Written by Rodney

1 Oct 2017

What a fool I have been! I have been married to May for 27 years, both been married before. I am 58, May is 61. She is one half of a twin. Far from identical, in fact May is very thin with small boobs, with the gravitational pull taking it’s toll, whereas her sister is slightly larger in the boob department but considerably chubbier. Sadly due to age sex has dropped off a bit

I have a very close friend we drink together once a week and put the world to rights.

One evening we were out and he seemed very hesitant, he wanted to tell me something but didn’t seem to know how!.

Several urms and errs later he told me he thought May might be having an affair. I was dumbstruck, and with anger rising I demanded to know how he could draw such a conclusion.

He told me he had been drinking with some associates from his footballing days and one of them had mentioned how him and his mate were seeing these twins, he even mentioned their names ‘May and Anne’. When I demanded, apparently Saturday afternoons. (May and Anne go shopping together every Saturday, have done for years. They are usually out all afternoon. Coincidence I thought, told him he was talking rubbish and headed for home. I started thinking, maybe he was right! The stretch white jeans she had started wearing, ‘the ones that hold your ass in and make them look round. The little bit of extra make up, the fact she comes home and showers.

By the time I got home I was strangely aroused.

Saturday arrived and May went shopping, no point following them or anything silly like that.

As usual, when she came home she put the shopping away and had a shower, I found my mate and suggested a drink. I made him take me to the pub where he had met the two guys, after a while they came in. Dan started to chat and as promted said “are you still seeing them twins” Yep he said saw them today, the skinny one is a right go’er.

Yeah Dan said that the one you are seeing then? Not necessarily we swap over. The skinny one likes to be called a slut as we bang her, they love it. I have bought her a pair of black wet look jeans, she reckons she is going to wear them next week.

When I got home I was hard as hell May was in bed, I threw back the covers and fucked her til I was knackered, she was amazed and pleased. Next day whilst May was ay work I scoured her wardrobe, it took me three hours of careful searching, but eventually right at the back of one of the drawers neatly folded was a pair of black wet look jeans.

The following Saturday she wasn’t wearing them when she went, but then neither were they at the back of her drawser.