15 Mar 2017

A few weeks ago, I had trouble with my car misfiring, and took it round to my local mechanic, Mark, to book it in for a service. He is a self employed guy, with a car service and bodywork shop and although he works on his own, he has a part time book keeper just to keep things straight for the taxman.

I arrived late in the afternoon to leave the car and ended up, as one does, having a chat and a cup of coffee. His little office was empty except for the two of us, and I noticed how clean and tidy it was since my last visit. I asked him who is new housekeeper was and he laughed and gave me a leering look. It seems that his old bookeeper had recently moved away from the area, but had recommended a new girl to take her place. Apparently when she arrived her first interview, Mark was more than surprised to see a young student girl who was studying an accountancy course at the local university. She seemed to be able to cope with simple demands of Marks books and so she was given two days a week as outwork from the university, to include some work from Marks father. The usual banter about ‘ how she looked’, and ‘would she like to be shagged’ etc., took place between us, and I left really not thinking any more about the matter.

The following day I checked my dairy and realised my car booking clashed with a trip up north and as I was nearby, I decided to pop in to Marks place and change the booking date. I walked into the garage, but no Mark. I called out, but no reply. Then I saw someone sitting at a desk in the office, and I opened the door. A young female head turned and smiled at me and asked if she could help. I was taken a little aback at this fresh face, bespectacled young lady, seemingly in charge during Mark’s absence. I explained my situation and she got up from her chair to open the booking diary. I couldn’t say she was spectacular to look at, with her student hair style, longish skirt and glasses, that really did not do her justice. There was however something in her movement and body language that made me take notice of her.

She was in her late teens, quite well developed and as she lent over the booking diary, I caught a glimpse of her young breasts showing through her lace top, and the line of her brassiere sloping gently away to support them. She had a nicely curvaceous waistline with, what appeared to be, a pair of lengthy legs hidden under her long dress. With her hair in a ponytail, I could see her long swan like neck and with her head turned towards me, a pretty face with a wide smiling mouth, pearly white teeth, and a pair of tantalising blue eyes.

She asked me about several forward booking dates and I agreed to the following Wednesday. Having written in the book, she told me that Mark was out delivering a customer’s car and would be back in about half and hour. I hesitated to go, and seeing this she asked me if I wished to wait for him, and if so would I like a cup of coffee. I accepted her offer, not because I needed a drink, but because I thought it would be nice to find out a bit more about her in Marks absence. The instant coffee was served and I sat down in Marks chair opposite the desk she was using. Willing to talk, she told me her name was Elaine, or Ely for short. She was nineteen, had started university a year ago and had been very pleased to get this little job, for the experience. In fifteen minutes of talk I had found out she was sharing a flat with another girl and boy quite nearby, had no particular boy friend, and that her parent’s house was over seventy miles away in Doncaster. I made some light conversation about local pubs, eating houses and the one and only nightclub in town. She said she liked the area, but not some of the local kids and especially the club. She said it was full of little boys all trying to be ‘big boys’ and pestering her with teen talk. She preferred the more grown up men, but that there didn’t seem to be many unmarried ones about. All the time she was talking, she was looking straight into my eyes and I noticed her hands clasped quite tightly, with her fingers entwined around each other. Nervous or what, I thought! I laughed and made a joke about married men and she laughed too, seemingly relaxing a little and easing her body back into her chair. At that moment the wall telephone rang and she stood up and moved past me to answer it. She was standing next to me in a half turned stance looking at me as she spoke. Whoever it was asked for Mark, and she told them he would be back within an hour. Replacing the ‘phone, she asked me if I would like another coffee, which I declined. Then she asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I smiled with one of my joking smile and asked her what she thought I could want. Her reaction was quite amazing. She walked towards me, knelt down in front of me placing her arms on my knees and gave me an absolutely gorgeous sexy smile. I was leaning back in the chair with my legs slightly open and my crotch about twelve inches from her face. I was almost lost for words but managed a smile and the old comment ‘what do you have in mind?’ With no further words, she laid both hands on my lap and began feeling for my cock. Looking me straight in the eyes, she fumbled for my fly zipper and within milli seconds, I felt her reaching fingers inside my trousers, tugging at my jockey pants and searching for my cock. With a little more manoeuvring, she produced the full length of my growing cock and stared at it, pulsating between her fingers. I sub consciously released my belt and opened the top of my trousers to relieve the pressure around my balls. She dipped her head towards my cock and licked the helmet of my cock. I rolled my eyes skywards as she wrapped her lips around the first few inches, sucking and licking , and then drove her head down the length of my shaft with a hungry energy.

