32GG tits. I've looked after them by almost always wearing a bra. Though some might think they are to large, I like them and the attention they get and as far as I'm aware every guy who's fucked me since I started Dogging has liked them, most unable to keep their hands off them or their cock from between them.

I knew almost as soon as I discovered SH and started looking at the information pages and reading the stories that Dogging was for me. Reading about Dogging and having sex with other men, complete strangers, was the most exciting and arousing thing I could imagine. Since before meeting Jack I'd had a thing about being watched masturbating, or having sex and exposing my tits and pussy. If you've read Jack's posting you'll know I'd done it without him knowing when we first met and married. If years ago I'd written down the things I liked sexually I'd have been writing a description similar to dogging. It could almost have been invented for me.

I was horny as hell after what I'd done in the pub. It only became clear later, when the barman turned up, why I got away with my behaviour in the bar. It was his last night and didn't care what I did and that night had usually been the monthly“Stripper night” to try and drum up business. It had been cancelled a few days previously by new owners, the two couples who arrived and almost caught me. That explained the sudden change of atmosphere and the apparent hostility towards them as we departed . They wanted to move the pub upmarket. If having strippers and the clientèle they attracted wasn't exactly the image they were after, finding an almost naked woman, masturbating in the bar, probably wasn't either! Bit of luck for me though. I had an appreciative audience, who'd turned up expecting to see naked females, who'd egged me on. All the encouragement I needed to go way beyond, the quick flashes I'd intended. I'd love to do it again, but as well as masturbating I’d like to select someone from the audience to fuck me in front of everybody.

You can't imagine how excited I was when we pulled into the car park the second time and I saw several cars and a group of about 10 guys. We drove about 30 or 40 yards passed them and Jack reversed into one of the bays. He switched off the lights and we sat in darkness watching. Only now could we see what was happening. There were two women, one sat in the front, giving a bloke a blow job. The second, though we couldn't see clearly because the doors were open, appeared to be kneeling on the back seat, with a guy, sucking his cock, while another fucked her from behind.

I so much wanted to be like them. I heard Jack undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his jeans. He lifted his bum and pushed his jeans and pants down, releasing his cock. My dress was up around my waist from when I’d played with myself driving from the pub. I sat up and pulled it up over my head and put it on the back seat, sitting back just wearing my stockings and suspenders. I could feel Jack moving his arm stroking his cock. I leaned over to kiss him, my hand finding his balls squeezing them gently, before moving to his prick, taking over wanking his erection. Through the windscreen I could see some of the guys looking over at us. I could feel Jacks cock, hot and hard in my hand. I leant closer nuzzling his neck. He reached over the armrest his fingers searching for my pussy. He touched my thigh, his hand sliding up my leg until his fingers found my soaking hole, diving in.

I stroked his cock, he fingered my pussy for several minutes, until I moved and knelt on the seat. Holding his shaft steady I lowered my mouth to his cock, licking around the glans, planting little kisses on the tip, tasting the pre-cum seeping from the eye. I stopped for a moment and asked him to turn on the interior light and flash the headlights to signal we wanted to be watched. He did as I wanted. I took his cock between my lips and sucked it slowly into my mouth, keeping my eyes raised hoping to see someone watching through his window. I wasn't disappointed, a face appeared close to the glass peering in. I took more of Jack's cock in my mouth, moving my head up and down, feeling it touch the back of my throat. I perfected deepthroating years ago and swallowed, his cock sliding into my throat until my nose was buried in his pubes. I couldn't see what was happening outside the car unfortunately, but heard Jack telling me that a guy was watching from behind me and was wanking.

With my mouth full of cock I couldn't speak, but pointed frantically at the switch on his door, indicating I wanted him to lower my window. He pressed the button, the window went down. I could feel the cool air on my bum, then a guy asking if it was OK to touch. I'd raised my head and only had half Jack's cock in my mouth, nodding my head giving my permission. Just to be sure he asked Jack, “Is it OK if we touch her cunt mate” he told them to go ahead.

