Written by Tescoa 1234

30 Apr 2010

So its Friday and as i said in part 2 ,i was due to pop round to Marie at her house for some fun.

I began texting her on Thursday evening to wind her up and see just how far i could go.

As agreed i arrived at her house at eleven o clock.

I had given her a list of instructions which i hoped she had followed as she has seemed a little hesitant when i was texting her.

I arrived at 11 sharp and found a key in the door.

Opening the door i went in and there she was kneeling down facing the wall. She was wearing a nice little basque in black topped off with black fishnet stockings. Her hair tied up into 2 plaits on either side of her head. On her feet she wore black boots which came just below the knee.

He was kneeling beside her, also facing the wall. He was naked except for a pair of ladies red knickers which did little to hide his state of excitement.

Around his neck was a nice new collar and he was totally blindfolded. His hands tied behind his back and enough rope left to hang down between his feet.

I stood and admired her body as she knelt there waiting.

Bending down i gently lifted her head back and placed my lips on hers. We began to kiss as i gently held her head.

Her kisses got more intense as my hands wandered down to cup her big tits and my fingers ever so gently played with her nipples which were sticking out so far i thought they were like hard bullets.

Standing her up i moved my hands over her body and slowly slid my hand down over her wet pussy.

Her pussy was soaking and my index finger easily slipped up inside her.

As she felt this i was still kissing her and stroking her clitoris i felt her cum hard.

Taking my fingers from her pussy i lifted them up and smelt them. Oh they smelt just lovely and all wet covered in her juices.

Leaning over i placed my hand at his lips ans he quickly opened his mouth and sucked my fingers clean.

Pushing her back down onto her knees i opened my pants and released my throbbing cock.I let her suck me for a bit before telling her to lick my balls and down under to my ass.

Moving her away i pulled his head back and shoved my cock into his waiting mouth.

She just knelt there beside him watching as his blindfolded head bobbed back and forth down the length of my cock.

Taking it from his mouth i let her suck me again as i praised her technique and the way she felt as she licked me.

Then back into his mouth and ramming it in hard , feeling him start to choke as i pushed it down his throat.

Look at him Marie i said, just look how hard it works to suck cock and you are ten times better. Ah well i suppose he does not really have much experience yet .

A little slap to the side of his head makes him moan and suck harder as i tell her to finger her pussy and get ready for me.

Feeling my balls start to swell i give him another little slap and push him away.

Grabbing her head and holding the 2 plaits in each hand i begin to fuck her mouth hard.

Getting up a nice rhythm i feel myself about to explode as she sucks for all she is worth,Now Marie i said you do know how to make a cock cum. that's a good little bitch. Take it all i shout as i shoot it all into her mouth.

As soon as i have emptied my load i push her head away and she looks up at me Nodding yes to her i say now show it how good it feels as she leans over to him and puts her mouth over his .He greedily opens his mouth as she kisses him with a mouth full of my hot cum.

Reaching down she quickly grabs his balls and he shoots string after string of cum out of his cock and onto the floor.

She looks up at me as again i praise her for such a good blow job and i give it a push down and tell it to clean up its mess.

Taking the loose end of the rope which binds its hands i pull his arms back and firmly tie him to the end of the stairs.

Watching her snog him and feed him my cum has had the desired effect and i am hard once again.

Now i said lets move this up to the bedroom Marie as i need to feel that tight little pussy and ass on my hard cock.

Passing him i bend down and say you can listen to me fuck her and when you are needed she will come and get you.

Taking her hand i lead her to her bed where i am treated to a good hard fucking session.

I fuck her in every position i can remember and because i have cum already last my usual 60 minutes or so.

Eventually i cant hold off any longer and even though she has cum at least 3 times i feel her going off again.

My technique goes out the window as i slam into her waiting body. feeling her arms and legs wrap around me as she tries to take as much into her as i can give.

Her back arches and as she spasms her cunt muscles pull me hard and i shoot another big load up her cunt.

She gets up and holding a pair of panties between her legs she goes down the stairs and gets him.

I hear her giggle as she says bad little boy look at the mess you have made again.

