Written by Rose

6 Jan 2011

I am a 42 old Headmistress at a private all girls school, I got divorced 14 years ago after my X husband ran off with my best friend. (That’s another story with bad memories) bottom line is I haven’t had a partner or sex since he left, as I wanted to enhance my career in teaching rather than pursue a relationship; albeit I do masturbate 2/3 times a week.

As I’ve said I’m head of a girls school and the only male I employ is a hunky 26 year maintenance man Steve; who I find extremely attractive.

He comes to see me for a maintenance meeting most mornings and we will discuss what requirements we need and what’s been completed. I think he knows he has me round his little finger and I loved his flirting; it refreshes my sad life.

Last summer he came into my office wearing just a vest and shorts and I could not but notice his manly bulge, it was quite clearly outlined and I could see as he walked the movement of his decent sized penis (obviously commando).

I couldn’t stop thinking of him so when I was not engrossed in work at home I rubbed myself off thinking of him. So I decided why not lets try it on.

The next morning I had a bath and shaved my pubic hair from the top of my crack down to the bottom of my vagina. I applied talc and put on my see through panties, ones that I had not worn for ages, they didn’t have a cotton gusset. I dressed in a shortest skirt, loose white blouse without bra. I have firm breasts so I left one more button than normal open displaying my cleavage.

When I arrived at work, the 30 minutes waiting for the daily meeting felt like a life time, I was very nervous and feeling very horny whilst I made my plan.

Steve knocked on my door as normal; I said come in, I was standing at the filing cabinet extracting a large file that held lots of papers. As he entered I turned and greeted him and accidently on purpose dropped the file. Papers were all over the floor. I said sugar, and started to pick up the debris making sure my legs were open causing my shirt to hitch up. Steve said let me help. When he bent down and started to help pick up the papers I opened my legs a little further. I could see his eyes opened wide as he inhaling a deep breath. I knew he was focused and looking directly at my half shaven pussy through my see through panties which were offering covering. I made sure I fumbled and dropped a couple of papers that I had already picked up, saying I feel so clumsy and careless today. I agree with that said Steve; he must have seen a damp spot because I was so wet.

I took the refilled file back to my desk not facing Steve. Then it happened Steve came behind me and put his arms around my waist, my legs went to jelly. He said they were superb views, I love the look of your bare wet cunt you horny cow. I not used to foul language like that but I needed loving.

He put his hands up my blouse and started to fondle my bare boobs and very erect nipples. I was breathing very heavy and said I must lock the door in case someone walks in.

I locked the door and pulled the blinds: When I turned around there was Steve with his shorts pulled down showing his rock hard and very impressive banana shaped penis, which was pointing towards the ceiling. He said look what you’ve done to my cock. I replied I’m glad; I haven’t seen a live one like that for 14 years.

You had better come and enjoy it then. I walked over to him and took his boner in my hand and started slowly pulling it back and forth. SUCK it please; take my prick between your gorgeous soft lips.

Unsure what to do after such a long celibate: I did what he commanded and pulled back a very stretch foreskin (obviously been well used) and took the head of his member into my gruelling mouth. I continued to pull on his dick with one hand and massaged his heavy testicles with the other. I tasted something salty and asked Steve if he had cum. He said NO you will know when I’ve cum because I fetch lots of spunk. What you are tasting is pre cum, so keep on sucking. I was worried that although I wanted to taste his semen he would no be able to do me; which I was gagging for.

I going to spunk down your throat shortly, then I’m going to eat you out and taste your cream, for afters I’m going to fuck you until you are sore. At this point and without warning I felt his penis swell, he held the back of my head, and forced his huge penis deeper into my mouth I started to gag but continued to fondle his balls but harder in a twisting motion, he started groaning this was followed by spurt after spurt of thick warm sperm which forcefully hit the back of my throat. When I thought I could swallow no more; his ejaculation subsided to just a few dribbles. Once he was fully spent I grasped the bottom of his dick, squeezed it slightly and pulled upwards to clear what surplus cum that had been left in his pipe. I continued to suck and lick his swollen helmet until no sperm was left in his todger. Good girl you dirty bitch you’ve taken and swallowed every drop of my spunk.

When his orgasm had finally finished he took his dick out of my mouth and told me to sit on my desk. I did as he asked; I knew exactly what coming next and was looking forward to every minute.

Steve opened my legs wide and commented on how wet my panties were and how nice they smelt and said he looked forward to tonguing me out and tasting my cum. He pulled my sodden knickers to one side and opened my shaven crack exposing my swollen inner lips and clitoris. Then heaven hit me has his tongue started to flick over my hungry clit whilst he finger started to probe my extremely wet vagina. It took all of about 30 seconds before I felt my climax building. Then it came; sending wave after wave of extremely strong pleasure through my body flooding my love hole with cum. Steve lifted his head albeit still fingering me and said you dirty posh slag, you’ve just squirted cum all over my neck and ordered me to lick it off. I did what he asked and my love juice tasted so sweet, I was surprised how good it actually tasted.

Whilst I was licking my cum off his neck I noticed Steve’s was still supporting a raging erection he was still rampant thank god. His removed his finger from my quim and told me to get on all fours on the floor because he was going to shag the arse off me doggy style; he wanted to get as much as possible of his 8 inch cock inside of me.

I was in position within seconds waiting to take his manhood. I didn’t have wait long before I felt his knob-end nudging at the entrance of my pussy, two nudges and then he was up to the hilt, I felt his balls against my bum. His helmet was pushing against the neck of my womb. It felt like bless after such a long time. Although very wet I was still surprised how easily it went in after 14 years.

Steve started to roger me in long slow strokes I was in ecstasy being seduced by such a large and fat penis. I asked Steve to FUCK me harder (I don’t ever swear but Steve was bringing the badness out of me) – He honoured my request and started to pump me like there was no tomorrow. I started to multi orgasm and could believe how good my young lover was, during the shag he also inserted a finger to the first knuckle into my anus which doubled the pleasure and intensify my orgasms. I now realized what I’ve missed over the last lonely years.

Does this feel good slut he asked. YES I replied please don’t stop. His foul language and dirty talk was adding to the pleasure. His cock/bell-end start to swell and twitch: He gave one last deep thrust and heavy groan and I felt him start to jettison his virile seed deep inside of my unprotected love hole and mix with my cum. I felt like a woman again.

Lunch time I had to go to the Pharmacy to obtain morning after pills. Steve’s spunk was leaking through my gusset less panties so I also had to buy some panty pads to save embarrassment.

That afternoon I arranged an appointment with my GP to have a contractive implant, because Steve wants to continue the affair.

I Know Steve is shagging my secretary, but I don’t care as long as I get my share. My body is Steve’s whenever he wants it; if that means every orifice including my bum so be it.