Written by voyher

22 Aug 2017

We had a let down for a promised episode between my wife and her lover but a problem cropped up at his end and it left us both deflated. Me because I like watching my wife using her lovely size twelve body to please another guy. And Liz was deflated because this was not the first time her lover had endured problems in getting away. However I swallowed my disappointment and suggested we had a night out doing our favourite things instead. I do love seeing her being chatted up or doing some flashing in slightly risky places. It is not as good as seeing her being fucked but a reasonable second.

It was on the Wednesday that the date was broken and we went for a drink at a local and sat mulling things over when she said 'Shall we go out instead?' I agreed and asked if she had any preferences. She said no but that I was always full of ideas. Not sure about that but knowing what turns my buttons to all green I whispered that i would love to take her home and shave her pussy. She asked if that was all and I retorted 'No that is for starters'.

We were home within the hour and after a bath she laid on the bed in her dressing gown and on a towel while I gathered the necessary equipment and some nice hot water. Trimming her longer hairs with scissors, I was getting turned on as I had never seen her completely shaved and this was a first after twenty married years. Steady away I lathered and shaved repeatedly until she was billiard ball clean and looking ripe for use. A practice fuck to confirm how nice it looked and felt, a couple of pictures to add to the collection and a great night's sleep punctuated by my waking to think what to do or where to go next to continue this shaven adventure.

Next morning at breakfast we were very lovey dovey and I suggested perhaps a pantie free night out was our next progression of the alternative night out. I thought perhaps the seaside resorts close to us might provide a fitting place with opportunities for a bit of flashing perhaps. Liz took all this in with a studious smile, no doubt thinking of ways to make this work. We went to work and agreed to think about the next night's excursion. The weather forecast was not too friendly, rain and wind was set to lash the coast on Friday all day but then blow out to sea by evening. We endured a day of uncertainty but then decided we would go despite the gloomy outlook weatherwise. Next morning we agreed to go and I shaved her again as the start of stubble had made her slightly itchy. We went to work in the rain which stopped at lunchtime and the sun got out. I phoned for a weather report for the coast and was told the rain would be clear and in the North Sea by 5pm, perfect. We were home at 4 and got our bags, packing macs and brollies just in case and took an overnight bag if a chance came to stop in a hotel knowing weekend trippers would be fewer down to the poor weather in the week.

At 5pm we were off, an hour and twenty minutes and we were on Scarborough foreshore. There were plenty of vacancies and chose a hotel on south cliff, near the Italian gardens, dropped our bags in the room and she decided to change. Boy was I glad we did. When she came out of the bedroom, she was just in suspender belt and stockings with high heels (well three inches). Her breasts looked edible. Our room was overlooking a storage area at the back of the hotel and facing inland where the sky remained grey but was definitely less dull than over the sea. It was shortly after 7 and we decided to go for a drink in the bar and then out for a walk and some flashing. She slipped on a short dress while we went downstairs, not wanting to offend and were soon clinking glasses among other drinkers. It was fairly crowded and Liz mentioned that a guy was looking at her every time she spoke to me. I said it was no wonder as her dress had ridden up and her suspender straps were on show. I said 'Give it a minute and I will go back upstairs, and we can see if he is interested. I will send a text and you can reply in your own time'.

I drained my glass and left after giving her a peck on the cheek as if leaving her on her own. I was back in the room wondering if I was being too optimistic but my message was through within ten minutes. 'Ring me back now' I sent her number and she answered 'He was over in a flash and has bought me a drink, I told him you had driven me over and had got to go back to work and would not be back until later tonight or maybe morning'. I said 'Good thinking, what do you want to do, I'd love you to get fucked' 'Yes, I know but don't get your hopes up too much, it might not happen, I will suggest a walk and take him down that winding path, I am going to come up for my mac soon and we will see, see you in a few minutes'.

That few minutes was chronic, fifteen nail biting minutes later she was back in the room, removed her dress and put her mac back on and tied the waist belt. I was delighted, my wife beneath her coat naked, just stockings and suspenders and shoes, going out for a walk in the dark down unlit footpaths with a stranger. I told her to be careful and she said if I stayed out of the way I might get a treat. With that she left after giving me a kiss.

