Written by Carols hubby

20 Nov 2017

Last month my wife Carol and I started our swinging life and it was amazing.

We are both in our later 40’s and have been married for 4 years but been together for 10. We had talked about spicing up our sex lives for a while even though we make love three or four times a week we felt there was something missing. As Carol put it, making live is nice but now and again a good fuck is what’s needed.

I know I’m biased but Carol is very pretty, she short blond bobbed hair, a great figure and nice large breasts. Even after 10 years it turns me on when I fuck her doggy style and watch her tits swaying or have a great titty fuck and spray my stuff in her face and mouth.

We live in a flat and we have some great neighbours but all this really started when I told her about one in particular. Brian and Julia live opposite us, Brian is 24 and Julia is 23 and I have known for a while that Brian had this thing about my wife. Sometimes he would come over to our flat and when Carol wasn’t within earshot he would joke about how ‘fucking hot’ she was but one afternoon he had been helping me paint a bedroom and we have gone through a few cans of lager after it was finished when he said ‘I hope you don’t mind me going on about your Mrs but she is so hot’, I said I didn’t and laughed and then he says ‘ good because she makes my dick hard’. I laughed again and then he says ‘my Mrs would love to have you fuck her when I’m banging your wife’.

I asked him if he was serious and he said he was, then he looks at me and says that if we were ever up for it to let him know. I reminded him that his wife was 6 months pregnant and he laughed and said that just made her even more horny. It took a little while to get my head around but taking into account the fact that Julia is extremely attractive it sparked my interest.

That evening Carol was riding my dick nice and slowly when she started talking dirty which she does when she’s aroused and well on her way to an orgasm so I mentioned what Brian had said. She stopped and looked very serious then asked me what I had said back. Not sure how to read her reaction I said that I hadn’t said anything. She looked at me as though she was concentrating on something difficult then started to gently ride me again. Her breasts swayed and she closed her eyes and bit her lip which she knows turns me on. Then she looks at me again and tells me to tell her how much I’d like to fuck Julia so I did. She wanted to know what I’d do with her so I told her that I’d suck her tiny titties and slide my dick in her wet pussy. By now my wife was bouncing on my dick and her tits were jumping around, I asked her the to tell me the same about Brian, she went quite for a few seconds and then told me that she wanted to wear her silk dressing gown so it could slide onto the floor. She said ‘ I was him to play with my tits before throwing me onto the bed and start eating my pussy and when he’s finished I want his dick inside me and he can fuck me hard whilst I watch to banging his wife’.

All this was too much and we both came within seconds. Afterwards we talked and agreed it was something we wanted to do so the next chance I had I brought it up with Brian expecting him to chicken out but instead of that he called Julia into the living room and told her. I was horrified, thinking that this was his fantasy and I expected Julia to shout at him in horror but she shrieked like a school girl & clapped her hands asking when we could do it. It was amazing and made me so fucking hard I said I’d try and get it sorted that night. As I Left she ran up to me and kissed me on the mouth telling me it was going to be great. I just hoped I could live up to all the hype.

I told Carol and she gasped telling me that she didn’t think he would actually do it. I thought she was going to chicken out but after a few seconds though she grinned and said ok. It was all planned, our neighbours came over at 7pm that evening. I had told them about Carols fantasy and he was all for it. We had coffee but everyone was just desperate to get on with it and fuck. I told my wife to get ready and she disappeared into the bedroom and a few minutes later I went in to check.

She looked so hot, her tight red silk gown wrapped round her showing off her curves and large breasts. Her nipples already hard poking the material. I called Brian and Julia in and with big grins on both their faces then walked into the bedroom. Carol looked quire scared, I don’t know why she’s so insecure because she is hot and so fuckable.

As soon as he saw her he told my wife how much he was looking forward to this. I opened my wife’s gown and let it drop to the floor. Everyone was so serious, Brian pulled his top off to reveal his extremely muscular body before stepping out of his jeans. His cock was fucking enormous and Carol had a sharp intake of breath when she was it. He had a feel of her tits then laid her on her back.

I hadn’t forgotten about Julia and briefly wondered how this would work. Do we go into the living room for some privacy or what but when I turned round she was already naked. I was already hard and the sight and sound of Brian eating my wife’s pussy but the sight of his wife standing there with her bulging belly and small tits with large red nipples made me harder still.

I took my clothes off, conscious that my dicks not as impressive as her husbands who was now making my wife squeal and grunt but that didn’t seem to matter to his wife. She sat me down and got onto her knees and my cock disappeared into her mouth and for the next few minutes I had to the most sensual blow job ever. Then there was movement behind me as my wife slid back into the middle of the bed. I wanted Brian’s tongue slid up my wife’s tummy to her tits as he sucked first one then the other hard. Carol’s groans became louder and deeper and she started to fuck herself with her fingers and thrust her hips.

