9 Oct 2016

Having recently come back from a late summer holiday on a lovely Greek island I thought I would recall an encounter I had very early on in the holiday which sort of set the tone for the remainder of the week.

The island I went to had a couple of nudist beaches and I thought I would explore these and see if there was any fun to be had. I found a suitable place to strip off and leaving my towel and trunks behind I went for a walk along the beach. Before long I came across a couple a bit older than me, perhaps late 50s to early 60s, but still fit enough. I stopped to chat with what turned out to be a German couple and we exchanged pleasantries. I noticed he had a nipple chain and through discreetly looking I saw they were both pierced down below. I said I liked their piercings and she thanked me and said it’s nice when someone flicks them with their tongue as she looked me straight in the eye. “That would be nice” I replied and she said “come on then” and I needed no further invitation.

As I knelt down in front of her to taste her pussy she said firmly “no him first” and she pushed my face towards his cock....not quite what I had in mind but with her hand on the back of my head I didn’t have to much choice. I started to lick his balls and flick the crossbar type piercing on his sack and I saw his smoothly shaven cock begin to harden. Stroking him while I sucked his balls he got nice and hard and I took his head in my mouth; not my first bi experience but still a new sensation to me as I sucked him deep into me. Not a huge cock but pleasant girth and cut so I licked all round his tip. By this stage she had used the nipple chain to drag him round into a position where he could 69 me and I felt his warm mouth on my cock a he sucked my 7ins of uncut but neatly trimmed cock. She positioned behind me as I knelt over him and I felt her rim my ass her tongue probing deeply as she could. A bit of cold gel on her finger and I felt my ass being explored by a finger which was quite a pleasant sensation as my cock was being sucked avidly. I could feel him begin to tense up so I slipped his cock out of my mouth, I’ve never had a man cum in my mouth yet, and before too long he came with a moan and a couple of good squirts of cum splattered my chest.

I felt the finger slip out of my ass and she said “now my turn” and she lay in front of me legs spread wide. She reached up and pinching my nipples dragged me down and buried my face in her sweet damp pussy. Licking the length of her slit I explored up to her clit and teased her labial piercing sucking it into my mouth. I was rewarded with a moan and her hand on the back of my head forcing me deeper into her pussy. My finger slid under her and probed her ass this time and she eased her hips upwards to give me better access and as I smeared her pussy juice onto her rosebud I worked my finger up her. By this stage he had now taken over the fingering of my ass and had positioned himself so he could take me deep in his mouth. A finger in my ass, my balls being squeezed, my cock being sucked and my face buried in a sweet pussy was all too much and I said “I’m going to cum”. He didn’t move and still fingering my ass he let me cum in his mouth as he milked me for all I was worth.

Shortly afterwards with my cock softening in his mouth his wife also came as I licked and sucked her juicy pussy until she moaned in pleasure. As I collapsed beside them, they both put their arms around me and we lay on the towels together. “That’s a good start” she said “next we shall try some other things” as she squeezed my balls “I have a toy that will fit you nicely”. The holiday progressed from there and my boundaries have now broadened!