Written by Tescoa 1234

4 May 2010

Well as it ended in part 3 we had arranged for a meet on Monday.

I did my usual and started to text her with instructions on Sunday evening.

It was all arranged .

Not i am just a normal guy in my mid forties who has a high sex drive. Have had a bit of experience with 3 sums and 4 sums , but i was always into more and wanted to try domination.

I was also totally into the cuckold side of things where the husband allows the wife free reign and lives only to serve her and her lovers.

Well in parts 1,2,3 i had i believed found my ideal couple.

She was submissive to me and called me master and he was totally subject to her wishes.

On Monday as agreed i arrived at theirs at eleven. Key was again in the door. I did notice his car was missing but thought not a lot of it.

Going in i made my way to her bedroom , opening the door i was greeted with the sight of the sexy Marie tied spreadeagled to the bed.

She was totally naked and blindfolded as i had instructed.

Reaching into my pocket i took out some nipple clamps ans bending down i began to play with her nipples. AS she got more aroused i carefully put the clamps on her and she immediately started moaning and groaning.

I undressed and taking a vibrator proceeded to play with her body. Teasing her and taking her to the edge but stopping just short of letting her cum.

I stayed at this for about 20 minutes until she was pleading for release.

Her labia was swollen to nearly twice its size and her juices were running from her pussy as she begged me. Please Master let me cum.

I climbed between her legs and setting my cock at the entrance reached up and pulled off the nipple clamps as i rammed hard into her waiting pussy.

AS soon as i entered her she came in a series of hard and fast jerks and as i worked my way fucking her hard and fast she came again and again.

Stopping i just lay on top of her and enjoyed the heat and feel of her hot pussy around my cock.

I waited until she had come down before starting to fuck her again.

I soon felt my balls tense as i unloaded the first of many loads of cum into her pussy.

Releasing her i held her stroking and kissing her as we enjoyed the afterglow of good sex.

Leaving we agreed that things were going well except that the hubby was still not totally into his role and we would need to take time to train him more.

We agreed it was all good and that in order to keep things on an even keel it would be best to keep our meets as strictly once a month with a no holes barred rule.

I agreed and she said he would come round to her way of thinking and it would be a regular thing but she was to have me every other week on her own as today and do whatever i wanted to her.

Well i am sure we will have more fun together. will try to keep current but its hard.

Enjoy may be a little more.