Written by Billy bob59

17 Jul 2008

My wife of some 20 years is a gorgeous looking forty something with a size 12 figure , long dark hair, nice firm boobs and a great arse.

She is also very sexual and our sex life includes a bit of dogging and soft swing. My wife also has a passion for black guys and well built strippers. Her and her friends often have girls nights out attending hen nights in our town and when she gets home afte one of these nights out I get the benefit as she is very very horny.

Over the years a black stripper called Leon has become her favourite and after one of his shows he gave my wife his number. After many conversations we decided we both wanted to see Leon fucking my wife. We arranged a cunning plan which involved my wife attending one of his shows. She would then bring him home and fuck him. As we lived in a bungalow I would hide outside and watch the show through the vertical blinds.

Leon was up for it and so at about 11.30 that Friday night I waited outside my bedroom window. My wife entered the room followed by Leon, who was about six foot tall , shaven headed and very well toned. He and my wife kissed passionately as his hands unzipped my wifes dress allowing it to fall to the floor. It was an amazing experience to see my wife stood there so exposed, her nipples were lovely and erect and her trimmed bush was covered by the skimpiest thong.

Leon moved behind her and began to kiss her neck and shoulders, his hands cupping her boobs, his fingers rolling her nipples then pulling them. I could also see my wifes hands reachng behind her trying to get at Leons cock.

Leon then bent my wife over slowly rubbing her back. He took of his shirt and then pulled down her thong and as he did so he began to kiss her arse.

He then stood up and dropped his trousers to reveal a massive cock. It must have been 9 inches long and was thick too.

He pushed his cock towards my wifes cunt and she responded by opening her legs as wide as she could. I could hear the gasps and moans as she took every inch of that huge cock.

She was soon enjoying his cock and began to look towards the window expressing her pleasure at having such a large organ inside her.Leon was getting close to cummimg and my wife pulled away and sank to her knees to take his load in her mouth.

As they began to kiss and fondle each other again they laid on the bed. Leon began to finger fuck my wifes pussy before going down on her bringing her to fantastic climax.

I then watched as the two of them licked, sucked and fingered each other before Leon was back to his hardest. My wife then straddled that huge cock and as she faced me she rode Leon and fucked his brains out. His hands were all over her gorgeous tits and arse. My lovely wife was impaled on this black studs cocks and she was loving it. Leon was calling for her not to stop and then he tensed and shot his load deep into my wife.

They lay there for sometime before my wife told Leon to go as I would be home from work soon. As Leon left through the front door I came in via the back.

My lovely well fucked wife stood in front of me naked with Leons juices running down her leg. I walked up to her and we kissed long and hard and as we did I began to rub those juices into her swollen fanny. She then took my fingers and licked them. Despite having had two wanks outside I was as hard as ever. My wife led me into the kitchen and leant over the table as she parted her legs she began to rub Leons juices into her tight little arsehole. I took over and inserted my finger into her arse. Fuck my arse my wife ordered and soon my cock was pounding in and out of this lovely tight bum.

As I fucked my wifes arse , she came again as she recounted how big and good Leon was and how she could not wait to fuck him again.

My wife and Leon have fucked each other several times since and last month he brought a friend along too and seeing my wife being roasted by two black guys was fantastic.