Written by Scott

27 Sep 2016

This happened five years ago when I was twenty and home from Uni for the summer. Mel and I had known each other since school and to be honest whilst she was nothing special to look at she was a great fuck. I shagged her the first time we went out and it was rare for her not to fancy sex so it was always worth hooking up with her when I was home. We usually fucked in my car, or outdoors if it was warm enough. On this occasion we were at her house. Her divorced mother Angela had gone out for the evening with her mother, Mel's grandmother, Heather, and was supposed to be staying at Heather's afterwards.

That gave us the opportunity to fuck in comfort, which is exactly what we were doing in the lounge, when they returned unexpectedly and caught us. It's impossible to keep your dignity, bollock naked, cock rapidly softening, trying to grab your clothes while an irate mother is shouting at you, dragging you towards the front door. She threw me out, naked, followed by the rest of my clothes and the message I was unwelcome anywhere near her house again. Anyone would have thought that Mel was an innocent virgin, not the slut she was. One to put down to experience and laugh about.

It was about a week later. I had summer job, I'd just finished work for the day and saw Heather apparently window shopping, outside a clothes shop nearby. She was wearing a skirt, buttons down the front, several unfastened, showing quite a lot of leg and a white top. Mel had told me on her 18th birthday that their ages were evenly spaced, her Mum thirty six and Heather, 18 years older at fifty four, though I thought she looked younger. Of the three, Heather was actually the fittest looking, certainly had the best figure. About 5'5” slim, shapely legs and a trim bum, tits that looked just a nice handful. By the time I saw her she'd already seen me. It was to late to avoid her and I couldn't ignore her when she smiled, made a beeline for me and spoke.

She said she'd been hoping to see me, basically apologised for Angela's behaviour, said she thought she'd gone over the top throwing me out naked, considering that Angela wasn't exactly an angel herself. I was nodding, shrugging, making the right noises. I was only half listening, actually looking at her tits, nipples poking through her thin stretch top, wondering if she was braless. She got my full attention when she leant closer, one of her tits, pressing against my arm, said she'd been like Mel at her age. “I couldn't get enough cock. Still can't for that matter” she left her words hanging, watching my reaction.

Fucking hell, what do I say to that. Before I could think of a response I felt it start to rain. I thought I might get away but she grabbed my arm, said we better get in to shelter. There was a pub just down the road. We got to the door, but not before her white top had got wet enough to reveal her hard dark nipples, the wet material clinging to the shape of her firm, round tits. That answered that question she was braless. We went up to the bar. She seemed to be enjoying that her top was see through and most of the customers and the barman were staring at her tits, as she bought me a pint of Stella, a large glass of wine for herself.

It was late Friday afternoon, fairly busy. She spotted an empty table in an alcove. Although there were others closer, with more space, we took our drinks over, squeezed in next to each other on the bench seat the other side of the table. There wasn't much room, our legs touching. I drank some of my pint. She started talking about what had happened, and soon had me laughing about it. I finished my pint and she gave me money to buy us both fresh drinks. Back at the table I put her glass down then had to squeeze passed her holding my pint. I felt her hand on my bum, then running down my thigh as I sat. She left her hand on my leg, stroking it.

I glanced down, noticed that whilst I'd been at the bar she'd undone more buttons, her skirt unfastened almost level to the top of her thighs. She must have seen where I was looking, parted her legs a little, the skirt opened, revealing her smooth thighs. I could feel my cock beginning to get hard, wriggled trying to hide it. She turned her head towards me, had a gleam in her eye, removed her hand from my leg, took my hand and placed it on her thigh. She kept her hand on top of mine. Looking me in the eye, she pressed my hand between her legs, moving it higher until the side of my hand was touching her cunt. I could feel the warmth and wetness, and something else, rings and chains, and realised she was naked under her skirt. I tried to move my hand but she held it firmly in place, then clamped her legs together before putting her hand back on my leg.

