Written by herts_darlings1

17 Apr 2012

It had been one of those weeks, more work than time. We had both been working till very late and starting early so when Saturday arrived we decided to visit our local sauna (couples night) and just chill out and relax. We drove down and got there for about 7.00pm. Money paid, clothes discarded and showered we headed for one of the Jacuzzis. We went in the largest Jacuzzi and as SL sat in the corner I placed myself under her legs and started to massage her feet. In no time she had her eyes closed and was relaxing. The water was cold in this Jacuzzi so we left and went into one of the smaller ones where there were two couples already hugging and very close. As we got in neither couple broke their embrace and we slotted into a gap to the left of them. I sat with my back to wall of the Jacuzzi and SL sat with one leg draped over mine.

It was clear that SL had gone past relaxed and come out the other side very horny and flirty, she reached down for my cock as I put my hand between her parted thighs. We chatted politely to the other couples as we tried to work out which of the other 4 were playing footsy with us. SL and I soon became lost in what we were doing as we masturbated each other under the water and kissed tenderly. We decided to go into one of the saunas and carry on our play. As we entered we found it empty and quite dark. We kissed and hugged before SL laid face down along one of the benches. We had become sweaty by now and my hands moved up and down her back, across her thighs and back up her body parting her bum cheeks on the way. She parted her legs after a short time so I could pay more attention to her ass and pussy which I gladly did. She started to make those lovely noises only she can when she is aroused as I teased her with my finger tips. We decided to go to a room, I headed back to the locker as she got herself together in her own time.

We met outside the coffee bar and hand in hand went to room 2. I had brought some baby oil with me and as I locked the door, she lay on her front. I squeezed some oil on her back and started to massage it into her skin and around her shoulders before lowering my hands to her bum. As I did she raised her back side in the air and parted her legs resting herself on her knees. My fingers slipped down and found the opening to her pussy. I teased the opening gently and rubbed lightly on her little hard button as she let out a little whimper. I carried on this as I kissed and nibbled her bum cheeks, I lowered my head and ran my tongue over her bum hole as I slid my fingers inside her making sure my thumb still attended to her pleasure spot. She made a wonderful noise of approval is I rimmed her tenderly and stroked her thigh with my spare hand. With my hands being slippy with the oil I stopped rubbing her thighs and gently slid my little finger in to her bum hole, the wonderful noises got louder as he pushed herself back onto my finger. Her moans became louder and more passionate as she ass fucked my finger. I placed another at the entrance and she pulled out and then pushed back on my 2 fingers and started to become louder and more want ant. By this time my cock had been hard for ages and all I wanted to do was turn her over and fuck her silly but her enjoyment was captivating and I carried on fingering her ass hole and pussy until with a jolt she screamed out with pleasure. Her body became rigid as waves of delight filled her body. Time after time she banged hard on my fingers, stopping only when they were at their deepest till with an animal noise she collapsed on the bed. I tenderly hugged and kissed her as we laid together not saying anything. After a while she started to stroke my still hard cock and looked at me with devilish eyes. She lowered her head and started to lick and kiss the tip before running her tongue down the shaft not once letting her eyes leave mine. “Want you to fuck me know” she said furtively as she climbed over my body and lowered herself down onto my cock. It slid in so easily and before long she was raising herself till the tip of my cock was at the entrance to her pussy before sliding down again to engulf it all. Again the noises from SL became more animated and passionate until her body went rigid and she screamed with pleasure as she came time and time again, she seemed to have untold staying power until with a animal yelp she collapsed once my side.

We laid in each other’s arms panting for ages as we ran back in our heads what had just happened. Eventually we left our room and made for the showers and a welcome coffee.

