Written by Steve C

20 Feb 2018

I am a member of a fuck buddy web site which is where I met Paul and Emma. I’m 56 and Paul and Emma are both 32. We exchanged e mails for a few months before meeting up so I knew exactly what they wanted and although I was desperate to fuck her all they wanted was to have someone join in with some ‘soft swinging’.

Their thing was for Emma to lay her back on Paul’s tummy and he I would feel her tits with me kneeling in between her legs tossing myself off. To begin with I had to have a wank before I went to see them to stop myself from cumin too soon, you see Emma is fucking hot.

She has long ginger hair, freckles all over her body and big soft tits. She is pretty as fuck and has a great sense of humour and as far as I am concerned she is the perfect woman.

In the early days they had me feeling her tits and wanking, I would cum all over them and she enjoyed scooping it up and rubbing my cum into her chest then her and Paul would fuck. Later I was allowed to fuck her tits and suck her nipples before cumming , then I was allowed to progress to tossing myself off and finger fucking her and I could cum on her face and she would scream and thrust herself against my hand as she climaxed. Then they would fuck.

Then, after a while it progressed even further. By now I had another fuck buddy who wanted me to fuck his wife so I wasn’t desperate for a shag but I told Paul and Emma about my other FB and they seemed excited.

As usual Paul pay on the bed with his wife on her back laying on his tummy. I rubber her clit until she asked me to eat her pussy so I did. This set her off, she was groaning as I explored her pussy with my fingers and mouth. Paul was tossing himself off slowly watching me. Then she told em to stop and told me to put it on her, which basically means I slowly wank with my cock resting on her pussy and I either feel her tits or finger fuck her. She wanted me to tell her all about the other woman. I told her how she was pretty, short black hair with big tits like her. How her nipples where big and long and how I liked to suck them hard. I told Emma how I would side my cock into her pussy and how her husband would sit there and watch and listen to his wife scream and I fucked her hard. Emma was well on her way to an orgasm, she was thrusting her hips then she looked up at Paul and told him that she wanted me to fuck her. Paul climbed from behind his wife and took hold of my cock and lowered it so it was pressing against his wife’s pussy lips and told me to fuck her.

I didn’t need asking twice. I was inside her in a flash, my cock slid easily into her wet pussy and I fucked her hard. Emma was thrashing around so much Paul and I had to hold her down. I shagged her hard whilst holding onto her big soft tits and I filled her with cum over and over. She begged me to keep going to I did, then Paul held her face and fucked her mouth. The two of us came again, me filling his wife’s pussy and Paul filling his wife’s mouth.

Afterwards we all laughed at how wild that had been. I left Emma and Paul fucking yet again. Now I visit once or twice a week. There is very little chat, Paul just wants me for fuck Emma hard and she wants it hard. The two of us enjoy the role play, We pull her clothes off and hold her down, she has never used her safe word, a word that we know tells us she doesn’t want it and which we would honour. Its safe to say the three of us lose control and its juts wild shagging and cumming and its good adult fun. Emma loves to lay there after sticky with two men’s cum in and on her.