Written by bob

18 Nov 2008

This was back in the early to mid eighties; I was just finishing a 2 year tour of Germany in the forces. I dropped my furniture and wife back in England and I went back to Germany to drop the van off and finish cleaning the quarter ready for march out.

It was a hot summers day and I was busy painting when Jill who lived in the flat next door knocked and asked if I wanted a drink, as everything had gone and I just had a sleeping bag. She left her flat door open so I could just go in when I wanted. Her husband had been away for a couple of months and was not due back for another month or so, and her little son had gone to his real father another serviceman not far away. About teatime I stopped and we had a drink as we talked she offered me the use of her bath to clean up, I had already decided on going to the local leisure centre for a sauna, she said can she come along and go for a swim while I had a sauna.

We had agreed to meet back outside in a hour, I had been in the empty sauna for a while when I heard Jill’s voice outside, I wrapped a towel around and went outside she finished swimming and wanted a go in the sauna, I told her it was nude and she just took her cossie straight off and we went in, she had a great body with light brown pubes, I kept looking as she lay there, and she noticed and said her body was not bad for having a kid and I agreed. She said she had here son by caesarean I said I couldn’t see a scar and she told me to look closely at her pubes and feel, and I did just that finding her scar, by now I was getting a hard on and told her she was getting me hard, just then some people came in and stopped us going on. We had both made arrangements to go out that night. Me with some friends for the last night, I stayed sober and left early with the excuse of an early march out the next morning and headed to Jill’s flat she had given me a key to let myself in if she was not back which I did, I had a drink and a look though the vids on the shelf and put a porno on.

After a while the door opened and I switched of the video and in came Jill with a couple of lads, they were surprised to see me there and Jill told them who I was and that I was staying, so they had a coffee and left unhappy. Jill sat back down and picked up the remote control and said what were you watching and pressed the play button, on the screen came up the film and we sat watching it for a few minutes then I got up and walked over to the chair she was sitting in and knelt at her feet, she just smiled and I undid her cut off jeans that she was wearing and slid them and her knickers down and off her legs and went down on her she was so wet and tasted so good after a couple of minutes she grabbed my hand and said we be more comfortable in bed.

By the time we got there all our clothes were off and we fell into a 69 she on top riding my face as she came then collapsed face down on the bed saying she needed that. I laid on top kissing the back of her neck with my cock sliding up and down her wet slit , she arched her back and I slid straight in, she said please don’t come inside as she was not on the pill. She turned over onto her back and as my cock went back in her legs wrapped around and pulled me in to my balls moaning out load that it felt great.

As we slowly fucked I asked, when was the last time she had a cock up her pussy, she replied that it was just before her husband went away.

I said the 2 single lads that brought her home wanted to fuck her, she knew as one had brought her home from the junior ranks disco a couple of times in the last month and he had finger fucked her while she had given him a blow job in his car as the babysitter was in the flat.

I pressed her about any more antics while her husband had been away for the last 2 months, and she admitted to letting 3 single guys finger after the discos and giving 2 of them blow jobs and wanking one of them. One on the second time took her back to his room and after oral wanted to fuck her but she wouldn’t allow him to fuck her pussy but she let him fuck her arse. This made my dick harder as my wife would never allow me near her arsehole.

I asked if I could fuck her arse and she slid out from underneath and turned over while getting a tube of KY jelly out of her bedside draw together with a vibrator, as she knelt she ran the vibrator up and down her slit as I greased up my cock and her arsehole. My cock slid in with ease, it was so tight though I knew I would not last long but then she slid the vibrating dildo up her cunt and the sensations of this vibrating next to my cock was to much and I came what felt like gallons up her arse as she came again. We both collapsed with me cuddling her from behind and we drifted off to sleep.

It was early in the morning when I woke still in the same position with another hard on, Jill was still fast asleep as I felt between her legs, slowly playing with her and as she got wet so I slid my dick up her, at this she moaned and said this was the best way to wake up with a hard cock up your cunt.

As we slowly fucked in the spoons position I could feel myself starting to come and told Jill, she slid of my dick then put it in her mouth as I was coming.

After she fell back and said it time to repay, so i went down on her as I did I could taste spunk that must have went inside as I started coming, she then came again on the end of my tongue.

We got up and went to the bathroom to get ready as I started to piss in the toilet her hand came around and grabbed my dick, pointing it in the toilet saying she liked doing that for her husband.

Once I finished she squatted and opened her lips as a steam of piss flowed by now I was knelt on the floor watching her put on a show as I touched her clit. I wanted to fuck her again but time was getting on and I had a march out to do. After the march out I knocked on her door to say goodbye as I had a ferry to catch, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said goodbye as the families’ officer looked on. I never saw or heard from her again but have never forgotten her.