Written by Chrissie

3 Jun 2007

What is it about totally anonymous sex that turns me on so much, I get enough from my hubby, to keep most women happy, he is good in bed and out of it, and fucks me at least two or three times a week,at forty that should be quite enough, but I long for a strangers cock in my mouth and yes in my pussy.

There is a lay-by toilet near my home that is in the woods, I dress in a oversize track suit to conceal my figure and an old coat that is too big for me with trainers to look as inconspicuous as possible, and after sitting in my car for a while to see what is going on, I slip into the gents toilet, there are three cubicles and if possible I chose the middle one, there are big holes in the walls both sides, the cubicles are build from that thin Formica faced chipboard, I strip off my outer clothes, leaving me in just a skimpy bra and thong, the place stinks of dirty old men, but I go there every week sometimes twice and even three times always during the day when my hubby is at work.

Before I have got my clothes off there is always a cock waggling at me, wanting me attention, I sit on the loo and bend forward to take the cock in my mouth, sucking it making him moan with pleasure, the other side there is second cock wanting my body, after a while I stand and push my bum against one wall bending to suck the cock at the other side, mostly he manages to get his cock into me but it's not always easy, I have to stretch up on tip toes to give him the right angle to get it in,proably because I'm only four feet five and my legs aren't quite long enough to get the height needed, I would love to wear high heels but it would be too much of a give away outside if I teetered into the gents on four inch heels, I have taken them with me and changed in the toilet, it better, I usually get fucked at least twice and have sucked several cocks in one day, as I said it's not the need for more cock it's just the disembodiment of a cock sticking through the hole no face or body, just a cock that turns me on so much.

Often the men are quite hopeless at sex and leave me frustrated, but I still go back for more, in fact several men wait for me to arrive knowing I'm going to be there around three in the afternoon,what is it that attracts me to this dirty smelly old place, filled with equally dirty smelly old men, the only thing I can think of is that I don't see them only their cocks, I had my first black cock in this toilet about six months ago, he wasn't the huge black cock I had been hoping for in fact he was not very big at all, I was disappointed, but most of the stories we read are more fantasy than fact,the truth be told I have been going there for three years now with a short break when it was closed for repair, and must have seen hundreds of cocks in that time, I have yet to see one any bigger than my husbands magnificent seven and a half inches.

The best experience was when the toilets were being repaired, the gents was finished but the ladies was still closed, I was giving a bloke a blow job, the toilet next door was empty, I heard the door close and stopped what I was doing to peek through, it was a couple, she was very sexy in a short skirt and a crop top, he was all over her and had her bent over the loo giving it to her from behind, I pushed my bum against the hole behind me and he got the message, sticking it up me, as I watched the girl next door getting it hard and fast, he didn't last long neither of them did, the bloke behind me pulled out as did the guy next door, she looked at my face and realised that we were the same sex, she put her hand through the hole and felt my pussy, her fingers slipping into me on the blokes cum, she knew just what buttons to push, I was climaxing in seconds, she whispered through the hole let me in, I unlocked the door and she came into the cubicle, she sat me on the loo and bent her head to my now very aroused pussy, her bum sticking out and proceeded to give me one of the best tongue fucking's I have ever had, the door opened, she hadn't locked it and another bloke stuck his cock into her, he fucked her rough and she just kept sucking and licking my pussy, he grunted and must have shot his cum up her because he pulled out and was replaced by another man, this went on for over an hour, before a man came in and said the cops are outside we locked the door and kept quiet till the coast was clear.

I would have loved to get her name but she didn't want to tell me, it would have been nice to meet her for double glory hole action, can you imagine what it would be like to have same sex action in opposite sex toilets with huge holes in the walls, it would drive the men wild with lust, and we could be the recipients of all the frustration, god would they be ready for it, and so would I.