Written by wifewill

29 Apr 2011

Following on from my previous story, one reader said she came round a bit quick from refusing to shag another man, I must agree

she did, but thats what happened. I think she must have had some previous sex that she did'nt tell me about. Sylv was very keen to have more sex with Roy, I think his big cock turned her on. I met Roy again in the pub and we went back to my house after the pub, I think Sylv knew what was going to happen. I left them in the lounge together and went to make drinks, I came back after about 15 minutes

when I went back in the lounge Sylv and Roy where undressed, Sylv was bent over an easy chair and Roy was fucking her from behind

Sylv called me over and then took my troucers and underpants down, she then took my cock and sucked me off while Roy was fucking her, I have never seen her so randy. Roy and I fucked her and sucked her every way we could think of, she cound'nt get enough. We fucked her for about an hour.

The following night I took Sylv to the pub and Roy was in there, we were in the lounge of the pub, everyone else was in the bar, after the pub closed we stayed behind talking to the licencee. Jeff the licencee was behind the counter and Sylv Roy and me were the other side of the counter. Roy slid hands up Sylv.s skirt and took her panties down, I dont know if Jeff knew or not, the counter was quite high,

I dont think Jef would have minded as he fancied Sylv himself, Sylv used to go behind the counter with Jeff and help him wash the glasses and I

have a feeling he touched her up while she was helping him, whcih might explain why she came around to having sex so quick.

Back to Roy he had taken Sylv.s panties off and Sylv put them in her bag, I went to the toilet and when I came back she had Roys cock out and was wanking him off. Sylv then went to the toilet and Jeff went ,to the kitchen, they were both quite a time and I went to look for Sylv, I went to the ladies toliet and went as we were only ones in the pub, Sylv was in there with Jeff, her blouse was open and her bra was taken off and Jeff was feeling her tits, Jeff was shocked to see me but I told him it was alright I did'nt mind. They both came out of the toilet and went into the lounge were Roy and I were. Roy was supprised to see Sylv's blouse open and no bra, Jeff said I caught them at it, Roy smiled and got hold of Sylv,s tits and Jeff did the same, Sylv told to get their cocks out, they did'nt telling twice.

Sylv then started to wank and suck them off in turn. They both took Sylv's skirt and blous off, her underwear was already in her bag.

Roy and Jeff ended up fucking Sylv between while I watched and wanked myself off.

This was all a shock as only a few weeks before Sylv would'nt fuck another man. I think she has been shagging and I did'nt know about it.

more stories to follow, they are all true.