I stopped sucking Jack's cock, put one foot on the floor, wriggled back a little, lifting my bum closer to the window. I felt hands on my bum, three then four, two on each buttock, spreading my arse cheeks. I started sucking Jack again, trying to relax letting them move my legs further apart and slide their fingers into my cunt. My hole was dripping, two guys I think, four or five fingers in my cunt. Fingers touched my anus too, just smearing my bum hole with my cunt juice. I imagine they were thinking of poking a finger up my arse but didn't.

As well as being more difficult to suck Jack's cock, I was getting very excited not to mention uncomfortable. I asked the guys to stop to let me speak to Jack for a minute. I leant over to him nibbled his ear, huskily whispering that I was so turned on, I couldn't wait and needed to be fucked. I asked him if he wanted to have me first, not to subtly making it clear that I intended to have sex with at least one of the men outside the car. He surprised me by replying that he'd been wondering what it would be like to fuck me after I'd had sex with another guy and wanted to find out. I thanked and kissed him before getting out of the car to see what was on offer.

Jack had left the parking lights on giving some illumination in front of the car. Four guys were close by watching. I swung my legs out the door, making sure I opened my legs nice and wide, sat on the edge of the seat displaying my cunt to them, sticking my tits out, letting them feast their eyes on my naked body. I stood and walked to the front of the car. Until then they'd only seen my back and bum clearly. I could feel my large tits swaying as I walked, glanced down, my long nipples erect. I'm quite slim which probably makes my 32GG tits look even larger. They seemed to like them their heads turning, eyes following my jiggling tits. Two already had their cocks out, stroking their erections. I still hadn't decided which, if any, or maybe all of them I should allow to fuck me. The two with their cocks out were contenders, mid twenties looked clean and presentable. The other two in their thirties. I told them to get their cocks out so I could see them. I rested my bum, on the bonnet, watching as the unzipped and pulled out their cocks, one like the others, an average 6 inches or so, the fourth much bigger, probably 8 or 9 inches and not even erect.

I invited them closer, telling them I was going to play with my pussy and they were welcome to touch my tits and suck my nipples. Jack got out of the car to watch. I sat on the bonnet, opened my legs, touched my pussy. My cunt was dripping, my juices running down my thighs, soaking my stockings. I felt my clitoris under my fingertips, pulled back the hood, revealing the red little bud, engorged and begging for attention. I'd never felt such sexual freedom, exposing myself so openly, performing a sex act, most would consider private in front of total strangers. I found it even more exciting than in the pub, I knew I wasn't going to be interrupted, that when I was ready I was going to be fucked. Before I chose one to fuck me I was intent on masturbating, maybe all the way to climax first. It's difficult to describe how I felt. It was absolutely wonderful, performing such lewd and explicit acts.

The four had become six guys, watching as I reached between my legs with both hands and stretched my cunt wide open, showing them the pink. I began to masturbate, abandoning all inhibitions or restraint. I leant back on the bonnet,both hands between my legs, using my upper arms to squeeze my tits together, opening my legs wider. I fingered my hole, my cunt so lubricated I easily pushed all my fingers in and out. Six guys watching and wanking, Jack standing to one side, stroking his erection. I briefly wondered how many cocks I'd have had in my pussy before he fucked me. Lots I hoped, repeating my invitation to touch and suck my tits. Listening to the guys talking about my breasts, about the size, complements of how firm they were, and what some of them would like to do with them, tit fucks mostly, it was obvious that Jack wasn't the only man there who liked women with large tits.

I could feel the warmth of the engine on my back. It was nothing compared with the warmth radiating out from my cunt, as I began wanking myself frenziedly, a guy each side, fondling and squeezing a tit each, sucking my nipples. I knew I wasn't far off cumming, and just gave myself over to the pleasure I was experiencing. Way passed the point of no return my body shuddered, I thrust my pussy against my fingers hard, almost forcing my hand into my cunt. I'd been masturbating for about 5 minutes and needed to feel a cock inside me. I moaned that I was cumming and wanted fucking. I didn't care which of them had me first. Sitting up I reached for the nearest guy, grabbed his cock, pulled him between my legs and guided his pole into my gaping hole.

