Written by Swingbunny

6 Dec 2017

This is an account of what happened to me a little over five years ago,I have abbreviated my name to 'Y' and changed the name of the guy involved to protect our privacy,the rest is how it happened,or at least as I remember it,I'd had more than a little to drink on this night!

When this story occurred I had already met my husband,although at this point we weren't married but had been together for nearly a year. I was still living in Russia and he was in the UK, I was in no doubt that I loved him and missed him terribly,I particularly missed the sex,we'd had some fun 'cyber-sex' on skype but it was a poor substitute.

As much as I missed sex I'd been true to him,saving myself for our meetings every few months when he visited Russia or I travelled to the UK,I congratulated myself for being such a good girl and resisting the temptation to play with other guys to satisfy my libido.

My workplace was holding a Christmas Party and most of my colleagues keen to attend.It was held in a function room of a large hotel,there would be food,drink,entertainment and dancing,we have something like this every year although our Christmas is celebrated in January so a little later than the UK!

I was really looking forward to a well earned night out,I'd changed my hair to a new style put on my beautiful red mini-party dress with hold-up stockings,my favourite set of black bra and panties and knee high boots.

I looked in the mirror just before I left,this dress really suited me,my boobs were firm and perky and it's figure hugging material showed off my shape,especially my bum,I felt one million rubles!

The venue was so busy when I arrived,and everyone was there having a great time,drinking and dancing was the order of the evening,I'm not a big drinker,not since I left behind my teenage years when I really did like to get drunk with my friends but now in my early thirties (31 at the time) I preferred to have a few glasses of wine to relax, the English word is 'tipsy' and this described my state that night.

I love to dance and had spent a lot of time on the floor laughing and joking with colleagues taking pictures together and having a great time.I had a dance and chat with my workmate,we'll call him Sergei in this story,he was not a very close friend but he was a nice guy,always respectful and helpful at work, we got on well.

I was dancing by myself ,I felt two strong hands around my waist,gently swaying with me from behind,I was not sure who it was but it felt nice to have this contact,it reminded me of my boyfriend in the UK so I just went with it.

The hands slid slowly round to my front and his arms encircled my waist and I could feel a body pressed to mine,I still had no idea who this was but I needed to feel close to someone and it was a party and so I enjoyed our harmless play and continued with no guilty feelings.

After a minute or two I was curious to see who my dance partner was and spun around to find Sergei grinning at me,he lean't forward and whispered in my ear "You look amazing,all these guys are so jealous to see you dancing with me" I smiled and said nothing but was very flattered that I was such a hit.

We continued dancing trying different moves,gyrating and grinding like we were teenagers,again it was so much fun,then I felt his one hand slide down to the small of my back the other brushing back my hair and caressing my neck it felt amazing.I knew we were about to do something that perhaps we shouldn't but I felt so good,comfortable and relaxed,I needed this so much.

Our mouths touched,our lips parted and before I was fully aware we were kissing deeply,passionately I could feel our tongues caress oh god this is wrong! I love my boyfriend so much but I need this too,our bodies pressed close,sucking at each others eager mouths.

My body was buzzing beneath his touch,my boobs and nipples tingling in anticipation and that amazing warmth running down to the pit of my belly and settling between my thighs.

It was happening,my body had almost instantaneously reached a point of high sexual arousal,and this was after just one kiss,I had a strong desire within me and I knew that hiding it would soon be impossible,my actions would betray me and sure enough my breath was quickening and I was experiencing small electric shocks shooting through me.

I was now grinding my mouth onto his and I could hear myself making sounds of pleasure and contentment!

My legs started to feel weak and the room started to spin,I needed this desperately and we carried on for what felt like an age before we released the grip of our eager tongues and looked at each other, "Are you OK?" Sergei asked,I didn't answer instead I pulled him close and rested my head on his chest as we continued to dance slowly around the floor!

