Written by Sara

17 Apr 2019

This is about an event that happened fifteen years ago. I was 30 years old, married and still married to the same guy, he is older but loves me fucking around. I was about the same figure as now 36b2435, leggy smooth and very highly sexed. I love black men and find it tough to resist.

Anyway, an old friend of my husband was going out with a guy called David, who was from Brazil, he was about forty years old very fit and flirty; I did fancy him. He was a Black Latino as they are called. His girlfriend, my husband's friend, is called Emma. Anyway, David was quite well off, and he owned a nightclub in London and we were invited to a night there, we all went on a Friday evening. I was dress in heels, a short figure hugging and low cut dress with the back naked to my arse, I never wear knickers and I had an anklet on and was tanned after a holiday in Greece.

The evening was fun, we had a nice meal and a fair bit to drink, Daide was telling us about the club and its design; I was telling how lovely it was and he offered to show me around, I agreed, and Emma and Mike said they would stay and drink. David led me around the club and bars and then on the upper floor and into his office which overlooked London and had a settee and chairs in there. A doorman was told to stay outside and make sure no one came in. He poured me a drink and I was looking out of the window, he came behind me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck, I sighed and he had his hands on my tits, and then had his hands inside my dress and pinched my nipple which really turns me on. He then unzipped my dress and slid the straps off my shoulders and I was naked, his hand was stroking my smooth pussy and he turned my head and we had a deep passionate kiss; his finger inside my pussy now and he said I knew you wanted my cock you slut. He took his jacket and shirt off and he had an amazing six pack body, he then pushed me to my knees and he unbuttoned his trousers and his trousers dropped to his ankles, he had no pants on; his cock was big and thick and so sexy, I licked his shaft and balls then started to suck on it, it was quite thick so I had to get used to the size, after a few minutes he took hold of my hair and started to face fuck me, I almost gagged but soon got used to it, I love deep throat so I know how to handle it; he held on for a while then shot his cum into my throat.

He then took me to the settee, he took his shoes and trousers off, he was still hard. He pulled my legs up and just entered my wet pussy; telling me what a tight cunt I had, and he was going to ruin me. He fucked with passion, almost like an animal very fast hard and rough, which I love. After a while, he told me to turn over and he had me doggy style and fingered my arse, He then pulled out and alternated between my arse and pussy, calling me a cheap slag and slut; he came inside my pussy, pulling out and paying some cum over my arse. He sat on the settee next to me and told me to clean his cock which I did and within about five minutes he was hard and again and fucked me again, this time cuming in my arse. I cleaned him again,

He dressed and told me to remain naked; he said we will fuck again, you are a good fuck slut. He said that the doorman would be coming in to fuck me as a reward for guarding the door. He said don't argue slag as the whole thing is recorded on the office security cameras, and I was to do as he said.

The doorman came in, he was a big muscular guy about mid-twenties he pulled my legs up and lowered his trousers and fucked me hard and deep, he came and left, took about fifteen minutes. I tidied up, dressed and went back to the table, and told them I needed the loo and that was why I was so long; Mike, my husband smiled and when we were alone said you have been fucked and I said yes. I told him about it when we got home and he fucked me, he was very turned on.

I did see David a few times over the next two years until he and Emma split and he went to work in the USA.