Written by Margie

20 Sep 2016

I have been a NHS nurse for the last 30 years 25 in a Hospital the last 5 in a nursing home. I am a single lady very happy about that and a have had a lot of male friends in my life never ever felt the need to marry and have children. I am 5`4" probably a 14/16 a little extra weight but tits are still firm, and well to say I have had a lot of titty wanks??? as many of my male friends seem to enjoy maybe the spunk has kept them firm lol. I have a lot of tales from my hospital days but this is about Rob one of my nursing home residents.

The nursing home is a joy beautiful old victorian mansion converted into lovely rooms for the residents. Most of whom are in good health just the usual elderly complaints. Rob had been with us for a year he is 70 and his athritis is quite sever at times and needs a little help dressing and so on. I was on an early checking everyone was managing to dress and come for breakfast, Rob was having a problem that morning so I helped him up and as he got of the bed I noticed he had a hard on poking out the front of his pajamas. Of course not wanting to emmbaress him pretended not to see. But Rob said sorry Margie but the cock still works even if other parts don`t. Well every time I tried to help him this cock just bounced about inside his pajama bottoms. He went into his bathroom I got him some clean clothes and followed him as he stood at the wash hand basin it was now out fully and he was trying to push it back into his pants. Here Rob let me help I adjusted his pants and pulled them up my hand brushing against his cock. He gave a little groan that was nice Margie why I did well who knows but I put my hand in and massaged his balls and cock then I gripped him and started wanking untill I felt hot spunk splash into my hand. I cleaned up and left him to his wash and shave. For the rest of my shift every time he saw me he grinned and winked at me. Just as I was leaving at the end of my shift he came over and quietly said thanks Margie it is a long time since a woman wanked me but if I was a few years younger it wouldn`t be a wank you would be giving me and he winked as he walked away.

A few days later it was a back shift I was on and i was feeling very horny as I was meeting my lover a 33 year old married man who wasn`t getting any at home but I was and I knew I was in for some intense fucking when I got home. Rob remarked you are in a good mood today Margie on a promise I just smiled and went about my work. My shift was finishing and I was so horny and wet just counting down the minutes till I was finished. In my minds eye was a hot sexy guy waiting in my bed with his cock so hard. I passed Robs room his door was open, okay Rob I said. He beckoned me in saying shut the door as I went in he said I have a little problem I thought you could help me with and he pulled my hand on to his crotch so I could feel his hard cock. Rob that was a one of what we did before, come on Margie he wheedled as he again pulled my hand onto him. I was so horny the feel of his cock, well, I went and locked his door and by the time I got back to him his cock was out a look of anticipation on his face . This is your lucky day Rob and I undid my uniform pulled it down undid and took of my bra and placed his cock between my tits and wanked him of between my tits he soon splurted his spunk on to me. That night my lover got such a fucking I could not get enough cock he even remarked he had never seen me so horny but the sight of Robs cock between my tits.

A few times over the last few years if I have been on nights he has buzzered for help and I know it is not help to the toilet but a wank and I admit I enjoy giving him one because now I insist he fingers me so I can cum as well.