I felt his knob, enter me, looked down watching his cock sliding further and further into me, my cunt lips parted either side of his shaft until he'd fully penetrated me his pubes touching my smooth pussy. I wanted Jack to see me with another mans's cock in my cunt. I called him over to have a look and asked him stand next to me, where I could see him, to watch his reaction to seeing me being fucked. With Jack watching, the guy began to fuck me. It probably wouldn't have mattered if he was the most hopeless shagger in Britain, I was so highly charged, ten or twelve thrusts into my desperate cunt was sufficient to push me over the top. Writhing on his cock I orgasmed. It was fantastic, all these guys watching was even better than I’d imagined. I looked at Jack, he smiled, I smiled happily back. I lay back on the bonnet, arms above my head, hands gripping the edge of the bonnet, displaying my naked body, lapping up every glorious moment of being the centre of their attention and lust.

The guy continued fucking me, each time he thrust into me, my tits wobbled. Two guys reached over, fondling my tits, squeezing my nipples, pulling and elongating them each time they moved as I was fucked harder. My breaths became deeper, and faster, panting, whimpering to the guy to cum inside me. He ignored my pleading and continued fucking me for another 4 or 5 minutes, also ignoring the demands of some of the other guys to hurry up so the could have me. Eventually he gave me several hard thrusts, his cock throbbing inside me as he finally ejaculated, shooting a heavy load of spunk into my mature pussy. As he pulled out I sat up, looked between my legs with a feeling of satisfaction at having taken a complete strangers spunk, watching in fascination as his semen slowly ran from my cunt onto the bonnet and dripped to the ground.

Jack gave me a wink, encouraging me to continue. I slid off the bonnet, squatted in front of two guys, with my legs parted, took hold of their pricks and sucked then alternately. A third guy crouched next to me, put his hand on my bum, then between my legs and began to finger fuck me. One of the guys I was sucking got over excited and came within a couple of minutes, some of his spunk went in my mouth, which I swallowed, most of it sprayed in my face and splashed in my hair. I wiped my face with my hand and licked his spunk off before turning back to the other guy. He asked if he could fuck me. The guy fingering me, stopped and stood, leaning against the front of the car, suggesting that I could suck his cock while the other guy fucked me.

I bent over, put one hand on the bonnet, supporting myself, legs apart, allowing the guy behind me to slide his cock into my pussy. He put his hands on my waist, holding me steady until I'd lowered my head, wrapped my fingers around the other mans cock, taken in in my mouth and began to blow him. Cock in mouth, cock in cunt, I was in heaven, rocking between the two, taking one fully into my fuck hole and as much of the other as I could manage in my mouth. It was a bit of a hurried fuck but I gratefully took a second load in my pussy, looking up to see who was going to fuck me next.

I noticed we'd been joined by one of the women and a couple more men from the cars we'd noticed when we arrived. Behind them I could see lights shining from the entry road and hear the sound of one or two motorbikes. Two lights appeared one behind the other, the bikes ridden slowly towards us, pulling up next to our car. Two men got off and removed their crash helmets, one was the barman, the other, looked familiar from the pub. Two more to fuck me I hoped. I definitely wanted the barman, I'd fancied him earlier.

With two more added to my audience I got back to selecting the next guy I wanted to fuck me. The older guy with the large cock was closest, but I wanted to savour him fucking me, not be distracted by sucking cock at the same time. Behind him was a young lad, no more than 18 or 19, holding his prick. I decided he'd do and beckoned him closer. Unlike me he looked nervous performing in front of people, someone pushed him forward, within my reach. I grabbed his cock, “You just watching or do you want to fuck me?” I asked. He nodded, looking at my cunt. I pulled him closer, bent back over and told him to stick it in and fuck me while I finished giving a blow job to the bloke in front of me.

Once he shoved his cock in my pussy he seemed more relaxed, sliding his cock in and out, fucking me steadily. A good basic fuck, managing to hold back from cumming, even thinking to reach around and play with my tits. He lasted longer than the guy I'd been sucking. He came, this time I was holding the cock and prevented him from pulling out until I'd sucked him dry and swallowed his sperm. I finally let his cock slip from between my lips, he slide from in front of me and I braced myself against the car while the young lad, after his initial reticence enthusiastically fucked me, eventually cumming after several more minutes.