Glory be, it felt like wet silk draped over my cock. Her tongue flicked backwards and forwards around the shaft and she began sucking deeply right to the back of her throat. The full long length of my cock was virtually disappearing down into her neck and my bulging helmet was making her gag, forcing her to come up for air every few strokes. She paused for breath and gazed into my face with a look of eagerness and wanting. She cupped one hand under my stiffening ball sack and rolled my balls between her fingers as she went down yet again to wallow and suck my willing member.

I was in heaven as I threw my head back and took in the wonderment of this nubile young female, whom I had only just met, now taking the greatest delight in licking , drooling and sucking a total strangers dick.

Whatever next!!

It didn’t take long before I felt the heated desire to explode my stuff into that gorgeous mouth, but I wanted to hold back for even better things. The next time she came up for air, I swivelled the chair round so that her hips were within arms reach allowing my desperate hands to explore the inside of her thighs. She obliged me by pulling her dress up onto her back with her free hand, thus exposing a rather nice and definitely sexy pair of frilly French panties. These covered her shapely bottom and the tops of those long legs. My fingers felt the silkiness of her baby skin as they quickly travelled up the back of her inner thigh and came to rest against the sudden softness of her pubic bush. Pushing on past the French panty elastic, I felt a wetness on my fingertips which was oozing from between her pink and slightly swollen pussy lips. I ran my index finger up and down her pussyslit, and felt her relax her legs slightly apart so as to allow me more access. Very gently, with my thumb on her ass button, I fingered my way into her tight pussy hole, pressuring her side walls to allow the thicker part of my finger to enter all the way. By now she had stopped sucking my cock and had drooped her head downwards giving little groans of delight as she wriggled her ass to get more of my finger. Pressing firmly with my thumb on her ass, I gave her pussy a deep and lengthy finger search and then withdrew to explore the rest of her pubic triangle. She arched her back and let out a stifled sigh as my working fingers found her clitoris. It was hard and pointy as I rubbed it in between her pussy lips, her body jerking as I tweaked it backwards and forwards. By now, her juices were beginning to running freely, and I could feel her wetness all over my hands. I slid off the chair and placed my hands on her buttocks to steer her into a doggy position. She complied with all my movements and even cocked her little ass higher for me, so that I could see her pink pussy lips protruding from behind her panties.

Instinctively, I moved the panties sideways with my right hand and sunk my face into her wet and waiting pubic mound. I separated her pussy lips with my tongue, and nuzzled my nose into her ass button. Flicking my tongue between her clitoris and her fuck hole, I felt her body shiver with desire. I smelt the sweet smell of her baby pussy and sucked the juices from her hole as I gave her the best tongue fucking she had probably ever had. By now she was moaning in ecstasy and thrusting her whole body backwards and forwards onto my face. It was fantastic for me to see this nubile swelling pussy getting wetter and wetter, dripping cum juices in my face and asking for the ultimate thrust of my cock inside it. I levered myself up and aimed my throbbing member towards her hole. As soon as flesh touched flesh, her body seemed to seize in an arched position, her pussy hole widened, and I could sense a shiver of anticipation running through her body. Her head turned slowly towards me and she smiled with a look of tortured pleasure whilst backing her pussy hole firmly against my cock. Wow this was shear beautiful, sexual, passion !! I flexed my cock muscles as I pushed gently forward, watching and feeling my cockhead sliding into her hole.

It was unbelievable to feel the tightness of her pussy ring clamping round my shaft, but giving way as she backed up, allowing me to dig deeper inside her. The cheeks of her ass touched my pubic groin and my balls slapped against her clit. She let out a great groan of ecstasy as I began to give her great lengths of my meat, together with all the grunts of exertion, slapping and gurgling of two bodies, writhing together in sexual delight. As my balls began to tighten and my cock stiffened to bone, I slipped my hands from her buttocks, moved them up over her heaving stomach and groped for her lolling breasts which she had freed from their brassier prison earlier on. I found them moving fore an aft in unison with my cock thrusts. They were surprisingly larger than I had first thought, but firm and smooth with pert little nipples straining to burst out. Both my hands closed around them and squeezed them as I began reaching my climax. Ely was gone with the passion and used every muscle in her body to extract the biggest orgasm she could. I too was now at the height of sex and as I felt my spunk rising I knew that Ely was in perfect timing with me. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock spasmodically and she threw her head back as I gave her my last long thrust. With my cock impaled in her up to my balls, I crushed my hips into her fleshy ass and held her against me, feeling my spunk racing through my cock. In that second, and to my complete surprise, she somehow wrenched herself away from me turned herself over, placing her head in front of my cock. With my hands free, I held my raging cock just inches from her face and pointed it into her open mouth. A stream of super energy spunk came roaring out of my eye piece and splattered her eyes and forehead, covering her face with a cobweb of steaming cum.

