Written by Connor.

11 Nov 2016

The agency that I work for has many clients in Germany and Italy. Every year one of our technical team is contracted to go over to visit each client and explain about the latest upgrades and help solve any technical issues might arise. This year I was the one chosen to go to Germany for a five days.

In July I flew to Cologne and picked up my hire car then drove to the hotel that had been reserved for me. The next few days I went to the factories in Bonn, Essen and Dusseldorf. The final factory that I had to visit was in Saarbrucken which was

about a four hours drive from my hotel. By the time I had helped to sort out some of the problems they had discovered it was past seven in the evening, then the office manage insisted that I joined him for dinner, after a fine meal I finally left the restaurant about ten for the return journey to Cologne.

It had been a long hot day and after I had been driving for about an hour and I was in need of a piss so I pulled off into the next well lit rest and picnic area. There was no cafe, just a WC block. A large Polish truck was parked close to the WC and about fifty yards further on four or five cars were parked close together. I parked and walked back to the WC.

I was returning to my car when I was passed by a white convertible Audi with two women in it ,it slowed then joined the other parked cars. The two women got out and stood by one of the wooden picnic benches. Men got out of all the other cars and joined them. I could hear a lot of cheering and laughter coming from the group.

I sat in my car watching to see what developed. Suddenly there was a loud cheer and one of the women pulled the teeshirt

that she was wearing over her head, I could clearly see some of the men groping her naked breasts.

I got out of my car and cautiously walked towards the group. I sat at an adjacent table a few yards away from them , a few men looked towards me but did not seem to be unduly worried that I was seated there. I could now see that the two women were not young, probably mid thirties but they were both very fit. The woman that had taken her top off was now sitting on a bench facing the group, several of whom had unzipped their jeans and were stroking their exposed cocks. She reached for the closest and he stepped forward and pushed it into her open mouth. He stood with his hands on his hips while she moved her lips back and fore on him.

One man left the group and came over to me, he said something to me in German but I told him I only spoke English. He then spoke English and said I should join them. He told the others that I was English and I corrected him and said that actually I was Irish. They laughed and said "OK Irish, come and fuck nice German girl".

The woman who was still standing came towards me and reached for my zip, pulled it down and put her hand inside searching for my cock, and pulled it out. She pumped it firmly until I was fully erect then she stood back and lifted her short skirt, she had a trimmed heart shaped patch of dark hair just above her pussy, she sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs and held her cunt lips open with her fingers.

" My name is Anna, Come and fuck me Irish" she said and I had a sudden panic when I remembered that I did not have any condoms with me, and there was no way that I was going to have sex with her without one. I said that I did not have any and one man went to his car and returned with a hand full which he tossed on the table and handed one to me.

She helped me put it on and I stood between her thighs, she pulled me closer and my cock slid easily into her, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and rocked against me. I pulled her teeshirt up over her tits and placed the palms of my hands over her nipples. I tried hard not to cum too quickly but all too soon it was over and she lowered her legs and allowed me to move away, Another man took my place while I removed my condom and dropped it into a bin.

I looked over at the other woman, who was still sitting sucking on a cock and I noted that she allowed the man to cum in her mouth and gulped down his spunk.

I heard a door close and saw that an older man had stepped down from the cab of the Polish truck . He walked towards us wearing a boiler suit but with an erect cock poking out of the front, it was already covered with a condom. The guy who had replaced me had just finished fucking Anna and as soon as he had moved away the Polish driver thrust his cock into her. without saying a word. He only gave a few hard thrusts before he grunted and withdrew. He pulled the filled condom off and threw it on the tarmac as he returned back to his truck.

I told Anna and the others that I had to leave and thanked them. "Goodbye Irish" they called.

I finished the long drive back to my hotel and wandered if I would have such good luck next year.