His wife got up and pressed her small mounds into my mouth telling me that they were sensitive and asking me to suck her gently which I did. She took my hand and put it between her legs so I played with her clit and she tossed me off.

Julia was cooing and holding onto my head but what happened next nearly made me cum. She called to her husband and said ‘are you going to fuck her babe, I want to watch you fuck her hard babe, put your cock in her babe and fuck her hard for me’. He laughed but then she tells him that she wants me in her and asks his permission for me to fuck her. He looks over to me says to me ‘I’m going to fuck your Mrs hard mate to crack on’.

Julia giggled and jumped onto the bed next to Carol, I started to go down on her but my now Brian was inside my wife and the two of them were growling and grunting, Hr legs were wrapped round his neck and he was thrusting himself deep inside her, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Julia grabbed one and squeezed it tight, she asked her ‘are you fucking my husband, is he fucking you hard, is his dick inside you’. It wasn’t really a question, I think she was just getting off on it because Carol couldn’t answer, Brian’s tongue was filling her mouth.

I had hardly tasted Julia’s pussy before she grabbed my hair and pulled me up ordering me to ‘put my fucking cock indie her’ so I obliged.

I wish I had filmed it because the sight was amazing. Brian fucking my wife hard, her breasts bouncing and she was hammered, the two of them grunting but my wife talking dirty, calling for him to fuck her harder and not to stop. In the mean time I was indie his wife banging her for all I was worth, her tiny titties wobbling as she cried begging for more.

As you would expect for our first time it wasn’t likely to last long. Brian shouted that he was going to ‘fucking cum’ and he must had started to pull out because my wife who’s legs were now wrapped round his back held onto him begging him not to pull put and was pleading ‘please no, please keep going’, and to ‘please cum inside me’. She looked at Julia who was in the throw’s of her own orgasm. In the excitement of it all I hadn’t thought about protection, Julia was already pregnant and Carol was on the pill so what the fuck. ‘Julia made it quite clear that she didn’t care what they did telling my wife ‘ I’m cuming I don’t give a fuck, then slapping her husband’s arm and telling him to ‘ fucking fill her you bastard’. That was that, Brian and I seemed to shoot our loads at the same time, him in my wife and me in his.

After I had shot my load Julia told me to put it in her mouth so I obliged and managed to squirt a little more which she drank like it was nectar. Brian slid out of my wife and kneeling on one knee wanked himself into her mouth with so much cum she was gagging.

After we had all calmed down and caught our breath and laughed, I guess at the outrageousness of it all. Julia and I sat up soaking wet with perspiration whilst Brian lay between my wife’s legs with his head on her stomach. Carol laughed and said that we had to do this again, Julia and I grabbed our clothes and got dressed in the living room. I expected Carol and Brian to be doing the same in the bedroom but as Julia started to leave telling me that she had to shower my wife started groaning again. As she left Julia warned me that they would probably be fucking for ages and that Brian can keep going for hours and that I was to send him home when he had finished.

She left and I sat knackered on the settee listening to my wife being shagged again. I looked in once to see his arse bouncing onto of my wife and after her third for fourth major orgasm of the evening and over an hour after Julia had left there was one last howl and scream and then silence. A few minutes later he walks out telling me that my wife was ‘fucking amazing’. He walked out with bare foot wearing just jeans carrying his top and walked into his flat. My wife standing at our door naked waving as went into his own place. She turned to me and stood there telling me how amazing it was. There was copious of cum on her chin and running down her breasts, even a drop falling from her big solid nipple.

We both got in the shower and I washed the cum off her body. I wanted to fuck bit she said she was too knackered so I told her to just stand there. I bent her over and we had anal sex for the first time and I managed one last drop of cum.

I expect this will now be a regular thing in our place. I had agreed to let my wife and Brian fuck when I’m not home and one or twice I’ve come home and found her red and sweaty on the sofa smelling of cum so I know he’s paid a visit. I asked her once if Julia knew he had been round and she giggle and said ‘ fuck yeh’. I said ‘the three of you’? I’m fine with it and I’ll get my time with the two of them but I think somethings going on between Julia and my wife.

When I came home one evening after a night out with the lads I caught Julia walking out of my flat, I asked where Brian was and she just said ‘out’ and she had her dirty grin on her face. I closed the door and walked into the living room to find my wife sat on the sofa in her silk dressing gown looking flustered. I’m sure I’ll find out more soon.