I felt him pull out, spunk running down my legs again. I remained in the same position, looking over at the guy with the big cock, telling him that I wanted him to fuck me next. It looked huge as he stroked it, at least 9 inches, very thick and tipped by a bulbous purplish knob. He moved into position behind me. I was reasonably confident I could take him, I've had two babies and used vibrators of a similar size. I reached between my legs to open my pussy to help him enter me. I didn't think I’d have any problem when I felt just how wet and gaping my cunt was already.

He put a hand on my bum, holding his cock with his other hand he guided it between my legs. The knob touched my fingers, sliding along my gash. I shifted my position, used my fingers to press his knob end into my hole. He pushed more into me, my cunt stretching easily to accommodate his girth. He slid more in but it felt sort of bendy, as he slowly eased his length up me. My word he was big, certainly the largest I'd ever had. He began to fuck me, my pussy making slurping, sloppy noises, as his cock drove into me. Each time he pulled out he rammed his cock back in harder forcing most of the spunk already in my cunt out. I moved my fingers to my clitoris, stroking it as we fucked, helping to increase my pleasure.

He fucked my steadily for 5 or 10 minutes and I was starting get uncomfortable. I'd spread my legs quite wide in anticipation of him fucking me and with the 5 inch heels my ankles and calfs were beginning to feel the strain. I had to ask him to stop and allow me to change position. He pulled out to let me turn around. I sat on the bonnet, a position I thought would give everyone a much better view of his cock in my pussy and allow, him or anyone else to play with my tits too and me to more easily reach my clitoris.

I moved my legs apart but I still felt uncomfortable and asked for a couple of volunteers to lift my legs off the ground, hold them and spread me while I laid back on the bonnet. I got four eager helpers. Two put their hands under my knees and raised my legs level with their waists then pulled them wide apart, the other two held my arms to prevent me slipping. It would hardly have been possible for me to be more exposed. Everything revealed intimately, my gaping cunt, my puckered anus, my tits tipped with my long erect nipples, poking out invitingly to be sucked.

Reasonably comfortable I raised my head, watching as the guy got between my legs. He turned partly side on, his cock touching my thigh and pulled my cunt open, his fingers stretching my labia, letting those watching see inside my pussy. He held me open while he rubbed his knob end along my slit, lubricating his cock before sliding it back into my welcoming cunt. It was welcoming too all cummers that night. I'd already decided that, despite what I'd said to Jack earlier, about letting one or two fuck me all those who wanted to shag me were welcome too.

I took his 9 inches again, sliding smoothly into my fuck hole, my pussy stretching easily once again. I asked one of the men holding my arms to let go so I could reach my clit and wank whilst being fucked, told them both that my nipples needed some attention. Fingers and mouths on my nips, 9 inches of cock in my cunt, my fingers dancing on my clitty, the effect was electrifying. Is it possible to be over stimulated? I think not. Between them they had me squirming and writhing on the bonnet, screaming that I was cumming, begging to be fucked harder, demanding spunk, which he duly gave me after fucking me for several more orgasmic minutes.

In some ways the 9 inch cock was a disappointment. Yes it stretched and filled my cunt and felt nice inside me, but somehow it never felt quite as if it was as hard as it should be. Nevertheless he and the others made me cum repeatedly and he was easily the heaviest cummer, pumping spurt after spurt of creamy spunk into my cunt, splattering my cervix and flooding my hole with his hot Jizz. I've since met and been fucked by a lovely black guy, whose cock was equally large, but definitely much harder and satisfying.

I was in such a state of arousal by then, I wished it would never end, the novelty of the situation being a first time Dogger, the realisation that I was being a Slut did nothing to deter me from willingly offering my cunt to a succession of guys. I was feeling insatiable and wouldn't be satisfied until all those who wanted too had fucked me.

