21 Oct 2018

Me and my ex married in Jan 1982.

Our first holiday away, well we went away with her parents and her sister and her husband plus there new baby. Whitsun in May 82'. I just found out the ex was pregnant that's why she wouldn't let me near her pussy for a few weeks well being a 21yo my balls were getting bigger and heavier by the day.

Back to the holidays we tried to make time but the caravan wasn't the best place

Our plan was working everyone went out and I said I've forgotten my wallet so off me and the ex back to the caravan. Well we were both fully naked. Doing a 69. I got up she opened he legs her pussy was so fucking wet I decided another licking she was moaning and moaning into a orgasm. Then she said did you lock the door.

Well to our surprise the bedroom door open and her sister said Hello!and I got up my cock was so erect it was bursting her eyes just didn't move the her husband popped his head round and he saw my ex's wet pussy and licking his lips.

The ex grabbed the duvet and shouted to get out. Well I went off to make a drink of tea. Sister in law and her husband decided to get frisky then I heard oh fucking hell not again. He shot his load without even getting inside. My ex went for a shower block. Brother in law said fuck this I'm off and said finish her off will you.

Sister in law needed a baby wipe me being the only person there duly said yes, still having a semi hard on I went over opened the curtain to the front of the caravan. There infront of me a sight worth waiting for a gaping wet pussy and spunk all over her body. Tits covered in spunk. I just looked handed her the wipes. Without saying a word to each other I slipped my cock slowly into her pussy. I have never heard a woman moan and groan so much and cum so many times in less than 2 minutes I shot my load. I slipped out spunk still dripping from my bell end. She went to find my ex in the shower block as I opened the door the wind took hold and the door flew open just has a woman come past. She didn't know where to look. Well she didn't take her eyes of my now semi hard on. All I said Hiya.