I drew back for the second helping and shot the next wad onto her waiting tongue which she absorbed in her mouth. She then took my cock and rubbed it all over her face as the third and somewhat sticky load of spunk dribbled from its end. With the knowledge of a real professional, she washed my cock in her mouth and allowed my spunk to run from the corners of her mouth and onto her tits . I helped her rub my juices all over her upper body and watched as she swallowed the remains of my cock dribbles. A last kiss and lick of my shrinking cock completed her satisfaction and she laid on her back exhausted

As she lay there, breathing heavily, my eyes followed the contours of her body down to her pussy mound and I could not deny myself a final suck on her clitoris. My tongue licked her puffy pussy lips and stretched on down to her fuck hole, still oozing with her sweet cum juices. As my fingers played around her ass button, her body started little ripple movements, and she spread her legs to allow me to search out some more pleasure for her. Her juices were dripping past her assbutton and onto the floor, and I delicately trapped them on my fingers and began rubbing them around her hole for lubrication. I began to penetrate her tight hole with my fingers, and she drew her legs up opening them wide offering me full sight of her sex mound. With a murmur of approval I thumbed her clitoris and pressured my index finger into her ass. She wriggled her hips and let out a stifled cry as I fingered her asshole deeply. She had by now, reached up to my hardening cock as I straddled myself over her face, and began sucking my cock again, wanking it with her hand. She pulled my skin back and bared my cockhead in front of her face, licking it pleasurably with her tongue and watching it pulsate and grow before her eyes. It was time to let her feel the strength of my cock in her ass, so I let her suck me for a couple more minutes, to make sure it was really hard, before lifting her ass from the floor and motioning her to get up and lie face forward on the desk. She was quick to realise my intentions, and within seconds she was prostrate over the desk with her legs apart, her smooth baby ass and stretched little pussy triangle waiting for my further attention.

What a sight to behold !!! Those soft, swollen pussy lips, framed by her ass cheeks, quivering with expectation, as I moved in for a second session of sexual delight.

I planted my cock between her legs and slid it up through her bush and onto her clitoris, teasing her with my helmet by probing her fuck hole and clit alternatively. Her body was pulsating with anticipation as I finally placed my helmet on her ass button.

My God, this was going to be tight!!

I parted her cheeks as far as I could, to expose and stretch her asshole and at the same time began to push gently into her ass. At first it seemed impossible. Here was a baby asshole, that had probably never been penetrated by a large cock before and as yet, I had not even opened it enough for the tip of my helmet to enter. I spat some saliva onto two fingers and wriggled them into her about an inch. She was tight with retention, but the more I pulsated my fingers into her, the slacker she became. Ely was willing, but new to this, and I could hear her little cries of pain and delight as she placed one hand on her ass cheek and pulled it over giving me just enough room to get my helmet in position to almost force it through that little brown ring. Suddenly my cock was inside, only a little way, but enough to feel the tightness of her ring piece. Boy, what a delightful feeling, to be held in a flesh vice and know it could only get better.

Very gently I started small strokes. Ely cried out, but pushed back against me for more length inside her. I obliged, letting her do some of the work as I slid ever deeper into her ass and before long, I was shafting her with regular thrusts of delight. Ely was now moaning with ecstasy and hurt combined. Her body was convulsing with each length of my strokes and gripping my shaft like a vice so that I couldn’t come out, even if I wanted. Each stroke seemed to lubricate her hole and I knew she was enjoying every minute. Her moans turned to muffled shrieks of passion as I increased my stroke speed and I felt a wildness rising in me. I became rougher with every stroke until I realised I had broken in this young body, whose asshole appeared to be becoming slacker by the minute. I was in charge now and grabbed her ponytail, wrenching her head back towards me. With my other hand I grasped her tits and squeezed them very tightly. Ely appeared to be on another planet as her body pummelled backwards and forwards on the end of my cock, rippling as it did so in orgasm after orgasm. Finally, I felt my cock stiffen for the final thrust and I shot my load high up into her body, lubricating my cock even more for the last very rough and exhausting strokes. I lay on top of her panting with exertion and pleasure. My cock slipped slowly from her hole, and I could feel our joint wetness combining where our bodies touched. I slipped to my knees and surveyed the sight before my eyes. Ely’s asshole was a cream pie of dripping spunk running down over her raw pussy lips and onto the desk top, forming a small puddle into which I dipped my finger.

I ran it up her pussy over the crease of her ass and then offered it to Ely’s waiting lips. She smiled a lazily, extended her tongue and licked my finger clean.

Wow, what a woman!!

Ely recovered her composure and clothing , retreated to the ladies and came out a few minutes later looking still flushed but with a happy smile. She walked up to me and brushed her lips next to mine and murmured ‘come in and see me again some time’.

Phew!! What a ‘brief encounter’ at my local garage

I would not need a second invitation.