We sat and just looked at each other whilst drinking our coffee then SL sat between my legs as we enjoyed bare skin on bare skin, not a word was spoken but we both knew what we wanted to do next. Coffee finished, we stood up, clasped our hand together and headed for the Jacuzzis. We got in one that was only occupied by one other couple. Once our bodies were submerged we started playing again, more frantically than before so it was obvious to anybody looking what we were doing. The original couple left and for a brief moment we had the Jacuzzi to ourselves but in no time at all a couple, she with blonde hair tide up and him with black hair and a large penis came in. They soon got the idea of what we were doing and started playing with each other. Then another couple and in no time at all 3 couples were wanking there partner under the water. We decided to leave them to it, happy that we had turned them on enough to join in what we were doing and headed for the steam rooms again. We kissed, stroked, touched and played in the steam till we could not breath from the heat. SL suggested a plunge and a sauna but I thought no, I know what you need. After the plunge I suggested we retire to one of the upstairs room with the baby oil for some more fun! Her eyes lit up as hand in hand we climbed the stairs. It was quite empty upstairs, one room was occupied but that was it. We settled in a small room and I began to massage the oil into SL’s thighs and pussy. There was not much room in the room we had chosen so we moved to a larger room and left the door open. Instead of SL laying down for a massage, she pushed me onto my back and started to massage my erect cock as people walked passed and stopped to look, she lowered her head, at first i thought to suck my cock but as she raised my hips I realised what she wanted to do! So as people watched on my special lady gives me a good rimming! WOW!!!!!! I am not complaining for sure! She has a suck that brings tears to your eyes and a tongue that probes like you would not believe. I can remember hearing footsteps and chatting until people were level with our room, then the footsteps would stop along with the chat as they watched me, legs in the air and girlfriends head buried in my ass. I wanted her so bad by now that I physically lifted her from my ass and she nestled her pussy over my cock. She gently lowered herself down and the velvety feel of her warm wet hole as she devoured my cock was electric. She rode me like I was a wild horse until she bucked and screamed and climaxed in the most glorious way! God she has the sexiest fuck face ever when the climax hits her xxxxx.

I turned her slightly and at this point I got cramp in my right thigh! Talk about a passion killer as I stomped about the room, screaming but not with passion. My body has no sense of timing ? With the moment lost we went back downstairs but SL started making her way to the downstairs rooms. We entered room 2 again and hugged each other and kissed. We became aware that someone was watching at the door so SL reached down and stroked my cock. As we looked up we saw 2 faces, both male peeping through the part open door. This got SL all flirty again and she lowered her head and started to suck me so they could see what she was doing. They crept in the room and one stood in front of her. She left my cock and slid her lips over what she later told me was a nice hard erection, the other guy got cold feet and left and the guy SL was pleasuring must have thought “how do I explain my lack of sex drive to my partner” so he picked up his towel and left. SL by now on all 4’s and facing away from me rested her head on her elbows then the door opened again and as this guy walked in, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. He was black, about 6’3” mid 40’s, cute and in very good shape. As his towel hit the floor, SL got her first look at his large, thick cut cock! She reached for it with her hand and as he moved forward took it in her mouth, a little at first then the whole length! WOW! Sexy bitch! I thought as I raised my self onto my knees. I positioned myself behind her and she wiggled her as in front of me. I moved my cock to her pussy and through the cock in her mouth heard “no, the other one please!” My god, my girlfriends first spit roast and she wants me anally! I placed my cock at her ass entrance and did nothing, she gently pushed back. At first I thought “this is not going to go in there” but like mosses and the sea of Galilee, the waves parted and she slid back all the way to my pubes. I let it settle there so she could get used to it then gently started moving in and out, getting faster and a little harder each time. All the time I was telling the other guy what I was doing. This also made SL very horny and in no time she was climaxing, the fact she had my cock in her arse and a big cock in her mouth was too much for her and the poor guy held on to her shoulders as she sucked for all she was worth. I continued to tell him what we were doing to her and how her arse felt around my cock until he removed his penis and came on the floor and on the bed. I kept fucking her arse as the guy put his towel on and left the room. She moved forward and flopped on her back. I mounted her in the more normal position and she recalled what she had just done. This was too much for me and as I screamed “you bitch you going to make me come” she bucked again as she orgasmed again and I came deep in her pussy. We locked the door and just lay in each other’s arms for ages till we knew we had to move, we showered, dressed and left. 5hours had gone in the blink of an eye and boy were we happy. We said nothing on the drive home, just holding each other’s hands between gear changes. What a night, we still can’t believe it.

To you SL, you know who you are.