I looked around. We were partly concealed by a partition, no one seemed to notice what we were doing under the table. I tried to move my hand, she clamped her thighs together more tightly. I didn't think I could get my hand from between her legs without attracting attention and left it where it was, pressed against her moist pussy. Her hand moved higher. She bent towards me, mouth close to my ear. “From what I saw the other night, I think you've got a lovely big cock” she whispered, her hand moving the last few inches, starting to stroke it through my jeans. I'm about 8 or 8 ½ inches, larger than average but not that huge. “Oooh, your cock's getting hard” she purred in my ear. Fortunately I'm not trigger happy or I'd probably have cum.

“Can you feel how wet my cunt is?” she asked unclamping her thighs, parting her legs a little. I said that I could, rubbing the side of my hand against her gash. I could feel thin chains which seemed to be threaded through rings either side of her cunt and through one at the top. I wasn't sure what I'd done but heard her take a sharp intake of breath, gasp then squeeze my cock. “ Do you want to fuck me?” she asked. “Yes” I croaked, eyes darting around, relieved to see that still no one appeared to have noticed what we were doing. She left her drink almost untouched, fastened a couple of buttons on her skirt and got up. I threw the remains of my pint down my neck, and followed, keeping close behind trying to hide my erection.

Outside the rain had stopped and the sun was blazing down, Heathers top was almost dry, her tits not quite so noticeable. Thankfully my cock had softened and wasn't so obviously erect. I caught up with her and asked if we were going to her place. She said it would take to long, and that there was no point, her husband wouldn't be home till later. I thought I'd misheard but forgot about it. By then she was indicating a multi storey car park across the bridge on the other side of the river and told me I could fuck her there.

Five pm on a Friday afternoon there was a steady flow of cars mainly leaving the car park. I couldn't imagine where she intended going where we could fuck without being seen but went with her. We went down to the lower level, cars passing, people loading cars, paying us no attention. I followed her to the far end to the lifts and stairs. She went along one side of the lift shaft, behind it a rubbish strewn area under the stairs. “This'll do” she told me, immediately pulling her top up, exposing her lovely tits, tugging her skirt up around her waist revealing her smoothly shaved cunt, rings piercing her pussy lips, all linked through a ring piercing her clitoris.

She moved her legs apart, put her hand on her pussy, slipped a couple of fingers in her hole, presumably checking she was wet enough. I noticed the chain moving, tugging her clit, heard her sigh and guessed her response to me rubbing her cunt in the bar had been caused by the same thing. She looked excited, her nipples hard, cunt wet, she crouched down in front of me. I could hear the lift the other side of the wall, people on the stairs, talking only feet away as she unfastened my belt, unzipped me, pulled my jeans and underwear down, releasing my cock. My doubts and nervousness about what we were doing were forgotten as soon as she leant forward, opened her mouth and began to suck my cock.

I could see her arm moving, hand between her legs, clearly fingering herself. I was determined not to cum until I fucked her. I think she only sucked me for about 2 minutes before she stopped, stood, and told me she wanted me to fuck her. She bent over, legs apart, one hand against the lift shaft wall, the other hand fingering her gapping cunt. I took a few moments, looking at the chains and rings adorning her pussy, until she hissed urgently, telling me to get my cock in her cunt and to fuck her.

Holding my erection I stooped, rubbed my cock along her gash then guided it into her cunt and began to fuck her. I could feel her fingers stroking her clitoris, touching my cock, as I slid it in and out of her loose sloppy cunt. She certainly wasn't tight, but my cock is quite thick and I could feel her cunt muscles tensing and loosening as she became more aroused and closer to cumming. I fucked her harder and she came with a loud moan and a demand for me not to stop. I wish I could claim it was my amazing control and technique but it was more likely she was incredibly sexually sensitive and easily aroused. I kept pounding away, her fingers, furiously frigging her clitoris until she shuddered, arched her back and orgasmed, crying out loudly that she wanted my spunk. The traffic and other noise drowned out her moans as I thrust into her and gave her a good heavy load of spunk, deep inside her mature cunt.

She told me to leave my cock inside her and asked me to hand her, her bag. She removed some tissues, then as I pulled out my cock she pushed them into her hole. “Best save something for hubby to clean up” she laughed, leaving me mystified as she pulled her top down covering her tits and refastened the buttons on her skirt.

That was just the start of my “Sex education” with horny Granny Heather.

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