Written by Janice

6 Apr 2014

It seems that from the response to my first sexual experience that readers would like to read more about my sexual life.

As much as the sex I was enjoying at college I made the choice to drop out & return home. I come from a very wealthy family so had no wories concerning money & being an only child I knew that my future was ensured. My father wanted me to work though, to get some experience so That when the time came His business would become mine. He arranged for me to work for a friend of his that owned four dry cleaning businesses.

The work was simple & I was soon able to manage one of the shops. The owner was in his late 50s & treated me with respect. He visited the store once a week to make sure it was running well by me. One visit he called for me to come to the office on the second floor & to bring the daily receipts. Entering the office he took the receipts& started to go over them. Asking me to come around the desk to check one of them out & as I stood along side him checking it out I suddenly felt his hand on my backside, starting to pull my skirt up. My reaction at first was to remove his hand & berate him. Then again on second thoughts I thought Icould take advantage of the situation if I allowed him to have his way with me.

As he pushed my skirt up higher I started to wriggle my arse as if giving him an invite to go further. Neither of us spoke as he slowly slid down my panties , then slowly started to stroke at my vagina which I must admit started to turn me on making me wet & bring back the feelings that I had experienced with my first lover. He arose from his chair, came behind me, dropped his trousers,bent me over the desk, then expertly slid his penis with ease deep into me, starting to fuck me. He was very proficient working in & out of me making me enjoy him even though he was not particularly attractive to me, but I must say that he was a very good lover. He ejaculated into me, withdrew himself from me then brought one arm around me then started to play with my pussy until he put me into an orgasm.

We both dressed still not sayIng a word until he eventually he told me that he had wanted me almost from the day I started working for him & I had made his penis rise every time he saw me. Laughingly I told him as I had made him rise up then he should make a rise up for me in my pay. Laughing he told me he would do that. I was five pound a week better off.

Once a week he visited the store & once a week he would call me to the second floor where the pair of us fucked in very positions. The sex was excellent & I looked forward to hits weekly visit, sex was becoming something that I found was very necessary to me.

At this time I met a guy my age that started to date me almost every evening for a few hours. The only sex we shared was a lot of kissing as he seemed to be very virginal, shy & clumsy unaware of how to go about seducing me.

Once a month the bosses son-in-law would visit the store to check out the money side of the store. His wife would sometimes come with him. She was not a very attractive woman & I figured that he probably married her to eventually come into getting the business one day. Not only where there the dry cleaning business the was also about fifty buildings that had flats in them so it was a very lucrative concern.

The son-in-law stayed after closing time on one occasion, keeping me late. He offered me a lift home as I was late, accepting we left the shop when after awhile he told me that he had to stop off at one of the flats that had been vacated recently to check it out. Parking outside the place he asked if I would like to see it. It didn't take a lot of thinking on my part to realise that he was going to try it on with me, so deciding sex with him would be kind of nice as he was good looking & probably good at it as he was over thirty & had been married for several years so experienced. Once inside looking around by myself ,finding one of the bedrooms I slipped all of my clothes off then called out for him to come into the room. He was taken aback seeing me naked on the bed. I told him I figured that he had brought me there to have sex with me so here I was ready for him to take me. His clothes quickly were removed, came to me climbed on top of me mounted me & started to take me. The pair of us used that bed for a couple of hours. Him using my body to pleasure himself but to be fair he pleasured me at the same time.

My first three lovers had been over thirty & vastly experienced knowing how to pleasure a woman which was making me a very conted woman sexually. The sex continued regularly with my boss & his son-in-law which I looked forward to. Evenings were spent with my boyfriend kissing clumsily either in the front room of his or my house & sometimes at a cinema. I didn' t want to let him know that I was actually very experienced at having sex so it was frustrating to me to try to get him to have sex with me, as I did want to share myself with him as Ii wanted to have a young man take me. Eventually that would come but that is for another story.