I looked up at him and said something I still can't believe to this day, "Where do you live?" I asked, Sergei looked back at me and then whispered "Maybe fifteen minutes drive",then he added "You're sure?" I just nodded,I felt ashamed a little awkward and apprehensive but I needed to do this,I needed a man close to me,please forgive me!

"I'll get our coats"said Sergei and he returned promptly with them and we headed to the door,I was sure people would have seen us kissing and leaving together but this was not a consideration at this point,I wanted sex,I was already reaching a high point of arousal and needed to satisfy it.

We continued our kissing in the taxi, his gentle hands stroking my legs from my knees almost all the way to the top of my thighs but stopping short of the place that most needed attention,this was sending me to new heights of arousal.

My pussy was readying itself,I could feel myself moisten and involuntarily thrust my pelvis onto his fingers each time they started their ascent to the top of my thigh.

"Oh yes,you need this as much as me baby don't you?" he whispered and I nodded! He raised his head, "Not to long now" commented Sergei,I wasn't sure if he meant till we arrived at our destination or my orgasm!

His hand cupped my now noticeably wet pussy through my panties,I let out a groan which surely the taxi driver must have been aware of but made no comment,horny couples in the back of a taxi at this time of year was probably not unusual!

A soft moan escaped my lips,Sergei was able to skilfully slip his hand over the top of my panties and was now rubbing me,he moved his other hand down to my belly and slid it round to my bum and in the blink of an eye my panties had been slipped to my knees!

So there I was,back seat of the taxi,dress up,panties down,my back arched upwards,moaning,writhing and so wet that it was squelchingly audible,whoever was driving was either deaf or didn't care!

Sergei frigged me expertly,his free hand had now moved to my neck and was stroking me gently,he lean't over to whisper "Your so horny baby,I think I'll have you cuming soon,very nearly there I can feel!" and he quickened the pace,his thumb flicking my clit as fast as any buzzing toy.

"Yes,yes,yes!" I repeated.

I felt him slip a finger inside me and he quickened the pace again,I was on the brink.

My own hands moved to my boobs and I massaged them through the material of my dress.

"Oh yes,I love watching you do this" he said as I used my hands to squeeze my tits together,then alternating between each to add to my feeling of arousal,pinching my nipples gently sent short shocks through my body.

I had totally forgotten where we were,a passionate lust had overtaken us both, Sergei ran his hand from my neck to my shoulders,his other now stopped working my pussy and moved to the zip on the back of my dress,he pulled it down and slid my dress which was already above my waist over my head.

Now I had my panties around my knees and was lying there in just a bra,stockings and boots,my bra needed to come off too,he helped with this,exposing my boobs and erect nipples,

"Mmmmmm rub those beautiful tits for me baby" he said,I complied squeezing and pulling my nipples between thumb and forefinger,his own fingers were now back in my pussy.

"Now time for you to cum" he pushed one leg up towards my chest bending my knee as he did so and sliding my panties off,was he going to fuck me now? I wouldn't have protested,I was racing towards my climax and I wanted to cum!

I half expected to see him undo his trousers at this point and whip out his cock,instead he slid himself down the seat and started kissing my belly,heading slowly southwards he was soon lapping at my clit,occasionally darting inside me. I'm so close now,his oral technique was obviously well practised my free hand was now holding the back of his head as I thrust onto his tongue,the other still stroking my tits!

Then it hit me suddenly,my abdomen spasmed,I let out a cry and grasped his head to my pussy,I'd just orgasmed in a taxi,on the back seat!

I lay there breathing hard,"Shhhhh" he quietly whispered and I was aware that the car had stopped,in fact I suspect we'd been stationary for a little while but I was to engrossed to realise.

"It's OK,catch your breath" said Sergei, I'm still laying down,my one leg was on Sergei's shoulder with my panties hanging girlishly on the other ankle,my boobs and very wet and glistening pussy in plain view.

Raising my head I could see the driver had turned and was resting his elbow on the seat back,he was grinning and laughing,he'd obviously managed to catch the show finale,not to mention my near naked display.

