Written by richrad wilson

9 Dec 2015

iv just found my lover from few years ago on dating site arranged to meet her at her home she said it was only for a coffee and chat ,we began talking whilst having coffee she was flirting but wouldn't commit.so I flirted bk touching her leg and running fingers through her hair leaned over kissed her neck slowly caressing her she responded by groping my stiff cock she rubbed it for a bit then unzipped me out popped my hard rigid cock wet n ready slipped fingers inside her shirt rubbeb her nipples then took her bra of laid her on her back kissed gently from her nipples to her now soakn wet pussy she moaned n arched as I slipped tongue inside parting her lips. then she came all sweet wet cum she moaned n shouted in pleasure then she got my cock by the head was likn and flickn her tongue over my head then in on swoop took it all in her mouth n sucked m slow n hard as I was fingering her pussy she was so horny sh e just got up and straddled my cock and rode me slow and hard at first n picked u a rhythm n just fucked me fast n hard till I explode inside her cunt mmmm she just came again e both fell onto the bed for a breather glad I found her as I have just left my wife for the fuck of the year best ride I ever had and that's saying something ,,,,,