I realize he must have cum again as he listened to us fuck.

She led him into the room, hands tied still and blindfold still on. She was tugging on his collar as she pushed his head down first onto my now soft cock and told him its time to clean us up.

She held his head with one hand and my cock with the other as she made sure he licked my balls and cock totally clean from our juices.

Then pushing him down on his back she straddled his face and puling the now soiled panties from her pussy lips she lowered herself onto his open mouth.

As he licked and sucked all our juices from her well fucked cunt she stroked his head and praised his clean up abilities and such was his eagerness to please she came again. Shooting what seemed like a gallon of cum into and onto his face.

There was so much it ran all over his face and as she slipped off him i watched as he stuck his tongue out as far as he could and licked all around his mouth.

Reaching out my foot i gave him a kick and pushed him off the bed and onto the floor.

Hearing him grunt with pain and shock she giggled again and said was that for his little mess downstairs.

Pulling her to me i started to kiss her again as i had again been aroused at the sight of this beautiful creature using him as her toy.. And watching her cum was a real treat as i lay there and recovered.

Reaching down i pulled him into a sitting position and pulling down his blind fold i said now you wimp you can watch as i fuck her tight little ass hole and maybe you can clean that too.

Pushing her down into her belly i got up behind her and using some lube eased myself into her waiting arse .

God it felt good and i could feel her thrust back at me as i eased myself into her.

Stopping fucking her i said get it up here.

She bent down and untied him. get up here and lie on the bed she said.

He tried to be quick but i think the rope may have been a bit tight and his circulation was a bit cut off. As he rose she reached out and slapped him across the face leaving a mark. He looked shocked but moved faster as she shouted at him calling him wimp and useless.

Did we have to wait all day. Could he not see i was waiting and her arse was in need of hard cock.

Pushing him down she positioned her pussy over his mouth and bent forward once again offering me her tight little hole.

I moved up and began to fuck her as i felt his tongue flick out and lick my balls.

He moved his head up and down her crack licking hr pussy and clitoris with the occasional nibble on my balls.

I could hear her moan as his attentions along with my cock banging hard up her arse drove her to another massive orgasm.

As she came again he kept on licking her until she had come down off her high.

I had not cum yet although her arse was nice and tight and as she had cum he was now fully concentrating on my balls as i fucked her.

She said please stop as my arse can not take any more.

I stopped and pulled out from her hole as she lay down on the bed.

Looking up at me she smiled and said i think you can now say i am totally and officially well fucked. I smiled and bent down kissing her deeply.

He started to move off the bed when she pushed me away.

Hey bitch she said where do you think you are sloping off to.

Your master has not cum yet and i am totally knackered so its your job to finish him off.

He bowed his head and started to go down on me. Oh no she said your master has already had a blow job , don't you remember slave.

Seeing his confusion and hesitation she pulled him down beside her and started to kiss him.

Reaching over she handed me the lube as he lay face down on top of her kissing her.

Its time for your master to cum she said as i gently eased first one finger and then 2 up his ass hole.

Getting up behind him as he lay on top of her and watching them kiss as she held my eyes daring me to take him.

So as my balls were full again and i did need to cum i lubed up my cock and eased myself into his tight little hole.

I felt her move under us and realized that he was hard again and she had just inserted his cock into her pussy.

As i fucked him i was fucking her with his cock . He lay under me moaning and groaning as she snogged him and took his cock up her well fucked cunt.

I was up over them both ramming my cock up his arse hole as i felt hin cum in her and i started to cum up his ass. Incredibly she also came and looking up at me she cried out yes that's it fuck us, fuck us both as i shot loads of spunk into him.

Getting off the bed i gathered up my clothes as i saw her push his head down between her legs and tell him to do his job like a good little wimp.

As i left i bent down and caressed her face saying see you soon.

Monday she said.

Oh god yes Monday as she pulled his mouth down hard into her wee used body.

Now as i sit here writing this and knowing i have just been fucking for the last 4 hours i am getting hard again thinking of what i will do on Monday

Part 4 Monday if you want to read it