I lay back or bent over the bonnet and let them all take me one after the other, ten guys in total. I think everyone except the barman and his mate had fucked me and some guys who only seemed to want to watch. One of the women stood masturbating the whole time. I found it exceptionally horny, not just having her watching me but seeing another woman masturbate for the first time. It was only when the ninth guy was fucking me that she moved closer and started fondling my tits, though I didn't realise it was her until I opened my eyes to look whose hands were so soft. I couldn't think of a reason to stop her and she carried on, taking my inaction as an invite to suck my nipples. When I responded by pushing my tit firmly against her mouth, she took that as an invitation to go further, lifted my hand from my pussy and took over caressing my swollen clitoris. I've never considered myself to be Bi, but I found myself enjoying the softness of her skin against mine and between them they brought me to orgasm.

When the guy came she waited until he'd pulled out, took the opportunity to slip her fingers into my pussy to scoop out some spunk then lick her fingers, before helping to guide the tenth guys cock into my pussy. She resumed sucking my nipples, caressing my clit, doing only what another woman would know to do to excite and stimulate. The guy fucked me, stared to grunt then groaned as he came, ramming his cock in emptying his balls inside me.

She waited until he pulled out, clamped her hand over my cunt, stopping all the spunk from spilling from my hole. She licked down my body, to my shaven mound, before getting between my legs. She looked up at me, her mouth close to my cunt and asked if she could lick me out. I was on a high, willing to try anything to enhance the sexual pleasure including allowing another woman to go down on me. I said she could go ahead, and propping myself up, watched as she removed her hand from my pussy, and lowered her head between my legs. Her tongue lapped along my slit, then wormed its way into my cunt, probing my sex, licking and sucking the spunk from my cunt. No facial bristles, just her smooth skin against mine. Her lips and tongue, did wonderful things, knowing just how to make another woman aroused, possibly enhanced because someone started fucking her from behind as she performed cunnilingus on me forcing her mouth, lips and tongue against and into my sex.

Selfishly I'd forgotten Jack's desire to fuck me when my pussy was full of other mens spunk only remembering later after she sucked and licked me clean and brought me off with her tongue. She was the first woman I'd been with but she wasn't the last and I've since had oral sex, both giving and receiving, with two other women out Dogging.

I got up off the bonnet, a little unsteadily, my legs shaking after that, wondering who, if anyone, I'd missed. I think all the guys closest had fucked me. Though there seemed more than when I started, and I've no idea where they appeared from. Beyond them was the barmen and his friend, sitting on their motorcycles. I fancied him and went over, told him I was glad he'd made it and hoped they weren't there just to watch. He took my hand and placed it on his cock in answer. I felt the shape through his jeans, hard and quite large. I said I wanted to rest for a few minutes before continuing. He made room for me next to him where, I could rub his cock keeping him erect.

Jack came over and we chatted with them for a few minutes about what I'd done in the pub how much I'd enjoyed it. I guess he was about 25, he looked like he had a fit body, his muscular torso covered by white T-Shirt, tight across his shoulders and chest. I found out his name was Mike and he told us about the new owners, that someone had told them what I'd been doing and they'd told him to leave. I thought he'd lost his job over it and apologised, but he explained he'd been working his last shift so wasn't bothered which was a relief.

By then he had a hand between my legs, fingering me. I pulled his T-Shirt over his head and told him that unlike all the others, who'd just unzipped or dropped their trousers, I wanted him naked if he didn't mind. He unbuckled his belt while I unzipped him. I crouched down, managed to remove his shoes then pulled his jeans and pants off. He stood resting his bum against the seat. He had a gorgeous body, and a nice hard cock, standing impressively erect almost touching his belly. No wonder he wasn't shy about being seen naked. I took hold of his cock, feeling his his pulsating hardness, stroking him, licking his heavy balls, before pressing his prick flat against his belly licking the underside of his shaft from balls to tip. I licked around his glans, taking his prick in my mouth and began to suck him, slowly, careful not to let him cum. I sucked him for 2 or 3 minutes, then licked my way up his body, nibbled and sucked his nipples, moving up until my mouth was next to his ear and asked him to fuck me on the motorbike.

