Written by teedyb

4 Sep 2012

I was mates with a lady friend for some time before we decided to go out "for drinks" as we were both single, she was a year older than me (34) and was v.good looking terrific arse and body too. After a few drinks at the local we went back to mine to open a bottle of wine and a chat. The conversation soon turned to so what do you like to do in bed, I thought this sounds good and soon things progressed to her dropping to her knees for one of the best bj's ever. She then whispered in my ear ' I want that inside me now' I didnt need telling twice, 30 seconds later we were trying to bang each other to death, but then came the interesting bit, the thing that doesn't happen to most women, just as I got the hint she was about to cum (ie she screamed at me I felt all warm then wet inbetween her legs, paused for a second then continued to thrust into her soaking pussey 3 minutes later I added my share and shot over her face and tits. I couldnt believe I'd had my first gusher. The worst of it all is that I cant really tell anyone as shes my mates sister. Then to top its all I thought need to recover and save my energy for the morning but to no avail stayed hard moved off the large wet patch and thought, I need to see how that tastes, she seemed to go wilder that before no more than 5 minutes of me lickin her clit and I got a faceful, she was a bit embarassed, so I asked her was this a regular thing, to which she replied not for a long time. I suggested that we slept on the sofa bed as the sheets and matteress were a bit damp, and that the only thing that could happen on the sofa was another blow job. Need to invest in a matteress protector before our next drink!