Written by Williamstrap

14 Aug 2013

Way back in the 80's I was working for a Bristol based electrical company as an apprentice. And we had this long ongoing contract with Bristol Hospital. I spent probably a solid year in various buildings around the hospital and because of the time we were there we got friendly with some of the general staff, cleaners, maintenance people, cafe staff etc.

One of the cleaners was a very busty lady, probably 20 years old (at the time I was also early 20's) she was not bad looking, she was around 5”5 tall and size large although well proportioned, but the good thing with that was her tits were size super large!

Over a period of time we got to know each other and flirted a bit, I remember the first time anything happened she dared me to go in the broom cupboard with her and once inside I was soon fondling her bigs tits and she was feeling my hard cock through my overalls.

Over the months this sort of thing expanded to me getting her big tits out of her bra and sucking them whilst fingering her hairy wet cunt. She would get my hard cock out and wank me off.

By this time I had been working in some of the service tunnels, so I could lead her to more secure and private places.

We would meet whenever we could get 10 minutes maybe once every couple of weeks.

I remember her big tits, they truly were the size of footballs (well maybe not but they certainly felt that big and she had great nipples) I used to get such a hard cock whilst fondling and sucking them and she would have no trouble stroking me until I spurted as my cock was so excited.

Whilst in the service tunnels one day I finally managed to get her to let me fuck her. I soon worked my cock into her wet cunt and I fucked her good and hard bareback finishing off by shooting deep into her. This would happen on a few other occasions before finally our contract was finished.

I still occasionally remember those fun occasions, including on one occasion when literally 2 minutes after I had fucked her and led her out of the service tunnel, my boss turned up. That was a close one. Unlike a porno film, he would not have joined in. I would certainly have been fired.

Good times.