We climbed on facing each other. The bike wobbled, those closest steadied it while I put my arms around his neck. I found somewhere to put my feet. He held my waist while I lifted myself up, my tits squashed against his chest. I could feel his cock between my legs sliding against my thigh, prodding around my cunt. The woman who'd gone down on me came to my assistance, holding Mike's cock steady, guiding it into my hole as I lowered myself onto it.

I began to ride him, sliding up and down his pole. He began to fuck me back, thrusting up to meet me. I held him, rubbing my tits against his unusually hairless chest, grinding my pussy against him, then rocking with his cock buried inside me. I rode him dreamily for several minutes, enjoying the sensation of his young cock inside me, until he lifted me off his cock and climbed off the bike. He laid me on the saddle, spreading my legs. Just the right height for him to fuck me. He entered me, slammed his cock straight up me, fucking me deep, hard, getting faster and faster. He was hardly out of breath and I was panting and gasping, legs wrapped around him, attempting to draw him in harder and deeper into my cunt. I felt the first flutter of an imminent orgasm, told him I was nearly there holding him more tightly with my thighs. I felt my cunt quiver, the muscles rippling along his cock length. “I'm nearly there. I'm nearly there. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. CUM INSIDE ME” I couldn't stop myself shouting. His cock seemed to be throbbing inside me. I started to cum, felt him jerk, his cock pulsing inside me, pumping his virile young seed into me as I climaxed.

He stopped moving, waited until I'd calmed down a little before pulling out, and stepping back, offering my cunt to his mate. He immediately stepped between my legs, slid his cock into me and continued fucking me for a few minutes before adding his spunk to Mike's. Afterwards I lay on the saddle, legs open, spunk running from my pussy until Jack spoke. He had decided that he was going to have what he'd been waiting patiently for. His first experience of fucking me after I'd just been fucked and taken other mens spunk. He helped me to my feet, turned me around, bent me over the motorbike and in front of everyone fucked me from behind.

He didn't make me cum, but it was still the best fuck of the night as far as I was concerned. He'd allowed me to be fucked by a dozen guys, said watching me being licked out by the woman had been so horny he'd nearly cum on the spot. He was delighted to be told by lots of the men how lucky he was having such a sexy willing Slut as a wife which pleased me too. He agreed, said he was proud of me, suggesting that I should regularly prove what a Slut I am by going out Dogging as often as possible in future. Everyone started to wonder off after Jack had fucked me. Before he left I spoke to Mike and told him I'd like to meet him again. I have numerous times, threesomes at our house and twice he's taken me Dogging without Jack, once on his motorbike which was an adventure which I might write about in future.

There have been 17 weekends since. I have been out on almost every one, plus several times during the week, travelling as far as 70 or 80 miles in my search for sex and new cock. The fewest that fucked me in one session was 3, the most, Jack tells me was 16. We estimate that since we started Dogging I have probably been fucked by about a hundred different men. It sounds a lot but is only about an average of five or six each time. I wasn't sure whether to be ashamed or proud of myself when I calculated it. Jack says I should be proud that so many men want to fuck me so I'll go along with him.

The problem I have, if it is a problem, is I get so excited and aroused that once I've started I become insatiable. I can't stop until everyone who wants to fuck me has had a turn. I wouldn't want to hurt someone’s feelings by refusing would I? Anyway Jack loves to fuck me with my cunt full of spunk. Actually its more than just fucking me. Around the sixth time out, he went down on me before fucking me and cleaned my pussy of all the spunk with his tongue. He did it again the next time. When I asked he said he liked the taste of spunk. After a bit of cajoling he admitted that he would like to suck a guys cock and swallow his spunk just like I do. That I think is probably another story.

I do hope that after reading our stories, you will agree that I have earned the right to call myself a Dogging Cum Slut. It looks like Saturday evening is going to me dry so we'll be out and I'm certain I'll be adding a few more guys to my tally.

PS. I've just realised how long this story has got. It's rather like when I go out Dogging - Once I'd started I couldn't stop. Sorry if it's to long, perhaps I'd better get Jack to write it if we post again.