Written by Katie

23 Jan 2012

The title is perhaps a bit misleading because now I'm an eager participant and need little persuasion to go to bed with her or have sex with the guys we pick up on our nights out. If anything, after I got over my initial guilt, I was too eager. Geraldine forcefully telling me it was better to go out man hunting infrequently, maybe getting fucked four or five times in one night, than risk our husbands finding out and spoiling things for us both. The anticipation, in the days prior to our nights out, is almost unbearable, and by the time we go out I am like a bitch on heat. Whilst I'd never thought of myself as being Bi, I had been curious and found that I enjoyed sex with Geraldine. I still prefer to be fucked by a guy. It's just that they are pleasurable in different ways and she is definitely better when it comes to cunnilingus.

(Continued from Jan 19th) As I wrote in my first post, it was around May last year, and we were looking at SH, enjoying the stories. We'd read several when she said “I've got an idea” She clicked on the Dogging tab, then England, followed by our County. “Look at this” she said scrolling down, stopping at a description of a dogging site, located about 20 miles from where we live. I didn't know the area but she said she knew it, it was miles from anywhere and secluded. “Do you fancy going?” she asked. “What? Ask Steve and Ed. You're nuts. They don't know what we've been up to and I'm not going to risk asking Steve” panicking that she might have said something to Ed. She rolled her eyes, “You dozy cow. Not with them. Just us. Go, see what happens. We're bound to get shagged if anyone's there” trying to tempt me. She could see I was a bit doubtful about it, every story had seemed to involve men and wives or partners. I was sitting on the arm of the chair wearing a summer dress, I hadn't bothered with bra or panties as they usually come off soon after I arrive. She put her hand on my leg, under the dress, pushing my legs apart. “I think you need a bit of persuasion” With no resistance from me, she had me stripped in moments. I laid back on the sofa naked, with her head between my legs, lapping and sucking my pussy, raising her head now and again to enquire if she'd persuaded me to go, until I screamed “Yes, yes I'll go” when she brought me to climax with her skillful tongue.

Two nights later, a Tuesday, Steve and Ed had got tickets to an evening football match and wouldn't be home until about midnight. We decided to go and check out the location. Though we'd have to be back by about eleven thirty, we were optimistic we'd see something. Overly optimistic, there wasn't anything, we didn't see or hear anybody, but we had time for a play before going home, deciding to plan things better, go on a weekend - if we went again.

We had to wait about two and a half weeks, the boys next evening at the club, before we had another opportunity, choosing what to wear hoping for a better result. We said we were going over to Sue's, then to the cinema. Geraldine told Ed she was taking their car, a huge old estate and would be back late or in the morning. Sue was away and knew what we planned, said we could sleep at hers if we wanted. Geraldine still had a key to her flat and if we got lucky, we intended to go there afterwards.

As soon as they'd gone I went around to Geraldine's to get ready, no real rush as there didn't seem much point arriving until it was getting dark. As had become our habit she shaved my pussy first, something she does for me usually two or three times each week or if we are off out shagging. It's one benefit Steve has had, he loves me smooth, 's much nicer when he licks me out and fucks me. It's just as well he doesn't know how many other men have benefited when I've spread my legs for them and welcomed their cocks into my shaven haven.

“Do you think we'll get shagged or are we just going to watch?” I enquired, putting on a pair of white stockings, clipping them to the suspenders. “I think we'll play it by ear. I thought we could put on a bit of a show if we draw any attention. Then if we like the look of them let them fuck us” Sounded like a good enough plan to me. We'd decided on white for me because of my dark hair and black for her because she is blond and fair skinned. She put on her black stockings and suspenders, we discussed whether to wear bra and panties, deciding against. She opened her wardrobe, handing me a short white shirt dress, buttons down the front, taking a similar black one for herself. We put on our high heeled court shoes, and stood in front of the mirror. The dresses skimming the tops of our thighs, just covering the stocking tops, my dress looking slightly shorter because I'm a bit taller. With a giggle she undid the two bottom buttons on her dress then did the same to mine. We walked up and down in front of the mirror, with each step a gap opened, showing our stockings and in my case a flash of pussy. I put the clothes I'd been wearing in a bag to take and change into before we came home, she did like wise and we were ready to go.

