Written by stripx

7 Jun 2014

After the success of the explicit pic swap we agreed to each doing a homemade porn video. My wife was fine with it as we often enjoy watching Ben Dover porn on the internet. so we waited for a free Saturday night and got the camera ready.

Not owning a tripod it would be mainly hand held stuff and or resting the camera on top of the TV cabinet opposite our bed. I ran some cables from the camera to the TV and had a nice big picture on the main TV, that way even when the camera was resting on the cabinet I could still see all the action and Claire moved out of shot.

Claire had bought a a sexy bra and undies but I would have her out of those pretty quick. At my suggestion she put a hair band through her hair to hold it away from her face so as not to get in the way when sucking my cock (always thinking you see!).

My wife made herself comfy on the bed so I decided to shoot some solo stuff of her first.

I asked her to sit up against the pillows and raise her knees slightly and part her legs. She did this no problem and I moved the camera around her body taking in her bra covered tits and then put the camera between her legs. I touched her inner thighs indicating for her to open her legs wider which she did. I then asked her to pull her knickers to one side exposing her pussy.

With her pussy now exposed my wife became more relaxed and started to slowly rub her pussy and then opened her lips for a quick spread pussy shot. I was grinning ear to ear by now and told her to remove her bra and get on all fours. Once in position I grabbed her knickers and yanked them all the way to the side exposing her cunt and arse and held the camera looking straight at the wonderful view of both her fuck holes. Her knickers were soon gone and my wife was now naked on all fours with her tits hanging so I moved the camera up and down her body stopping at her tits for a good few moments before moving back to her arse and pussy.

Still on all fours and now standing directly behind her I asked her to part her legs as far as she could and get in a head down arse up position. I then had a great view of her tits hanging down between her legs, and then using one hand I used my fingers to open her pussy lips and put the camera up close to get a nice shot of her open cunt. My wife asked if I was enjoying the view to which I replied "oh yes babes your looking fucking fantastic".

I then placed the camera on the cabinet and ensured I had the camera positioned how I wanted it and climbed on the bed. I told her to stay as she was and stood directly above her with a foot either side of her body. I then spread her arse as wide as I could and couldn't help but smile into the camera for my friend knowing he would love seeing Claire so exposed, open and in such an explicit position. I held her in that position for about a minute for him. I then knelt by the side of her and started to finger fuck her wet pussy, first one finger and then 2 fingers inside her going nice and deep and making her cunt make that lovely squelchy sound that a womans fuck hole makes when she's sooooo wet. I pulled my fingers out and put them in front of the camera to show how wet and sticky they were. After that I had Claire head down arse up rubbing her own pussy while I filmed it up close. I then asked her to spread her arse wide open again and put the camera as close to her arsehole as I could while keeping a decent focus.

I then got onto the bed and with a view looking down my body I asked her to look into the camera while she sucked my cock.

She did as asked and looked straight into the camera and sucked my cock, licked it kissed it and flicked the head of my cock with her tongue. Claire was doing great but I had to remind her a couple of times to keep looking directly into the camera so her face was always in camera view (that was really important to me as I wanted our friends to see Claire with my cock in her mouth). I then asked her to take in as much of my cock as she could and hold it there, which she did taking nearly all of it.

I then had Claire talk dirty directly to the camera(which I knew my friend would love) by asking her what she was doing.

"sucking your cock baby"

"mmmm you like it dont you?"

"I love sucking your cock"

"you're a good slut wife aren't you?"

"mmmmmm the best"

"look into the camera and tell them what a cock sucking slut you are"

"I'm a cock sucking slut and I love it"

"our friends are going to watch this, I think you should say hi"

"Hi guys, hope you're enjoying the show"

With that I grabbed a handful of hair and got Claire sucking my cock for all she was worth making some lovely wet slurping sounds.

After a that it was time to fuck her and film it as best as I could. I first put the camera back on the cabinet and had Claire look directly into the camera while I fucked her on all fours making her tits swing while also giving her arse a light spank. I then had Claire on top with her back to the camera riding my cock I then had her come down to kiss me while at the same time I could film my cock in her wet cunt and again spread her arse nice and wide.

After that I positioned Claire on all fours so she was side on view to the camera and fucked her a bit harder so as to make her tits swing and sway. I then pulled out but kept her in that position and got the camera from the cabinet. I then started to fuck her again but with the camera pointing down at her ass and pussy so as to see my cock going in and out. I then rubbed Claires arsehole with my thumb but didn't stick it in her arse.

I then got Claire to lay on the bed again and spread her legs as wide as she could and went in close to her pussy with the camera and then full body shots. I then had Claire masturbate for me and filmed her until she was ready to cum. Getting some shots of Claires face with her eyes closed and mouth open breathing heavy as she was reaching orgasm I quickly got her to rub and caress her tits and then zoomed out for a full body shot as Claire reached orgasm and came with a sharp outlet of breath and more heavy breathing. Once Claire had cum I noticed the bed sheets were soaked and filmed how wet they were.

Knowing I was about to cum I positioned Claire on her back and wanking my cock I told Claire to keep her mouth open. Not long after I came over her naked body and made sure some went on her face and in her waiting mouth.

Claire then laid back while I again ran the camera over her naked body focusing on her cum coverd tits and a close up of what landed on her face and in her mouth. I then told Claire to open her mouth and show the camera the come on her tongue and then to swallow and then show the camera her mouth was now empty. After that Claire had a fit of the giggles. All that was left to do was to get one final shot of Claire full length naked and in proper Ben Dover fashion I told her to wave at camera, which she did, still giglling with some cum still on her face.

Job done and we both really enjoyed doing our first homemade porn video which was more exciting knowing our closest friends would soon be watching it and also doing their own for us.

I hope you like and would love to hear your comments.......more to come soon!