I gave her three minutes and then went down stairs. I looked in the bar but they were gone. I knew where the gardens were and turned in that direction, but then saw them on the other side of the road turning down towards town. I followed, curious. When I reached the corner they were out of sight but then I noticed a bar around fifty yards away and decided to take a peek in. Sure enough they were at the bar and he was being served. I decided it was risky to go in and remained out on the street but where I could see them. He said something and I saw him smile, I wondered if he had asked if she wanted to take her mac off or undo it even, which was pretty much impossible in there. However my interpretation of their conversation was that he now was aware of her state of undress beneath the mac, his reactions were now very much of an excited and intrigued man keen to take things further, his hands stroked her body over her mac as if trying to feel whether it was true, which judging by his grin, he knew it was. I sent a text just as he left, presumably to go to the loo and get some condoms maybe. I saw her tapping a reply and a couple of minutes later got it as he reappeared. 'In the .......... Arms, going to the cliff walk soon, he knows I am naked under the mac, looks promising, stay out of sight'.

I left immediately, wanting to get somewhere where I would see their arrival and which way they were going as there are lots of possible routes on those cliffs, I got lost in the daytime once when i was young. I got there without looking round and waited in a darkened corner near a laurel bush. It seemed ages but was merely minutes when they arrived, his hand deep beneath her mac as they turned in front of me. i saw her naked thigh and stocking top, knowing that he was fingering her shaved cunt. Within a few yards he stopped her and turned to face her and undid her belt, opened the mac and looked at her naked body. He said something I did not catch but then heard him distinctly as he said 'Beautiful, beautiful'. I could not see what he could but my mind's eye knew the sight he had. They kissed and then returned to walking away from where I hid. I saw which path they had taken and broke cover and followed the pair, her light mac flowing behind her and his hands no doubt touching breasts and nipples and cunt as they walked down the cliff path into the maze of shrubs and paths with benches which in the daytime are filled with weary walkers bathing in the sun.

The wet day had turned into a cool but now clearing night, the moon giving some glow but the absence of people was evdient of the gloomy day preceding it. I was very happy as that meant less fear of them being surprised by volumes of people who might be prudish and offended. I had noticed one or two men around but expected that as we had been here flashing before and had usually come across plenty of voyeurs who got an eyeful but rarely received anything more than an appreciative comment or normally nothing at all, just obvious stares at my wife's naked body.

I heard that the footsteps had stopped, so I did the same, then I heard him murmuring something and the rustle of clothing. What was happening, was his cock out? was Liz naked? I crept slowly to the edge of the path and peered round the corner. They were on a bench and her mac was over the back of it, she was sucking on his cock and he was holding the back of her head very gently, stroking her hair. I watched, awestruck for a while, then she stopped and stood up, saying. 'I came here with him to do some flashing, so I had better take a walk' Se turned to come back towards me and I stepped back up the steep slope on the bend and partly concealed myself as she got closer to me. Ten yards further on she saw me and saw my cock was out, I looked back up the path to see another guy as far away again as me. He saw her come into his sight and he stopped, Liz passed me with a grin and walked towards the other guy. She got within a few feet of him and asked if he liked the view. He nodded and she said 'Well I am going to be fucked by my lover soon but you had better look now because he might not like you interfering as we do it'.

She turned full circle then returned to her man, passing me and grinning, standing with her legs apart, then disappearing back to her new cock. I stood stock still and listened, soon I heard her sigh which signalled penetration. This was too much to miss. I crouched low and peered round the corner again. She was sitting reverse cowgirl with her shaved pussy in all its glory with his cock up to the hilt inside her. She was doing the work, using her thighs to lift up and down his shaft. I think the excitement got to him and within a couple of minutes he came with a gasp and grunt, while she wriggled as much spunk from his cock as she could before slowly moving off him, some spunk dripping with a splosh onto the ground. No condom had been used but what a sight. I saw her grab her coat and ask him to take her back to the hotel, so I got back to the footpath as quickly as I could. The other guy saw me and i smiled and said 'Good show', he nodded 'Unbelievable, been here loads of times and that was awesome'. I walked back half way to the hotel then back towards Liz and the guy. I felt wicked but when I saw them I went straight up and said 'I wasn't needed, the job was fixed so I came back, been for a good walk then, thanks for looking after her' His face was a picture, I bet he was bricking it in case I hit the roof but I acted casual and unaware, saying I was in need of a drink now the crisis was over. liz was grinning as it meant she had been fucked, flashed and satisfied herself and now did not need to make an excuse and leave him or refuse him a chance to sleep with her. He bid us goodnight ad went into the hotel. I guided her towards another bar and said 'Sloppy seconds for me, maybe another bit of cunt flashing, especially as it is full' We went to a quieter bar and she flashed a couple of times before my cock ached for release. Back at the hotel I am sorry to report that my excitement got the better of me and I lasted no longer than Usain Bolt doing a hundred metres. But boy did I sleep well that night.