It wasn't until we reached the front door that I realised that the neighbours might see me. What if someone said something to Steve? I'd have some explaining to do. Geraldine was unconcerned about being seen, reasoning they were used to her going out in short skirts, but agreed it was risky and could easily spoil our activities, fetching me a light coat to wear, which I wore until we were out of town. It was still a bit early, when we drove down the country lane, slowing as we passed the entrance to the site. It looked deserted but we couldn't see much from the road, so drove in confirming it was empty. We'd passed a pub so we went there for a drink to waste half an hour or so.

Geraldine went to fetch us cokes whilst I went around the back to the beer garden to wait. There were about six tables, only one occupied, four youngish guys, two each side of the table. I'd honestly forgotten Geraldine had undone the bottom buttons on the dress until I saw the look on the two guys facing me, them leaning forward speaking to there mates, who turned to look. Even then my initial reaction was they could only see my stockings, then the realisation I was flashing my pussy. I carried on, smiled at them, deciding whether to sit a table facing them or not. Geraldine wasn't with me to tell me what to do, I decided she would say sit where they can see your pussy. The table had benches, I sat with my back against the table, and crossed my legs, flashing my gash. I watched them from the corner of my eye, amused at them, nudging each other, bending trying to see my pussy. Geraldine arrived with the drinks a minute later, their eyes all turned to her. I uncrossed my legs, sat with them parted as she approached. She stood in front of me bending to place the glasses on the table, the back of her dress rising, flashing her bum, whispering, “Tart” in my ear “I've had a good teacher” I whispered back as she straightened, quickly undoing an extra button on her dress, before turning.

She sat next to me, twisting around to pick up the drinks, raising a leg as she did, exposing her pussy, exposing more than I'd dared. She handed me my glass and sat back, sipping her drink. We were egging each other on, competing to see who dared open their legs and flash longest. A couple of the lads came over and asked if they could join us, she told them to piss off and enjoy the show. She won of course, unbuttoning her dress, sitting with it completely open, showing everything, parting her legs and touching her pussy, then licking her fingers. I'd started to undo my dress, flashing my tits, rising to the challenge, when we heard people approaching. We both covered up quickly, but I came a creditable second.

Two couples sat at a table behind us, couldn't see what we were up to as it was starting to get dark by then. We flashed the blokes, teasing them for another few minutes before finishing off our drinks, getting up to leave, catching a glimpse of a man as he moved away from an upstairs window in the pub. We'd just passed the pub entrance, the door opened and a bloke called to us, “Excuse me ladies” sounding as if he thought we were anything but, “I'll thank you if you don't come to my pub again” then under his breath, “Sluts” I looked at Geraldine, who started giggling, which set me off as we hurried to the car. To think, only a few months previously, I'd have been mortified if I'd accidentally flashed my knickers. Now I was exposing my shaved pussy in public, been called a slut, feeling delighted with my progress under Geraldine's tuition.

Driving back to the site where we hoped to see or take part in some dogging action, I began to finger myself, my pussy already quite moist, quickly became very wet, hoping that shortly I was going to get a shag. I was only having a little play, but my arm moving caught Geraldine's attention, “Are you wanking you tart?” she demanded. “I needed to and I don't want to waste time if there's a chance of a fuck” I laughed. She glanced over“Congratulations. The landlord was right you are slut you know. Let's hope we aren't wasting our time here” She began to brake, slowing down, turning down the track. We rounded a corner and the area opened out into the parking area, quite large, some low hedging dividing spaces and as far as we could see still completely deserted. She parked at the far end, “Stop playing with yourself and help me put the back seats down. Just in case” she told me. After struggling for several minutes we eventually got them folded flat, spreading out a couple of blankets for comfort. I suggested we explore, see if we'd missed a car hidden so we walked up as far as the entrance about 200 yards away. Nothing at all, not a single car, total silence.

We started walking back towards the car, feeling disappointed. We'd only gone a few yards when we heard a car in the distance, getting closer. Beginning to think and act like a slut I unbuttoned my dress and took it off. “Trying to beat me at my own game” Geraldine commented removing her own. She hooked her arm through mine, telling me not to hurry. We strolled slowly back towards the car, carrying our dresses, naked except for stockings and suspenders. The road ran alongside the car park, separated by trees and bushes. The car passed, nearing the entrance, then began slowing. I looked over my shoulder, saw the headlights swinging into the entry. We were still 30 or 40 yards from the car, my heart started thumping, any moment we would become visible. I started to walk faster, Geraldine gripped my arm, holding me back. Twenty yards from the car, the headlights swept across us. The driver must have realised what he'd seen and the lights swung back, illuminating us just as we reached the car.

