Written by coastal_cpl

23 Sep 2009

Hello Again,

Well you may gather from the first encounter that I had been 'compromised' in public by a big Rugby shirt wearing Northener completely in public whilst on holiday....here's what happened next...

Having successfully avoided any contact with him at the Park site, through making visits away at local 'places of interest' all seemed OK and for all I knew he'd taken his family back home to the UK.

Well I was wrong.

I'd decided to do a spot of fishing on the lake next to the Caravan park, so packed up my stuff and headed down to there at about 10pm for a spot of night fishing. As I was walking who was coming the other way hand in hand with his Missus....yep the Northener. He clocked me and smiled, but I ignored him and kept on going to the lake.

I looked back over my shpulder and he and her kept on going back to the site...good.

When I got down to the Lake I could seee a few other guys set up and decided to walk around a little further to a small inlet. I set up my stuff and Bivy (small tent like thing that keeps the wind and rain off)and started fishing...couple of beers and just quite.

An hour in and I heard something coming up to my spot through the reeds,

"Allright?......caught ought?"

Fuck it was him again...

"Ain't seen you recently....finished my book yet?

Well I did'nt know what the hell to do...ignore him?....pack up and go?....By this time I just said no been out and about..

He cam riht up to the Bivy and sat down next to my stuff...I instantly got up and checked my lines etc, to get some distance from him. Then he said.

"Mind if I have one" he had reached into the bag and got a beer "Ohhh here ya go " he also pulled out the book that i had kept tucked away ...

"So how ya got then?....he leafed through it..."whats ya favourite?"

I said that I did'nt have one but he kept thumbing through it reading out story names...Then he said

"mind if i get my old boy out and read some?

What the hell was i meant to say?...he was sitting in my Bivi with my beer and ...

He didnt wait for a reply and took it out sipped some beer and started reading.

I just looked away at my lines and then he said..."I forgot this one it's fucking great...have a look"

"No it's OK thanks" I said crouched down looking at my lines in the water.

"Come on, I won't bite...and then I'll drink up and fuck of so you can carry on with ya fishing"

I wanted him out of here so I moved a couple of feet towards him and into the Bivi. He pushed the book towards me, and i took it and started to read the page. It was about a man who'd been carjacked by a couple and was being forced to suck the mans cock whilst the woman drove....bloody horny stuff actually.

"Wank me"...."go on wank my cock"

he was there with his cock in hand rock solid and kneeling up. I was sitting 12 inches from him and again panicking.

"Go on i know you wana do it...wank me off...go on"..he moved closer

"I don't want to"..."don't fucking care" he said...and pressed his cock against my arm.

" wank me off and I'll go....go on, just a quickie"

So it was that point again....do i or not?

He pushed forward again..."go on do it....now"

I turned sideways a bit and gripped his hard cock and startyed wanking...

"mmmmmmm.....he graoned...great, you sure this is your first time?"...i didn't respond.

"loweer, stroke my balls....mmmm....squeeze em...."

Fuck i couldn't believe what I was doing, and it was horny as hell. I kept going and then felt him grab my neck ..

"Go on suck it....you know you want to...licl it a bit....then suck if ya want too"...he pushed my head down....I resisted, but then didn't!

my head was at his cock, it smelt musty and horny, he forced my head down onto it...go on...get it in"

I sucked and sucked, whilst masaging his balls. He kept his hand on my head making sure I didn't stop and kept saying "fuck yehhhh....kmmmmmm...yehhhh" I then felt his hand move to my back and move down to my arse, he was groping me through my shorts.

His hand went down and then up as far as he could trying to get to my bum.

I came off his cock and he barked "don't fucking stop"...i went back on....

he moved his hand to my cock and gripped my hard on..."fucking told you you'd like it"...he wanked me through my shorts and started to look for the fly...."un do it.."...so i reached down to unfasten them...and he was in like a flash..

he gripped it so hard i cried out, but he didn't stop...

grabbing my balls he said.."stick a finger up my arse....but keep sucking you fucking tart"

I was going mad but did it...it went straight in and he groaned...."fuuuuuuck yehhhhh"

He was now pulling my shorts down and whilst using his hand to wank me off he searched my hole with the other...

"you'll love this" and without any notice he poked a finger up me.." fuck"...i lifted up but he pushed me down and started to finger fuck me..."told you 'i'd do it"

he then started to swell in my mouth, i'm gonna cum...he stinnened and let out a stream of cum all over my neck and chin.

"fucking great, your a great bitch" he said

then quick as aflash he stod up did his trousers up and said...."you'll have to finish yourself off"..and walked off.

I sat there completely fucked...well mentaly and then unfroze got my stuff together and went back to the caravan.

I never saw him again, but it's taught me so much!!