Written by Naughty teens!

25 Sep 2011

Basically this is me sharing a bit of my girlfriend to the world. At the tender age of just 20 she has already done more in her sexual life then most people will ever do. Sexual partners of 24 and having two threesoms and one gangbang i will certainly have my hands full with this one.

This is a story of how a meal and cinema led to me shagging her in dogging site in suffolk.

We started of the evening with me having a quick shower and getting ready while she had her shower and having the usual shave downstairs, after her taking about an hour to do her hair make up and that we went for are meal, she was wearing a very short dress with black frenchies on no bra. We sat down to the meal and just the sight of her boobs almost bursting out made me get a rock on in the middle of the resturant and you cannot blame me at 34dd!

Her being her thought she would tease me under the table with light rubbing through my jeans, to cut a long story short we finished early had no desert and went for a drive to are local dogging site. Upon arrivel straigh away she had yanked my jeans and boxer shorts down and started to lick my dick ( her tongue is pierced aswell ) this just sent shivers down my spine and within seconds was instantly hard, with this she took of her frenchies and though them at me and said come get it with this as i went for her pussy she jumped out of the car and sat on the bonnet, me being me a little worried at first thought what the hell only a couple of cars in the car park next door they probally cannot see us as it was dark, i straight away went down on her pussy going mad licking every inch of it and then when i couldnt take it any more i stuck my dick in her pussy and started to pound her and nibble on her nipples.

We were startled by sudden voices so i jumped back in the car not wanting to get caught but she thought she would stay sitting and started to finger her self, i think she likes the attention. We have spoke about giving her another gangbang we just cannot find the right people.