Excitedly, Geraldine called “Quick get in the back” opening the tailgate for me to clamber in. She slammed it shut, moved to the side of the car, stood looking at the other car, which had stopped about 50 yards away, for several seconds. The headlights now off, she must have been practically invisible, until she opened the rear door, the interior lights coming on. Enough light spilled out for anyone in the car to see her as she climbed in next to me, closing the door, the lights going off.

“What now?” I asked. She told me to open the window a couple of inches so we could hear and the car didn't steam up so we could see and more importantly be seen. She put her arm around me, pulling me closer, kissing me on the mouth. I responded, but straining to hear too. I heard car doors slam, one closely followed by three more. Geraldine moved her hand to my pussy, stroking my clit, a sure way to distract me. I opened my legs for her, kissing her mouth hard, moving down her neck, kissing her shoulders, the swell of her breast, taking the nipple in my mouth sucking it erect.

I could hear voices outside the car, lifted my eyes to the side window behind her, could see someone’s face pressed against the glass. A voice from behind me, complained it was to dark and he couldn't see anything. “Hang on” Geraldine called, sitting up switching the interior lights on. She lay next to me, took my hand and placed it on my pussy, her hand moving on top, whispering to me to wank. I began to move my fingers in my cunt, she lowered her mouth to my tit licked and kissed the nipple taking it in her mouth as it hardened. She felt that I was masturbating without assistance and removed her hand from on top of mine, rolling on to her back. I spread my legs wider, she put a leg over the top of mine, similarly displaying her cunt, and began to masturbate too.

It was a huge turn on being watched, sex juices flowing from my hole, stuffing all my fingers in my pussy, reaching out to touch Geraldine, fondle her tits. Occasionally turning on our sides to kiss, reaching between each others legs, fingering each other, then resuming masturbating. Though the lights were quite dim I felt as if I was performing under floodlights. Legs spread, most of my hand flashing in and out of my cunt, so absorbed in what I was doing I was practically fisting myself. I heard Geraldine cry out she was cumming, frigged myself harder, very close to cumming. I felt her shudder and moan as she orgasmed, a sound I was intimately familiar with. I felt her moving, to close to climax to look what she was doing. My orgasm hit me, one small jolt, than as I frenziedly frigged my clitoris, a glorious full blown orgasm swept through my body.

All I could do was lie panting as the sensations slowly subsided and I became aware of what Geraldine was doing. I heard the window squeak as she wound it fully down “Get your cocks out then” she said. That got my full attention, the magic word “Cock”, kneeling beside her to have a look at what was on offer. Two blokes in their twenties, one with his cock out wanking, the other unzipping pulling out a largish cock at least seven inches and not even fully erect. “These are mine you tart” Geraldine hissed. “Open the other window” A guy was looking through the gap in the window as I turned. I glanced back at her, she already had a cock in her mouth, sucking on it, her hand out the window, tossing the other bloke off. “Sod it” I thought, looking back at the guy on my side. “The backs unlocked, open it for me and I'll come out” I told him. He disappeared, moments later raising the tailgate, with two other young lads, probably in their early twenties, all with their cocks out, stroking them expectantly. I imagine they'd had their cocks out wanking when Geraldine and I had been masturbating. They were all fully erect, average sized in my experience, six or seven inches, though one cock looked particularly thick. Where are all the men with 10 inch cocks, which other people who post on here find? Do they really exist?

I shuffled to the back, giving Geraldine a smack on the bum to draw her attention that I'd got three to play with. I sat on the edge of the boot, feet on the ground legs slightly parted, right hand resting on my mound, fingers moving suggestively on my clit. I felt in control, my confidence had grown every time we went out. I told them I wanted my pussy licked, I'd suck cock and if they wanted to, they could fuck me and before they asked “Yes I'll do Double Penetration and No, I don't do anal” laying down the ground rules. I was sat in the centre, spread my legs wider, pointed at my pussy, told one of them I wanted him to tongue my cunt and grabbed hold of the other two by their pricks and pulled one either side of my head. The one guy knelt, pulling me towards his mouth, his tongue lapping and probing my cunt, while I concentrated on trying to suck off two guys simultaneously.

