15 May 2018

Browsing on my favourite website (SH) I got chatting to a lady who expressed a desire for her and her husband to play with my wife and I with her hubby merely an observer or maybe a little touchy feely but as he was unable to achieve a solid erection he could not guarantee to participate fully. We were not keen on this as my partner does love more than one cock at a time ! However, I did explain this to the lady (Sharon) but kept up with the chats. One day she asked if we (she and I) could meet for a coffee, I was happy to say yes and we met the next day. We spoke about our adventures in the lifestyle and I brought up the subject of my first wife who introduced me to the scene and her enthusiasm for group sex and exhibitionism. Her party piece was 3 cocks at a time ! or a ladies fist in her pussy a hard cock in her arse and mouth. She also loved watching me suck cock.

That afternoon Sharon suggested we play as a threesome at parties or better still just she and I with another couple or a crossdresser ! I though about it and suggested she and I book into a travel lodge that afternoon and see what happens. I gave her the money and she checked into our local hotel and sent me a text with the room number ! When I got there some 15 minutes later she was showered and naked waiting for me.

Sharon was a big girl, short on height but a size 22 ! This turned me on something incredible,I thought she was gorgeous !!! I am now an enthusiastic lover of BBW's .Her big firm tits and shaved pussy had me like a poker ! I fucked every hole she had for almost two hours, shot 4 loads and felt like the cat who had gotten the cream. I thought to myself ''how lucky I am'' ! I have to meet this girl again !

We did meet again the following week but when I got to the room there was another person there. Sharon introduced him/her as Nadia a very convincing cross dresser in a black basque, stockings and suspenders. I thought to myself, I could handle this, so I asked him to sit down and watch while I stripped Sharon of her clothes down to her Bra and pants telling him all about her super sexiness. Her glorious wet pussy and firm very big tits and asked if he would like to touch and lick them while I sucked his cock.He agreed ! I then took off her bra and his face lit up at the sight before him and on taking off Sharons knickers showing soaking wet swollen pussy lips he staggered back got his thick cock out and brought it to my mouth! I invited him to pop it in and he got down to it right away !

I watched him lick and suck and felt his cock throb in my mouth, shortly after Sharon said she wanted fucked ! I asked by whom and she said the two of us ! I got her to roll on top of me and slipped my stiff cock into her pussy and wow it felt good and soon felt even better as Nadia slipped his thick cock into Sharons bum hole. The heat and moisture of her pussy and the throbbing of Nadia's cock was amazing ! And after a few minutes Nadia wanted fucked too ! I pulled out of Sharon's soaking cunt and got up as I did, Nadia slipped his cock into Sharons pussy to her obvious delight ! I then lubed Nadias arse, slipped on a condom and fucked an amazing tight hole till my balls were well and truly empty !! We made coffee and had a chat about the afternoon's fun and all agreed it was amazing and that Sharon was the sexiest girl alive !!

This was my first encounter of this kind and proved not to be my last so there are more stories to cum !