2 Aug 2015

I joined this site looking for straight sex with a married woman as sex at home had dried up and I was not looking to end my marriage I just wanted sex. I did not have much luck until I added M/F couples. I got a response from a couple who lived about 5 miles away. We swapped car numbers and met in a pub car park. We wandered in the pub together and got drinks and sat in a quiet corner. Dave was married with kids and Joan was a family friend. We hit it off straight away and within an hour we went over to the Travellodge where they had booked a room. We stripped stripped Joan naked as soon as we closed the door and she lay on the bed. Dave took off his pants and she started sucking him off whilst I went down on her pussy. After a short time she straddled him whilst sucking me off. Their ad said she liked anal so I lubed up her arse and started fucking her whilst she lay on dave with his cock in her pussy. Dave came and I came she did not. So we both worked on her pussy orally whilst she stroked up making us hard again. Eventually she came when we used a toy on her while she sucked and wanked us both. We passed away 3 hours and were truly knackered. This went on for about 12 months but Joan wanted him to leave his missus but he would not do it so they split. I never had Joan's details so it ended. After that I looked for another couple or married woman and hit the jackpot. If anyone is interested I will tell that tale and what happened when that 2 years ended as it has a twist to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!