I was a little embarrassed but honestly I didn't really care ,I slid my panties up,got dressed and Sergei helped me out of the taxi and paid the still grinning driver "Enjoy your night he said"

I was trying to remain calm and focused but post orgasm and with my slightly 'fuzzy' head this was now an impossible task.

Fucking this guy was fast becoming my all consuming passion.

We reached his apartment,he'd had to support me on the short walk from the taxi my legs felt weak and my head was still spinning.

He held open,I entered the half lit room.It was modern an clean.maybe a little sparse but it was a single guys place so acceptable and it was warm which made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

He guided me to the sofa and we sat,he reached across to stroke my thigh and we kissed again,he slowly lowered me to a lying position,still kissing me and all the time his hands sliding up my body,now for the first time caressing my breasts,squeezing them gently,raking my thighs with his fingers and letting his hands explore my eager body,I was in absolute total ecstasy.

As he lowered his weight,I felt his groin brush mine and slowly grind into me,I could feel he was erect,oh god was he big,I could feel the length against me,it was hard to gauge how big but compared to other men that I've been with he felt by far the largest at this point!

"Let me take off your dress" he said,it was half requesting half demanding ,getting to my feet he helped me slide it over my head till I was stood there in just my bra,panties,stockings and the boots that I still had on.

Sergei got to his feet and pulled me to him,he was still clothed and this had to be rectified,so I unbuttoned his shirt and he slipped it off,naked from the waist up,slim athletic body,not as muscular as my beautiful husband but still a nice physique.

We kissed and I slid my hand to his belt,I was now curious to see this cock that seemed so monumentally huge when it had brushed up against me earlier,I was hoping not to be disappointed!

I dropped to my knees,I wanted to be as close as possible to see this cock when it was revealed,I used both hands on his waistband and tugged both his trousers and pants down.

Oh wow,not disappointed...not disappointed at all it was HUGE,I grasped it in my hand,his foreskin drawn back and its engorged purple tip on display.I placed both my hands on it together,it was still protruding from my fist by maybe another quarter of its length but also it was throbbing and pulsating in my grasp.

"That is one very big cock" I said out loud,"There's been more than one girl who's struggled to take it" he said,with a laugh!

"OK now put it in your mouth baby?" he enquired,again in that half asking half demanding tone.I'm no timid girl and certainly have a strong character but I obeyed him without question.

It was long,even tilting back my head I could only get half its length in my throat and it's thickness was enough to make my jaw start to ache but I sucked for all I was worth,resisting my feeling to gag when it was deep at the back off my throat!

"That's really good 'Y' ,now start licking up and down the length to my balls"he ordered,and I obeyed,"Yes that's the way,back in your mouth and keep sucking, yeeessss you know how to do this" he was really taking control now and I loved it!

After a few minutes I could feel it get noticeably harder and Sergei slowed my pace with his hands on my shoulders,"Careful baby,I'm close to cuming in your mouth and we have other fun things to try"..."lets get you naked!"he added and lead me to his bedroom.

As I fell back onto the bed,he tugged of my boots and slid my panties down,I unclipped my bra and there I was naked but for my stockings.

" 'Y' we need to get you ready" what did he mean by this ,I 'WAS' ready. "Shhhh" he whispered as he lay me gently onto my back,"Just relax ,bring up your feet a little and let your knees drop to each side" I did this,he reached down and stroked my pussy,"OH yes still very wet,but I need you open a little more,to take me inside you must be wetter!" said Sergei,he placed a hand on my mound and rubbed my still tender clit in a circular motion,then slipped his thumb inside me with his forefinger on top and rocked it back and forth,this felt amazing inside my pussy and on my clit,I was starting to gush my juices now and I was thrusting onto him.

"Your nearly ready for it baby but we need to have your pussy open just a little more" he said in a most professional manner.

I raised myself up on my elbows to see what was happening,he put his four fingers together and as he slid them inside my pussy gradually rotated and spread them,it felt incredible,so full and so arousing.

