10 Dec 2016

This was an encounter with a former colleague.

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I am a happily married man. Been together for 10 years and married for 4 when this story took place.

I am a flirt. I love it. Happily married and never have any issues or sex problems with the wife but I still love a good flirt with women. I love women as well. So much. If I ever get positive feedback from flirting and she flirts back well I just push harder.

Kate and I had worked with each other for a couple of years. The sort of job where you spend so much time with someone you practically know what they are thinking.. Which was great in our line of work. Flirting started almost straight away. A flippant comment there, few jokes, hugs that lasted longer then they should.... the usual sort of thing. Our texts would often be a bit flirty when not at work and often when at work as well. We would talk about shagging each other. She was not single and she knew I was married but we often would sext and masturbate over the phone with each other on days off.

Kate can best be described as a BBW, or maybe a chubby, plump women. Huge F cup tits. But she always dressed and looked very sexy and had a cute face. I'd often joke about motor boating her tits or bet she gave good tit-wanks and she loved the attention and I just kept pushing it.

We were working lates on a bank holiday once. She as wearing a top that revealed alot of cleavage, and during our shift I was texting her telling her that her tits were getting me hard.... She would look over from her desk and I would spin round so she could see my bulging crotch. She would text back telling me her panties were getting wet and she wanted some fun.

Our shift ended around 2230. and as other people started to leave the office Kate and I were being deliberately slow. looking at each other and making small talk while people around us chatted and said good bye. We cleaned up what we had to and did jobs that did not really need to be done waiting till the last person had walked out the door. When they had all finally left we waited a few mins to make sure know one else came back in. Kate walked up to me and we embraced and kissed hard, hands all over each others bodies, my hands grabbing her large frame rubbing against her tits and down to her jeans to rub her pussy. Her hand was grabbing at my cock through my trousers.

Now there were still people in the building but our office was pretty quiet, but people would often just walk in.

"We should go and find somewhere more quiet" she said breaking the embrace. "I know where to go, get your car keys:"

We walked out of the office to our cars and kate let me drive out off work first. Being so late on a bank holiday monday the estate where our office was based was dead. I drove a bit deeper into the industrial areas and headed to the gates of a factory that had been closed for years. Kate pulled up alongside me.

I got out my car and into her passenger seat. We instantly embraced again. hands all over each other kissing hard and passionately. my hands slid up her top and started to grab at her tits. she broke the kiss to pull her top off and reveal her massive breasts in a silky black bra. i buried my face in them, kissing and grabbing at the flesh with my hands and lips. she pulled my head into them. I moved back up to kiss her gain and started to undo her jeans, her hands were undoing my trousers my cock hard as anything inside. As I unzipped her jeans she started to wiggle loose and I pulled them and her panties down her thighs I did the same as she undid my trosuers and wiggled free from my boxers. I pulled my tshirt off and sat there

Now there is not much room in a 3 door hatch back but there was enough we could lean over and grab and grope and rub each other.

We were almost laying on our sides in the seats, her hand was on my cock. Her thumb rubbing all the precum that had accumulated over the night over my shaft. She lifted it to her lips and sucked it off. My hand was between her thighs. she had been right. her pussy was wet. I slipped a finger over her slit up and down to her clit and back then spread her sweet pussy open. Being a big girl she had got big thighs but a very small lipped pussy and I slipped a finger inside her making her groan. She told me to sit back which I did and she quickly lent over and started to suck my cock in her mouth. her right hand went and rubbed my balls as her left held my shaft. she was leaning over me, cock in her mouth. I held her head and bucked my hips back and forth, I undid her bra with my free hand she kept on sucking my cock.... after a few mins and getting close to cumming I told her to stop and sit up. as she did she let her bra fall free and left her breasts exposed. I was instantly on them kissing and grabbing them licking and sucking her nipples in my mouth "Bite them" she said so I did I left my left hand trace over her plump stomach back down to her pussy getting my fingers wet I slipped 2 inside her and rubbed my palm against her clit. using my right hand and mouth I kept alternating between her tits, sucking, licking biting her nipples. hearing her moan.

I wanted to taste her. I pulled my fingers out her pussy and put them to my mouth sucking her sweet wet pussy juices. She tasted great. I told her to spread her legs a little more. Its quite hard to do in the drivers seat but she managed to get at an angle where I could lower my head and start to lick at her clit. I was not able to get all the way down to lick her pussy out but the clit seemed enough. I was able to slip 2 fingers back inside her and suck and lick her clit. I was upping the tempo as she was moaning harder and her breath was getting deeper... she finally orgasm-ed over my fingers. I don't think she squirted but she was really really wet. I pulled my fingers out and sat back in the chair. she was sat there panting breasts raising and falling. my cock was raging hard and I had been pretty close to cumming when kate was sucking my cock. However I was so desperate for her tits to be wrapped around me. "I want to cum all over your tits" I said.. she nodded and lay the seat back as best she could. I tried to straddle her but banged my head and it was all quiet awkward. but I eventually got in a position over her she pushed her tits together and told me I could fuck them all i want. She spat on them and rubbed her spit all over getting them nice and wet.. She sucked my cock one last time and then I pushed my cock between her huge, soft big tits. It was not going to take long till I came. All the flirting, the sucking everything had put me over the edge.... they felt amazing wrapped around my cock. my balls hitting against her. With one deep thrust, my cock exploded, my head was free from her tits and I shot my first load onto her chin and mouth, the rest was shot onto her tits and between her tits as she kept them held there as I continued to buck my hips over and over fucking her tits

Kate let her tits go and my cock was free, but straight away she sucked it into her mouth cleaning the cum that was now spread all over it. I flopped back into the seat. she took what cum she could from her face and put her tits to her mouth and licked them clean as well. " I fucking love cum" she said. sitting breathless in the car for a while we eventually dressed. the windows all steamed up and the car smelling of pussy and cum. "I needed that" she said. "Me to" I replied. "We should have done that sooner". Kate was pulling on her bra covering her tits that still had some of my cum over them. "Going to need a shower before I get into bed" We laughed knowing that what we had done was so so wrong, but it had felt amazing at the same time.

We kissed for one last time before i got in my car and headed home.

The flirting continued and we often spoke about that night but never did it again. Kate is still with her man and I am still married. We no longer work with each other but have the occasional cheeky text.