Written by M x

30 Mar 2016

my previous account ended just as John arrived home. Amazingly he just picked up the keys to the side gate and went out again. Which gave us time to dress and for me to get into the living room before he came in to find out where I was. Helen met him in the kitchen and told him I was waiting.

He badgered me that day to see what Helen had talked about. I told him I thought he had been rumbled, but as she didn't seem keen to say anything about what had happened I left it at that. Helen avoided us apart from a couple of mugs of tea. John appeared perturbed and disappeared to ask how she was two or three times during the day. Whilst Helen was out shopping I had a text from her asking if I had mentioned anything to him, obviously I hadn't and text back to say so. She asked if I was free in the week to chat. And we arranged to meet on the Monday when John was on a late shift.

When I met her she stayed in the kitchen and asked straight out if John had arranged for me to seduce her. I was a little unsure how to answer when she told me that he had asked her a number of times if she would have a threesome, and she would not put it past him to find someone, he had apparently tried before. I asked her how she felt about that and she said she was interested but wasn't sure she wanted to be set up for it. I asked if it would cause trouble if he had, and she said no, but she wanted something different and wasn't sure how to ask him. So I just sat there and let her tell me what she really wanted.

Apparently she wanted to be in charge and for John to do only what she wanted. It appeared she wanted him to allow her to meet separately and then bring her "fuck buddy" home to play in front of him and sometimes with him. She was quiet explicit and excited as she spoke. When she had finished I admitted that he had set me up from a swinger site, and I wasn't sure if he had met others to discuss his fantasy. Helen wasn't sure, as he had not introduced anyone else. As she sat there thinking I saw a smile come across her face and she said that seeing as I was to be her fuck buddy we had better get some practice in. John would be home at 11pm and it was now 9pm. so I had better be able to look after her for 90 minutes.

I got up and moved next to her and kissed her, and she responded passionately. Her hand ran along my fly and started to unbutton my jeans and unzip me. I stood to allow her to pull my trousers down and she started to kiss my cock and sink her mouth onto it. She pulled back and said she wanted to learn to deep throat me but wasn't sure if she could. I explained the gag reflex and encouraged her to try and she spent a couple of minute gagging on my cock, but she tried and nearly got there on that first occasion. I knelt down and kissed her and told her to rest and try later, I was keen to get her out of her jeans and blouse and as she lay back into the sofa I went down on her and licked her pussy listening to her gently cum again and again. I climbed on the sofa and put my cock on her mouth and she opened up and started to suck again, she was quiet relaxed and happy so I pushed my cock further and felt her gag as my cock entered her throat, holding her there for a couple of seconds and then pulling out allowing her to suck it again and she pushed her throat onto my cock, gagging again but not so badly. The next attempt and she had me and didn't gag straight away.

I pulled away and knelt between her spread legs and entered a very wet pussy. As I pumped away she told me she would do anything I asked and promised to try everything. I promised her I would help her to try everything - anal, spanking, bondage, fisting and every other thing she thought about - and prepare her for a threesome when she was ready.

She screamed through another orgasm her legs gripping me like a vice. nearly putting my back out. As we showered together I took her again against the shower wall, And then I was off home, Promising to see her later in the week when John brought her over to the pub for us to eat together.