I sucked one then the other, at one point taking both in my mouth. I heard the car door behind me opening, Geraldine telling one of the men to lay behind me so she could give him a blow job, while the other fucked her from behind. They swapped around, Geraldine getting out of the car, the bloke getting in behind me, his arm reaching around to squeeze my tits. The guy between my legs was bringing me nicely to the boil, tongue doing wonderful things to my clitty, almost as nice as when Geraldine goes down on me. I sucked harder, taking them deep in my mouth in turn. Geraldine spoke from outside the car, answering a question “If you want. Just get your cock lubed in my pussy before you stick it up my arse” I had seen her being arse fucked a couple of times and she had persuaded me to give it a try a month or two earlier. I found it uncomfortable, a little painful and didn't enjoy it much. Several times since she had used a well lubricated dildo in my bum and I was ready to try anal sex again, just not that night without any lube.

The car began to rock as the guy began fucking Geraldine. I decided it was about time I was getting fucked too, stopped sucking on the cocks, pushed the guy from between my legs and told him to take my place in the back of the car. He sat, I bent over wanking his prick, wiggling my bum, inviting one of the others to fuck me. I could see what Geraldine was doing and she could see me. Watching each other having sex turns us both on. She was already sucking the one guys cock the other, with his cock buried in her pussy, dribbling saliva on her arse. I felt a nice stiff cock touch my thigh, I parted my legs, reaching between my legs, opening my sex as I felt him guiding his knob into my slippery hole.

His cock slid against my fingers as he entered me, he pushed half his length in me then withdrew until just the tip was in my hole. He held still for a moment the entered me again harder, my fingers feeling the slippery juices coating his prick. I sighed with the pleasure of feeling yet another unfamiliar cock penetrating my ever willing pussy. He began fucking me, building up to a steady rhythm. I lowered my head, taking the cock in front of me in my mouth, clamping my lips tightly around it sucking him hard and deep. I could see Geraldine's head bobbing up and down as she gobbled her guys rampant cock. I heard a guttural groan as she arched her back, the other guy, hands on her bum, parting her buttocks, slowly but steadily feeding his cock up her arse.

I concentrated on my own pleasure, becoming more and more aroused, the guy fucking me deep and hard, his body slapping against my bum every time his hard prick pistoned up my tight fuck hole. The warm stiff cock filled my mouth, almost in my throat as he fucked my face. The third guy stood to one side, watching us both, stroking his cock waiting his turn to fuck one of us, I was determined it would be me. Using my cunt muscles on the cock in my pussy, massaging it, feeling his cock throbbing inside me as I milked his cock. I could feel the first tingling of an orgasm, had to release the cock in my mouth, my breaths starting to come in loud gasps. I reached back between my legs for my clitty, frigging it frenziedly. I could hear Geraldine huffing and puffing, encouraging the bloke fucking her arse to fuck her harder and cum inside her. The guy fucking me groaned and tensed, his cock pulsating in my cunt, as he thrust his cock in me and came, just as I climaxed.

I wanted the other lad, deciding the best way to have him was to get him and the lad I'd been sucking to DP me before Geraldine had a chance to grab him. He pulled his prick from my cunt, stepping back, the other guy moving between my legs to mount me. I stood, stopping him, quickly explaining what I wanted. Geraldine was still avidly sucking cock, being rammed up the arse as I climbed on top of the guy laid in the back of the car. With my legs either side of his, back to him, holding his prick steady, I rubbed it along my slit then lowered myself onto his shaft, taking his length. I raised and lowered myself, getting comfortable, before leaning back on top of him. I prefer that way round because the man underneath can play with my tits and I can see between my legs and watch their cocks sliding in and out of my cunt as they fuck me. Supporting myself on one hand, I spread my legs, reaching down with my other hand, squeezing a couple of fingers in my pussy with his prick, stretching my hole. I told the other lad I was ready, wiping some of my pussy juices his cock, then using my fingers to guide his knob in. I felt my juices, mixed with spunk, running from my pussy, displaced and forced out as he penetrated me, my cunt stretching elastically as I took two cocks.