This continued for several minutes and I could feel that dull ache build deep in the pit of my belly settling slowly between my legs.

He slipped his hand out and then rested the tip of his thumb on my clit and rocked it side to side,I was moaning and gasping, an orgasm was approaching.

Then abruptly he stopped,lent forward and kissed me,"Then without breaking his gaze grasped his cock and slid it down my belly and rested the tip of it in my very wet hole,then he lent forward again said "Shhhh my baby girl,I'll be gentle,just relax and I'll be inside you "and as he stroked my hair me slid himself into me.

Oh god,I began to panic,this is so fucking big,will it hurt? I felt myself stretch wider than ever before,my breath became short and sharp,I started to quiver!....and then as if by some incredible magical trick he slid his whole length inside me,oh my this felt incredible,slow gentle thrusts at first but building,the pace quickening and his thrusts becoming more powerful.I could feel his balls slapping me,he was inside me all the way!

"Wait!" I said,"I want to see it in me!"Again I pushed my hands to my sides and came to a semi-sitting position,I could see this immense cock sliding in and out of my poor little pussy,stretched open and my clit swollen,I could hardly believe it was mine.

I lay back down,and brought up my knees,it was now very deep inside me and his alternating gentle and hard thrusts were bringing me close to orgasm.

"Baby,I love your pussy,so tight and very wet"he said"...I am close to cumming inside you"said Sergei.

"I am nearly there"I said "please don't cum yet though let me cum please"he nodded and quickend the pace,"Da!Da! oh Da!" I kept saying and then it happened my pussy clenched and I came,a huge powerful climax"Oh Da harasha" I exclaimed between breaths!

"Oh baby I love to see you cum,now may I?" he said,I nodded and smiled,"OK get onto you hands and knees and I'll fuck you doggie!" I positioned myself as he asked,back arched and braced my straight arms ready to be ridden! He gentle spread my knees apart and placed one hand on my waist,I felt his cock at my entrance and this time it slid in fluidly,I gripped it perfectly,this time no nerves,no fear I loved the feel of it inside me!

He leant forward and grasped my shoulders with both his hands and,and then thrust into me with enough force to throw me forward had he not been holding me so tightly I would have collapsed.

Now I could hear his breathing and grunting as he thrust into me,this felt even deeper than before and so amazing,Oh my god I'm cumming again,I felt another climax approach "Fuck me.fuck me!"my legs felt numb and then I felt him stiffen inside me,he moved his one hand to my waist,the other on my now very arched lower back,I'm sure he was close to climax,I certainly was!

I wanted to cum again,now I felt confident on this immense cock I dictated the pace,thrusting back towards him,bucking onto him,"Now I'm fucking you!" I said, "Oh yes Y, you have me close,very close,aaaaahhh I'm cumming!" he moaned.

I felt him ejaculate inside my pussy,this was enough,I clenched,an animal like cry escaped my lips,the like of which I'd never made before or since .

I had an intense climax,may arms collapsed and I was face down on the bed gasping for breath,my butt still raised skyward but I was done and satisfied,two amazing orgasms!

He relaxed and sighed but stayed inside me and stroked my back and shoulders gently,kissing my neck.

I felt so guilty,surely my boyfriend would understand but I had to have sex that night.

So that was it,I stayed the night,we kissed goodbye the next morning,not a passionate lovers kiss but just a friendly peck. We never had sex again,we chatted at work,but he never suggested a repeat performance and we never discussed it or spoke about that night and a few months later my boyfriend proposed,I applied and received my fiancee visa and we married in the UK.

Did I ever tell him of this night? Yes of course I did,was he angry? Not at all,otherwise we wouldn't be exploring a swinging lifestyle,do I still dream of that night and Sergei's huge cock,sometimes yes but I made my choice and as big and thrilling as it was I prefer my husbands six and a half inches,after all it what it's attached to that matters! lol

Kisses Y