Written by l

7 Sep 2015

We have two close friends, he's a professional photographer, when we were all together he mentioned he needed to get a room decorated, I'll do that for you. My friends need some photos taken , if you take them I'll do the decorations, we agreed and I started on the Monday, the room was empty except for one large wardrobe. Paint around it it's to heavy to move, I started and got to the wardrobe, on top was old papers and a three small discs. I put them in my overalls, got home and in the evening I said what I've found, put them on. I did the first was wedding videos, the second of wild life, the third was an opening scene of their living room. She came and sat down looking very sensual we then heard him speak, you are looking great. Open your legs she did, you could see her stockings and suspenders and knickers, rub your finger over your knickers . She did and I was on fire, are you ready,yes. We then heard the doorbell ring and someone coming in, they all spoke and the man sat next to her, her husband handed them a drink and they talked about their last meeting, as they spoke the new man put his hand on her knee and opened her legs. We looked at each other in amazement, my hand was in my wife's knickers and she was wanking me. The visitor put down his drink, the visitor then said you love to watch me fucking your wife, yes he replied, well this time I'm only going to wank her and come in her mouth.with that he kissed her and and his hand went straight in her knickers, start wanking me I've not got a lot of time, we couldn't believe what we were watching, my cock was rigid and my wife's knickers were around her knees. The visitor told her to stand and take her dress off, she stood slipped it off and sat in her bra and knickers and stockings. He learned over and kissed her pulling her bra down and played with her nipples, she opened his trousers and started to wank him, her knickers were moved over and he had three fingers in. You could hear how wet she was, he pushed her head onto his clock and she started sucking him, take your wife's knickers off and wank in them, we saw him slide them off, but went out of view. Her body was shaking he moved her hair back and you could see the come dripping out of her mouth, we heard our friend say please fuck her, next time he stood up and left, the disc stopped, I looked at my wife and she had already come, she reached over and finished me off. We couldn't believe what we had both seen and played it many times. Every time we were with them we couldn't get the vision out of our heads, they told us they were going away for a week and could we keep an eye on the house. We did and eventually found some more disc,s, if you're interested we relate them.