I took them easily, my pussy trained by some of the large dildo’s, Geraldine uses on me and having been DP'd three times previously with her help. The lad underneath began to move his cock in me. The guy on top with more freedom started to fuck me, giving me his length, their cocks sliding against each other, moving in and out of my pussy more or less together. It just looked so horny, I put a hand on my stomach, pressing down so I could feel the cock moving inside me. I began to frig my clitoris, adding to my excitement and enjoyment, wanting to bring myself to climax with them. I heard the guy fucking Geraldine's arse shout he was cumming, the car springs squeaking as it rocked with the fucking she was getting and bounced from the hard shafting I was getting. I heard Geraldine tell the bloke to spunk in her arse then telling the other lad to cum in her mouth, the sounds of her resuming gobbling and slurping cock. The sound of sex brought me closer, the guy on top now fucking me faster, giving me deep strokes.

Above the noise of us fucking I heard another car pulling up, car doors slamming, moments later two older men standing looking in the back of the car watching us. It sounded as if Geraldine was cumming and had taken a load in her arse. I wasn't far behind two cocks in my cunt, fingers on my clitty I climaxed, long and loud. I felt the guy on top withdraw his cock, saw him wanking furiously spraying my stomach and tits with his spunk. The other lad, now had my pussy to himself, thrusting into my loose slippery hole, fucking me until he ejaculated in three or four hard spurts.

Geraldine was already talking to the new arrivals as I came. She looked over at me as I lifted myself off the guy, his spunk dripping from my, no doubt gaping hole. “Don't let that go to waste” she said, licking her lips. I clamped my hand over my pussy, preventing any more spunk leaking out, while she told the two guys they could fuck her while she went down on me and cleaned my pussy. The looks on their faces were enough to tell that they were more than happy with the arrangement. The five lads had seen us kissing when they arrived and watched us both masturbate. Two leaned in through the doors watching as Geraldine bent over, hands on my thighs, opening my legs as I uncovered my pussy. She spread her legs for one of the men who began fucking her. The rest of them crowded around the back, as she lowered her head between my legs and began licking and sucking my pussy. The comments they made were all gratifyingly filthy, Geraldine sluttishly lapping me clean, changing position occasionally, ensuring they could see her tongue probing my equally slutty pussy, only stopping to get her breath or to tell the guy to fuck her faster or harder. As always when she tongues me I came, begging her not to stop, even when the first guy had come in her and the second was well on the way to adding his spunk and I realised I was missing out on more cock.

I told her she was being a greedy bitch, wriggled from under her and joined her, bending over, resting my hands in the car boot, offering my cunt to whoever wanted to fuck me. We were nice and close, touching each other, able to kiss on the mouth, reaching to stroke the others sex, feel the guys cocks, as the pumped in and out. We must have remained bent over for the best part of an hour, being fucked from behind, taking several loads of spunk, both cumming again, until they'd all had us at least once more and there wasn't a stiff cock amongst them.

Geraldine found a box of tissues and we cleaned ourselves, slipping our dresses back on. We heard cars approaching along the road. The men who'd arrived last had texted and phoned some of their mates, telling them what was going on and wanted us to stay so they could fuck us too. A look passed between us, both thinking the same thing, that if we stayed things could get out of hand. We hastily got in the car, the cars passing us as we reached the exit.

I mainly restrict my illicit sexual activities with other men to the nights Steve goes with Ed to watch the strippers at the club or to football matches, once or sometimes twice a month. Four times last summer we borrowed the car again and went to dogging sites. It was a bit hit and miss, maybe because a couple of times we had to go early, to get home before our husbands. We only got fucked on two visits, when we could stay late, though on one of them it was by a group of six lads, which sort of made up for the failures. Through the winter it has been clubbing, taking guys back to Sue's for sex but both of us are looking forward to the Spring and going dogging again.

Much as I'd have liked to go out more frequently, except for when Steve had to go away a couple of times, I have followed Geraldine's sound, if frustrating advice, and we still only go once or if we're lucky, twice a month. But when we do, we make the most of it, always being careful, only picking up guys to fuck, in the towns some distance away, or dogging miles from home.

Geraldine says she will write the next story, because she reckons I put in to much detail, my thoughts about how I felt and things like what we did at the pub, make the story to long. Is there to much detail? Or do you prefer to just get on with the fucking with no explanations? Anyway she may have the opportunity to prove her point soon. We're off on holiday, just the two of us for a week in the Canaries in a few weeks time, a date carefully chosen to coincide with a football match our hubbys have tickets for and wouldn't want to miss. We intend getting fucked senseless and one of us will post what we get up to.