Written by Williamstrap

22 Aug 2013

A Couple of True Devon Beach Adventures from the 90's

This happened at the wonderful Slapton beach.

We settled down in a great position below three couples all lying out in the open (not surrounded by the usual array of wind breaks) and a couple to the

right and below us –– the people above us were openly stroking and performing oral sex on each other with-in about a half hour of our arrival, the

male of the couple below us was looking right up to my wife's legs which I had gently spread and his prick grew to impressive proportions – I told my wife to take a look at what she was doing to him. Nothing happened with any of these couples we just all kind of watched each other do some fairly heavy petting and I also pointed out to my wife a couple of men who were wanking whilst watching us – near the end of the day I told her I was going to invite one of them in to wank over her, she did not stop me so I signaled him down. I told him to spunk on wife's tits and he sat by her side and reached for her breast – this was the first time I had seen another man touch my wife – I was fingering her wet cunt and he was stroking his hard cock and squeezing her nipples - he moved his hand down over her tummy and moved his hand onto her cunt – this was not in the plan and I felt a pang of jealousy and then an intense sexual thrill as I watched his finger enter her – with that he spunked all over her breasts his prick softened and he thanked us and left – I rubbed the spunk into her breast and shortly after we left the beach. For the following two years that has been replayed over and over in bed and has played a big part in our sexual fantasies.

So here we are two years later and at long last the wife has agreed to go to the beach again – even buying a windbreak for the occasion. Come Sunday morning I was awake at 7.00am and although the weather did not look promising we set off – arriving at the beach car park around 9.45am.

The beach at that time was quiet but we set up anyway – for an hour or so although naked it was not too warm being quite overcast – It did not stop me being horny though and I was soon sporting a hard on and fucking my wife bringing her to orgasm but saving myself. This went on for a few hours, I watched through my binoculars as another couple obviously put on a show I could not really see anything but his hand stroking his prick and manipulating between her legs, occasionally reaching over to lick her pussy – three men were sat varying distances away although none were invited closer.

Whilst watching them I was fucking my wife doggy style and telling her what was happening – she is not really a voyeur so it was for my benefit not hers. As I was fucking her a young man came walking towards us his semi erect prick swaying proudly in front of him. " You are going to get your tits sprayed with cum from a big prick" I told her and he soon sat down about 10 yards away and started gently wanking his hard prick – I invited him over and told him I wanted to see him spunk on her breast. my wife immediately reached out and took his hard cock in her hand (something we had fantasised about) and he started sucking her nipple groaning in pleasure as he did and then he moved his hand down to her cunt and started rubbing her before spurting a good load of cum over her breast – at that stage I remembered that my wife wanted to see me wank another guy, well of course, I had missed the main event but I reached over and squeezed the last few drops of cum out over her breast, he did not seem to mind. He apologised for coming too quickly and left.

Another couple had set up quite near us and I was fucking my wife again and they were watching us, she was wanking her partners cock and occasionally sucking him. I told my wife to look at them and see his hard cock.

We then spent about half an hour performing sexual acts with our partners whilst watching each other (they were about 15 yards away) – They were young and more attractive than us (we are mid forties and over weight) so she was a bigger draw than us for sure and soon enough they had seven men watching them in action. I kept on fucking my wife regardless and soon the man from earlier came close again – I again invited him in, this time he was straight at her breast and she was wanking him again, I was slowly fucking her and he reached down between us and encircled my cock with his hand as I was entering her, I nearly came on the spot but managed to hold out and instead he came again a massive load obviously built up over a few hours of wanking whilst watching the on beach antics. The spunk went all over my wife's breast, her arm my arm just a massive amount of hot spunk. He again thanked us. After he left I held my wife's breast and told her to lick her spunk covered nipple and as she did I kissed her tasting his cum. I looked up just in time to see the other couple finish as he pulled out of her and spunked all over her tummy – the crowd dispersed well pleased although I did not see any of them cum. I cannot blame them for choosing to watch the younger more attractive couple but they did miss a chance to spunk all over my wifes beautiful big tits as she milked their cocks. I was now ready to cum and my wife started sucking my cock, I stopped her and pushed her onto her back standing astride her and with the other couple just yards away I shot my cum on my wife from her cunt to her face a load that had built up over 7 or 8 hours fucking and wanking, she looked a total slut with cum every where. We left soon after – I thanked the other couple for a great show and they also thanked us.

A very enjoyable day, sadly never repeated.