Written by sparky42

21 Jul 2013


I have been reading the stories on here for a while now and like most blokes on here would like to share my wife in one way or another. My wife can be very shy but occasionally will open up and admit to certain things such as one of her fantasies is two men at once or to be licked and fucked at the same time.

Some times when we are having sex I will double penetrate her with my fingers while talking dirty to her getting her to imagine that she has two cocks insider her and not fingers. She also likes it when I suggest she is sucking one while being taken from behind.

This gets her so wet and always results in a massive orgasm and occasionally she has even squirted a little. But as she is very shy and reserved when it comes to sex she often says she wouldn’t actually want to do it for real.

Recently though while making her cum I said would you want to do this for real and she said yes, but I am not sure if this was just the moment. We have been together for over 20 years now and she hasn’t really opened up about her past.

I have found a male masseur that practises all types of massage including Tantric and have emailed him about it and basically he would also be naked and my wife can interact with him if she wishes, and can go as far as she wants to according to him.

I haven’t mentioned this to her yet and so do you think I should book her a session on her own with him so to begin the process of her actually wanting to have a threesome. Sorry if this is a bit tame just seeking some advice.