Written by Lipspreader8

26 Jul 2009

I had been in this pub and it was quite full all evening and it started to dwindle off customer wise i went to the loo and the two cubicles wer both in use and i stood in front of the urinals, there were three basin's. There i was standing pulling my cock as we do when you feel like you want a piss and not quite ready to then i started to piss. Just at that moment two girls came into the loo as there was a cue for the ladies, they were giggling. They said that there was a long cue for the ladies and she couldn't wait. I said it looks like you will have too as there both full. They were both standing there looking at my cock and a stream of piss coming out of it and making remarks. So i said it's at times like this i bet you wish you could piss like a bloke. Then one of them said lets have ago. She removed her thong and said to her friend to steady her, she stood in front of the urinal about 2foot from it then told her mate to steady her as she lent backwards and pointed her fanny at the urinallegs spread wide and started to piss and a jet of piss gushed out and some went in the pan and some over the floor. By this time i had a full erection and when she had finished she straightened up and wiped her pussy on the roller towel, I stood there dumfounded. As she walked out she slipped her thong over my cock and kissed me full on the lips and said you can have my thong as a souvineer and left. by the time i had cum to my senses and got outside they had gone. now just memories.